Title is tongue in cheek. Sort of.

I'm currently stuck in the depths of Silver 3ish. Players rank somewhere from Bronze 2 to Silver 1.

And neither I nor they play the game right. But when you do have an idea of how the game should be played - OMG! My eyes! Do these people really have no idea what they are doing. Yes. The answer is yes. They don't know what they should be doing and they can barely pilot their characters half the time.

There are some exceptions, but the individual knowledge level is so diverse that actually coming to the same conclusions about what should be happening is rare. You know it when it happens. Maybe the game is a little struggly in the early game, but everyone is farming well and your scaling is good. Then it clicks. Gank Bot. Get a double. Your Mid laner doesn't get a kill but does send their lane opponent back to base so you have a clear shot at the Infernal Drake. Top sees the gank Bot and plays it safe thus avoiding their jungler who was trying to gank them. And then you slowly start to accrue advantages from there despite the occasionally mishap until you can finally steam roll the game.

But in general your team is touched. Everyone is going to get solokilled by their lane opponent in the first 10 minutes of the game. They are going to get ganked after the enemy jungler walks over two wards to get to them and they are going to die. Your team is going to chase enemies into places where they have no vision and they are all going to die. Your team is going to ARAM in Mid letting minions waves crash endlessly into the side lane turrets and not notice when their Sion gets bored and goes and smashes your inner Top lane turret and inhibitor turret almost getting your inhibitor before you kill him and delete his passive form. In the mean time you are going to lose one of your Mid turrets or a neutral objective because you had to send people back to deal with the Sion.

So, how do you win more. Get you and or someone else on your team so ridiculously fed that you can't lose. Then you shot call based on how bad *** you have proven yourself. Don't try to 1v9. Just get your team to lawn mower down all their objectives. Outer turrets, inner turrets, inhibitor turrets, inhibitors, take all their jungle camps, take all the neutral objectives and just starve them out until you lead is insurmountable and crush them.

Unless you let Kayle get to level 16, in which case