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12 Jul
Sooooo they announced that they wanted to rework him about a year ago actually, the first word I caught of it was last summer at about this time, and I've been dreading it ever since.

I was in love with my hard scaling AD and my ability to crit the entire team when previously they didnt even know my position. I knew that they wanted to change his stealth (which really was toxic so I never argued that) and his ult because of its inconsistency. I was heartbroken they wanted to change my favorite things about my favorite champ. I've been keeping tabs on every proposed change. Some...
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29 Jun
So who knows about them?

I actually picked up a pair because between school and leisure I spend loads of time on the computer. Some of their claims are definitely true while others I can't say yet.

claim to reduce screen glare: true
claim to enhance contrast: true. You dont notice it right away, but wear them for a while and take them off and you'll notice a difference.
Guarantees precision: true, no distortion on these glasses
Claim lens geometry makes for...
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10 Jun

Views: 468 dignitas

I really want Dignitas to get through this round. I really like these guys, but seriously what are they thinking with some of these picks and plays?

Not only do I like them I'm tired of clg/tsm being at the top all day erry day.

Can I at least get a game 3 here? Come onnnnn ;___;
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17 May

Views: 587 Finally!

My guide finally hit a million views. In the grand scheme of things it doesn't mean jack ****, but I'm excited regardless. It's been a long time getting here so thanks to all the moba members that supported me and helped out, it means a lot to have you guys around. Say what you like but the people who hang around here continuously are a damn good lot if you ask me.

<3 you all
~NinjaGinge (Matt ^_^)

Edit: Now if I ever hit that 90% mark I'll **** myself. One can only hope.
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