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03 Apr
Decided to do a blog post for my 2500th post here. There's technically nothing special about one's 2500th post, but I guess i just like the number 25... It's special to me xD

Anyways, I decided that it'd be suitable for my blog post to give you guys an update on my personal life. For me, this year has been a year of recovery. Last year, I started my 2nd year studying chemical engineering, but I had found out that it really wasn't what I wanted to do. Yes, I do love chemistry, and seeing the chemical reaction in the macroscopic scale, and while chemical engineering covers both of those...
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12 Jun

Views: 1312 League Prank

So ipodpulse and i decided to level some smurfs. We were playing a bot game, and we decided to convince this guy that ipulse was actually h4xdefender's smurf. At first being skeptical, we kept on talking about h4x's professional team, everfrag gaming, and eventually we got him to believe that ipodpulse was h4x's silver smurf.

We told him to friend our respective mains, and had a long talk with him, giving him questionable advice at first. For instance, i believe we told him the correct way to build rengar was to rush Youmuu's Ghostblade, followed by Ravenous Hydra and then...
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15 Apr
I thought up a new champion, and wanted to know your guys' thoughts on the champion.

Lore: DGAF. I'm an engineer. ****ting out pretty stories isn't my thing.

Basic information:
Name: Nimsha, the elementalist
Base health: ~425 (Average)
Health Per level: +87 (Above Average)
Base Mana: 250 (About Average)
Mana Per level: +60 (Very Good)
Mana Regen & Health Regen: Nothing Crazy
Attack Range: 250 (Considered melee for item purposes. Long attack range for a melee, but will be justified later)

Passive: Icy Touch - After casting a spell, Nimsha's next basic attack...
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03 Apr
Just took a fluid mechanics test. It went rough. Safe to say, i'll need some CH3CH2OH tonight (if you know what i mean ^^)

My professor - that son of a ***** designed the test so that it was impossible to finish. Two questions, 50 points each. The first question was long, but relatively easy - thank goodness. The second question though. That was nasty.

It went something along the lines of this:
Seems a little overwhelming, doesn't it? Thankfully, there's a ever so useful system of equations we learned that helps us called the...
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