I found this interesting.

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"Additionally, it's worth mentioning Jinx's dedicated player base. If you run into a Jinx player on live that person is going to have 31 games on her on average, That's up there with other "I main dis guy forever" champs like Yasuo, Lee Sin, and Riven. For comparison, Graves has a similar play rate to Jinx (they're neck and neck for most picked ADC), and yet the average Graves player only has 16 games on him. This isn't meant to be a knock on Graves but more a highlight on the fact that many of the Jinx's you run into out there have played her A LOT and as such you'd expect a higher win rate out of her due to player experience." - Gypsylord

My emphasis.

The only champion I have more than 16 games played on in Ranked is Jarvan IV, with 35 games played over S4 and S5.

Next highest

8 games with Braum - S4 and S5 combined
5 games with Sion - S5 only

So if anything I main Jarvan and I don't have much ranked experience on any other champions and definitely not enough to say they are one of my mains.

Ten games does not a main make. Once you've logged 30+ games on a champion and formed your own ideas about the various matchups you will see in lane and how to handle them, then you've got a main.