First I ask you the queston. Who of you uses atm the utility tree not only on supports? I would bet some are using it on AP-Carries nowadays, but on nothing else. But I would say the utility tree is for what he gives very underrated.

First lets check out the different Masteries:

Tier 1:
Summoner's Insight : Your SS increase, very often used.
Wanderer : A good boost to mobility. Gives you basically a little Mobility Boots.
Meditation : A bit mana regen, nothing special
Improved Recall : Some say it is ****, some say it is great. I would say it adds nice utility for people which like risky teleports or think they gonna port back and safe the base.
Tier 2:
Scout : /
Mastermind : One of the best masteries in the game, CDR for SS likes everyone.
Expanded Mind : Little increase of mana pool, can be used together with Meditation : to fix some mana problems.
Artificer : Very good mastery. It reduces with 2 points the CD of things with 60 sec CD by 11 sec which is something really important. Also give Ravenous Hydra more potential.
Tier 3:
Greed : Underrated but great mastery. 460 gold in a 40 min game are something you want, especially because you can outscale your enemy in lane while having similar score.
Runic Affinity : One of the best masteries for junglers. They really want to have buffs as long as possible.
Vampirism : Meh, this mastery is rather bad, but it still can have its uses.
Biscuiteer : I generally don't like it that much, not advisable on anything else than support anyway.
Tier 4:
Wealth : Again, just for supports. Others don't need that 50 bonus gold. And it is way to high in the tier in order to be usefull.
Awareness : Probably one of the most underrated mastery in the game. This spell alone allows you to outscale your opponent in levels sooner or later, which lets you win the lane. Only 1 little level advantage over a little bit of time can already decide the game.
Strength of Spirit : Nerfed to death, only one I would might consider it is Ryze, but not even on him.
Explorer : See Biscuiteer
Pickpocket : Another great mastery. As you see already, attack the enemy 10 times for meele and you got more gold out of this than Wealth which costs 2 points. Very effective to make your gold lead from Greed even bigger.
Intelligence : In my eyes, best non-ultimate mastery in the game. CDR is something that most champs want and 6% of it is a very high number.
Nimble : Best mastery in the game, period. It offers you a great movement speed advantage over your oponnent or even better, it leads to new possible item builds.

I think you would never explain those masteries like I did, but you should try them out more and you will see, you have the same experience. And here is now the best of all strategies which this mastery tree offers.

First you need to get yourself Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed. This shouldn't be a problem as all as they are a stable. Start now a game with them and masteries that include Wanderer and Nimble . You will see, you got 370-380 MS (depending on base MS). This is something other champs have with boots 2. So, you no longer need boots! Of course, you want a bit more MS, so either get an item which offers MS ( Phantom Dancer, Trinity Force, Zephyr) or have a good MS steroid on your champ ( Highlander, Maximum Dosage). No needs of boots offers you way more build options and also allows you to remove around 1000 gold from your core. This way you get your core way faster.

So, now is the time that you try out this strategy yourself. For example, you could use it on Dr. Mundo which has an MS steroid + c-reduction. Let your Warmog's Armor dream come true. I thank you for reading this little blog and hope you enjoy this new strategy aswell.