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TheInkKingLoL's Mobafire Blog - Tag: ekko

09 Jan

Views: 968 ekko

So I'm playing my second ranked game of 2021 here and this happens:

Who here do you think was being toxic?

As a classic answer to a classic answer, we've got our mid lane Kayn here saying this:

"You're very annoying you know. Super toxic smh"

After I asked him to go Rhaast instead of Blue Kayn because he kept spam pinging Blue form cooldown when he has Conqueror and then my adc commented agreeing with me LOL

He then later threatened the entire team with:

"You're all going to get banned for verbal harassment you know"...
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26 Oct
Hey guys!

I'm a jungle main who used to be an Ekko one-trick pony and am going back to being one.

I have been working on an Ekko jungle guide for the past couple months and it has now been out for about a month. If you are looking to learn how to master my favorite champion, please check it out. It's a new player friendly, very comprehensive and in-depth guide that I would love for you to check out! If the guide helps you, or you just straight up like it, please like an upvote on the guide, it's greatly appreciated and helps to get others to see it....
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