I was considering starting a thread, but I play so many ranked games at a time (in both solo queue and flex queue), usually, that it would be very hard to properly update such a thread. So I am going to give brief blog updates instead. This one won't be so brief and I'm sorry.

At the moment I am actually ranked the same, approximately, in both queues. It should be noted, however, that I have played more than twice as many games in flex queue (after being placed in Bronze there) because I wanted to give solo queue a chance to even out a bit. It's somewhat hard to really get an idea of what my champion pool has really been this season if you check somewhere like lolskill, as it doesn't differentiate between flex and solo queue picks. My solo queue champions have primarily been Nami, Karma, and Lulu. I've picked a few other things, but these are the champions I've picked in the vast majority of my solo queue games.

In flex queue I sometimes play jungle (or, even more occasionally, top lane), which has muddied the pool somewhat. I don't really give a flying **** about flex queue, so I sometimes experiment or pick things I wouldn't normally pick. I keep trying to find junglers I have consistent success with, but that hasn't been very fruitful and I should really just pick a few and play those. Malphite seems to be lucky for me, so maybe I'll stick with that. My Elise also seems to be tolerably decent, so that should probably be my other go-to. As far as top lane goes, I think I've played one game as Karma and two as Shen. Flex queue really liked to force me to play my secondary if anyone I played with picked support as their secondary for a while, but apparently it's figured out that support primary means I actually want to play support.

I don't really have a specific goal this season. I hit gold last season and I suspect, given enough time, that I can do it again. It took a while last season, around 400 games to be exact, and I don't really expect this season to be that much different.

I don't really have a whole lot else to mention here, unless someone really wants me to go through some of my recent games. Feel free to ask questions or whatever.