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03 Mar
I went with a friend to the March 2nd NA LCS this past sunday. I went in not hoping for a lot and was absolutely blown away. The drive wasn’t bad since I live less than half an hour away and we left early to dodge the traffic. When we arrived, there was a decent line to wait in in order to be escorted to the studio itself, but we got lucky and ended up with front row seats! The production value was outstanding, and although the seats were mildly uncomfortable and I was next to a larger gentleman that took up about half of my seat as well as his own, I felt comfortable spending four hours...
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25 Feb
For this article, I’ll try to be addressing competitive play primarily. However, as far as balance goes, League must be balanced around both competitive play as well as solo queue. Although the two are wildly different in terms of balancing and viability, League is both a game and a spectator export, so it’s important to consider both. While some champions might be overwhelmingly strong in solo queue due to high carry potential if their opponents make mistakes (Such as Riven) and useless in competitive due to opponents making fewer mistakes, you need to be careful in hurting their...
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19 Jun
So I've played Five games in my Solo Queue Bootcamp so far, doing my best to keep notes. I've won 3 out of the five games and learned a substantial amount about Solo Queue as well as specific matchups.

During my first game, I laned against Fizz against a Kayle and dominated the lane. Originally, Kayle had lane swapped with TF in order to counter my advantage against TF. But due to jungle assistance, TF picked up two kills on our top laner before switching back. I assumed I was stronger than him and died in a tower dive due to a critical misplay. As I went back into lane, I all inned...
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13 Jun
A slight change from my past posts, this one is a more personal, self centered blog entry. If you came here looking for insight into the nature of Solo Queue, this isn't really the place.

When I get home from this League Hiatus, I'm gonna be going into Boot Camp mode for a week or so. It'll probably start Sunday morning, after I cast the Mobafire Inhouse on Saturday night. I'm going to be playing with a focus on improving, meaning I'll be writing notes on my screw ups, grinding out games, and above all else seeking to be critical of myself rather than my teammates (which is what it takes...
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