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Shuru's Mobafire Blog - Tag: league of legends

19 Nov
Hey guys, shuru here. I recently came back to league and this website, and was thinking a lot about why I quit league, and why I have depression strikes when I watch pros in many games.

In a game like LoL, we have out goals, we have our expectations, and we have our eventual wants and needs. I'm a gamer at heart, beyond beliefs, I've gone pro in a few games (namely smaller games off of the radar), and I've been on PvP leaderboards for multiple MMOs. What does that mean to any of you? I've been up there, I've had pro plays, and so on in many games.

Not in LoL. I've had decent play,...
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28 Jul
How ya doin guys?

Terra here back with another blog. I know it's been forever, long story short is I got a job working 6 AM to 2:30 in a warehouse quality line. It's a lot harder work than I thought it'd be and I've found a bit less time to play games.

Here's the deal though, it's not as bad as it sounds. I wake up at 4 and get ready for work, get home at 3 and I can play. I go to bed at 10 and do it again. schedules are different though, 8 AM schedules usually let off at around 4 and you get home at 5. This kinda sucks, you don't have as much time to play, so let me give you a few...
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07 May
Alright, here's the deal. I was ridiculed today for dodging a normal. OH NO IT"S JUST A NORMAL LIGHTEN UP TERRA NO BIG DEAL.


stop right there.

when top shaco is going tank, mid is AP draven (like legit AP), and bot lane is ADC eve support jarvan...

you know what? no, I don't have to explain myself. Go **** yourself.

Serious time now.

People like to troll, it's fun, yeah I do it too, ever heard of support m>okai? yeah I did it ALL THE TIME in S2. But there are guidelines to trolling. OMG NO WAY! THERE ARE?

well not really. Trolling is trolling, you do it...
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01 May
As a jungler trundle has always existed in that zone where they're not bad, but they aren't very good. Trundle was always fun, and was a good counter jungler, but most people played him top.

Why was trundle good top? well, Trundle had amazing sustain with his passive, which has been kept the same, now kings tribute, every time a minion dies around trundle, he gains a percentage of their max HP back. Trundle was also extremely strong in a duel do to his stat sapping nature.


Jungling as trundle wasn't very effective because it was his ult that gave him that really strong...
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