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Ninja Trigger's Mobafire Blog

17 Feb
So I just did my first inhouse with Mobafire and I loved every second of it I already feel like my game has improved, the first game I didn't do so well. my ingame name is Rusted Gold, but the others I feel like I did ok or could have done better, there is always room for improvement after going back and watching wRAthoFVuLK do a shout cast I learned a lot, also the game where I was playing as Taric I had the wrong Masteries, and I was a first time Sivir in my second game selected lol, I cant wait for the next inhouse. This is first time I used vent since wrath of the...
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10 Feb
so I work at a gas station and if you haven't read it yet in the off topic section I wrote a thread about people and their stupidity to read an out of order sign on the cooler, what else could top that. well I have a new story one that I hope you all can enjoy.

It starts off with me getting to work at around 6am, getting every thing set up for the day and doing inventory reports ugh, anyway I open the doors at around 7:00am or somewhere around there. I don't get a customer until around 7:45am, business is dead in the morning. then I get one "excuse me but the pump told me to come...
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24 Nov
So I just wanted to know how many of you would like to see a weekly blog where I play about 5 rounds or so of every free week champion in dominion and just post the results, Even if I don't know how to play the champ just jumping in and winging it. also if any one had any ideas before I start with the next free week rotation? I may even be streaming some of it or just be making a compilation video of it.
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04 Sep
So it's about time I get out the good old arcade stick and began my training for EVO the only problem is I suck at street fighter, blocking, combos, linking, chaining, supers, etc. I don't think I will ever make my goal of getting to EVO but I'm going to try and make a go for it, I still will be playing a lot of league but it's been way to long since I've played some street fighter, I will be tracking my progress online and posting about it on my other blog, if you want the link just PM me, "I'm still new to bloging so it's not that great...
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30 Aug
So I'm not the best league player, but I do want to improve my game and right now the weakest part of it is in the jungle. In this blog which is my first blog "so no making fun of me please" I will try to improve my jungle and track my progress I will hopefully post the results and keep a record of my jungle progress. I made a tread asking for help in the mentoring section of the site and got flooded with responses of things I could do to help my game. Thank you to every who gave advice or even offered to play a few rounds to see what I needed to improve on. I began watching...
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