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Rorin's Mobafire Blog

13 Aug

Views: 601 Start with a Bang

Hello everyone. Sorry for taking down the last blog, but I felt like I was blabbering too much. After talking to one of the members on MOBAFire, I've decided to start a journey blog. I'll post a new blog every time I hit a milestone, learn something important, or if I happen to see something worth mentioning. Hopefully, I can keep everyone entertained. So...time to start.

Win 25. Yeah, I'm not in PvP much at all. This one was pretty big for me though. For the first time...I played a solo-queue ADC. Everything was pretty normal in champ select. Three people put in their calls for...
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26 Oct

Views: 581 Now I know...

My last blog, I talked about having trouble in games. I was always playing support and getting kind of pushed aside. Well, I've been breaking out of that. The lectures suggested by a commenter (thanks again!) have been helping me improve. I've been playing bots to try and get a low-stress practice zone...but it's biting me in the rear. Players don't seem to care about playing seriously and improving against bots. They treat it less like practice, and more like a competition to get kills.

Which leads to this tangent story, a game against bots. I picked Karma, and was going to go about...
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16 Oct

Views: 388 PvP Picks Up

Okay, I haven't played much PvP. I've barely made it to level 12 (which has proven WHY Flash is picked so much). With bots getting dull and not rewarding xp and ip (how I purchase champions) like they used to, it was a good time to start going to the other side of the game.

Joining a party with my friend, Grimol, and a Sivir player I had met earlier in bot matches, we delved into PvP. We sat in queue for five minutes, and the whole time I was worried. I'd only been in two PvP matches before. One went great with me and Grim locking...
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16 Oct

Views: 474 Stalemate

Hey everyone, Rorin back for another blogging. I'll try not to rant too much this time. I've just had a few things eating at me lately, and I'm going to try and reach out to the community for some help.

First off, I play support a lot. A LOT. Over the past month, I've probably been support more than 75% of the time. If it's over 90...I would not be surprised. I do enjoy most of the games, but I'm starting to hate the people I find. I know I'm not even into the Bronze Tier yet (halfway as of this posting), but I notice most of the teams I end up on are heavy on ADC. I've been playing AI...
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