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Read this before you post a guide!

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In this thread i'm only aiming to give guides some publicity. Around 600 guides PER DAY are posted on Mobafire and not very many ever make it anywhere. Most of them don't even have any comments on them. I hope that by reviewing threads I can give some of those guides some publicity and open peoples eyes to them.

In order to have your guide reviewed by me, use this format:

Guide For (champion):
Why I'd like this to be Reviewed:
What I'd like you to focus on:
Guide Link:

After you do that, i'll give you my review in this format on your own guide's comments:

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Review for: Your name here Champion Guide
Constructive Criticism
  • Points of possible improvement


Overall Thoughts on Guide.

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I will also post in this thread about what I read in your guide in this format:

Name + Champion + Guide
Possible Improvements:

What do I expect in return? Nothing, really. The only thing that would make me happy is some +rep. However I do this for you, not me :D

If you also want a second opinion, you can head on down to Jhoijhoi's Review thread


You can check out various guides/forums in the build and guide discussion forum ^^