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15 Feb
(Just an unedited rant below, apologies if it doesn't make any sense, very angry atm)

So I just finished a game with possibly the most toxic Diana player in all of League of Legends history. Whines about me not leashing blue (after I spent the entire early game keeping Xin from warding our side of the river), then refused to give red to Jinx, ever. Even smited it away from her when she already killed most of the buff. Apparently because he is Diamond I and Jinx is "only Diamond III 0 LP" she has no right to any jungle camps. Even spammed laugh during a gank and let Jinx die...
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01 Nov
I wanted to create a hybrid caster-ish champion and came up with this. Think of Hektor as some greedy Hextechnician who aspired to embody perfection by trying to do everything at once.
  • Health 440 (+80)
  • Attack damage 52 (+3.825)
  • Health regen. 6.5 (+0.7)
  • Attack speed 0.620 (+3.3%)
  • Mana 270 (+65)
  • Mana regen. 7.1 (+0.8)
  • Armor 15 (+3.5)
  • Magic res. 30
  • Range 550
  • Mov. speed 340

Techmaturgical Erosion: (Passive) Champions damaged by Hektor's abilities receive a debuff that causes them to take increased damage from Hektor...
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30 Oct

Views: 755 Ahri bugged 3.13

Max range Q appears to hit twice (I gutted half of Zed's health with a single Q at level 1) on live, not yet hotfixed as far as I can tell. Basically they take two instances of magic and true damage from a single Q.
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29 Oct
(No pics because I'm drafting all this out on a computer without the aid of Photoshop due to some time I found myself in possession of, sorry! Also I don't speak German so alternate ability name suggestions are HIGHLY welcome.)

Gavryel, a heir of one of the greatest warrior clans in the city-state of Noxus, was raised with prestigious tutelage in the way of the blade. Though his formidable skills have given him a not-insubstantial advantage in seeking a seat among the peers of the realm, Gavryel has instead relinquished his political ambitions to seek a life of mercenary work,...
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