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16 Oct
I main adc long time now and i don't wanna change this now when it's the final stretch to S4.
However, somtimes I get bored playing again and again the same champs(although i have all marksmen) and using similar playstyles. So i started looking for unconvential adcs.
I checked base damage, AS , range, skillset and many more but seems like nothing is nowhere near to the weakes adcs.
So these are some champions I tried(in non-ranked games, of course):
Ahri, Annie, Fiddlesticks, Twisted Fate, Kennen[great results but not something new:(], Zilean, Lulu,...
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15 Sep

Views: 469 473 PING

so guys i just played a game as olaf and i had 473 ping!!!!! I know there can be worse but when you're used 70-90 ping and 50-60 fps then that's a nightmare.

So, in the beginning i realised that the champions were slightly late once every 30 sec or so, then it became much more often. So i had no other option from reconnecting. By that time i already had 1/4( and i started with 1/0/0 taking down renekton). After the reconnection i finally didn't have to force any laaaag issues but was already behind so i went 2/9. After this i focused on farming because i actually couldn't kill anybody,...
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25 May

Views: 540 My first blog

Hello ladies and gentlemen and Welcome to my first blog!

As it's my first one, i don't know exactly what one writes here so some feedback about this would be cool...
Anyway i 'm gonna write about two things:
  • My (upcoming)guide(s)
  • and a Technical Issue i face with in-game screenshots(that's the vital part)
    Well,I used many brackets above
    Anyway let's procceed!

My (upcoming)guide

More or less, you must have understood what that "upcoming'' in brackets means.For the ones who didn't I explain below.
Right now I have just one guide...
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