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20 Jun
I will be very straightforward.

Patch 4.10 has turned many things around for marksmen. As a consequence, tons of testing is neccessary before I can make any updates on my guides. From what I have so far, I can say that certain things will stay the same but at the same time there is lot of change in the air. Probably, I need to have a look at competetive play a bit more often to find out whether there is a change in the gameplay tactics as well.

As far as the viability of my guides at the time of writing is concerned, I need to put some effort within the next days to reach absolute...
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28 Mar

Views: 386 I Will be taking a break

Well, I will get straight to the point because I do not have so much time left.
A little after midnight(local time) I will head to the airport and fly to Turkey. It's not exactly holidays because I am going with the shcool for educational reasons and so on...Anyways, I don't think I'll have enough time for Mobafire during this week and of course there is no chance that I will be able to play League.
The consequence of this fact is that the updates/changes in my vayne and quinn guides will be delayed. I am really sorry for this but I am just not so great in managing my time and especially...
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13 Mar

I joined a ranked queue and after champ select etc. we were about to begin...Right now though I am for like 3 min and it's going to be more. If you don't believe me check time in the screenshots( top right)

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21 Nov


I archived all my guides for S4, i might republish them when i am once more keen with the new changes.

For now they will stay out of public....

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17 Nov
So i heard about the upcoming vision and game flow changes, which really affect supports.

As far as the thing with vision goes, i think it's fair. Now teams and supports must be really carefull on how they want to use their wards and all participate in this. That will allow supports to save more gold for big items. As a sequence they will be more effective late game, given of course the fact that the whole team places wards and uses trinkets.

The second thing is that on supports AP will not only affect the damage/healing/shield done but also the ultility of the ability. This will...
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