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TheSilverDust's Mobafire Blog

27 May
Hi guys, this is my fourth entry on my blog. Hope you enjoy reading this!

There is this person whom I've seen first in MOBAFire. He saw my blog post about how anxious I am, and he talked nice to me. He listened to all of my problems, and I listened to his. I wanted to talk more to him, so I decided to add him on Facebook. He accepted my friend request few days after I sent it, and we talked more. From being strangers, we became friends.

He lives from the other side of the earth, so talking to him is difficult. When it is day where I live, it is night in his place. LOL I think he is...
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20 Feb
Hello again with my second personal blog here in MOBAFire. I'm not being much active here on this site for a few days because of my break on League. I have personal problems that I need to resolve because it affects my plays. So let's discuss my sexuality and my "luck" on finding that love...

My choice of sexuality

I've discovered that I am bisexual since my third year in high school. Initially, I like girls, but I also like boys. I have a big rejection over the fact, but I recognized and accepted it in my last year in high school (fourth...
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01 Nov
Good day everyone!

So there is a sale on the summoner name change here in my server here on PH. It now costs 50 RP (approximately 1 USD). I want to change my IGN because I want to, and it is a result of a typographical error. LOL

Annnnnd I cannot think of a decent name and the sale ends tomorrow, so I want someone to help me think of a name. Hahaha

I don't know, maybe I want names related to Ahri, Miss Fortune, or silver (because I like the color and the metal, so shiny!)

If you participated, you have my deepest gratitude. Thank you and good day again!
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