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Vynertje's Mobafire Blog

29 Jun

Views: 1399 Personal life updates


It has been some time since I did a personal update, so why not take the chance to do so right now?

So last time I posted an update, I was about to start (or had just started) studying Economics & Business Economics, but after a couple of months I kinda lost all motivation to keep going as I just didn't really enjoy what I was doing. I did want to keep studying so I had to find something else to do. After a long time looking I pretty much stumbled across International Studies, which is probably the least descriptive name one could ever imagine. In short, it teaches pretty much...
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07 Jun

Views: 1337 Need a new username

I have IP/RP to spare and I'd like to have a name change for once. So, give me your suggestions here!

A couple of things it must have:

* It must have something to do with Lulu. I originally wanted "That tasted purple" but that's too long. I'm turning into a one trick pony because I like playing lulu so much :^)

* It must be something a random solo queue teammate can understand, no inside jokes etc.
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27 Oct

Views: 1269 Status update

Yo everyone,

been inactive for a long, long time. Haven't even lurked Mobafire for a long time. Figured I'd do a quick status update (although I dunno if this will get any attention due to the way blogs work atm).

I haven't been playing League as of lately at all. I did not really have any intention to quit to begin with (and I didn't want to say "I quit" preemtively like some of you guys ^^) but I found myself losing motivation to start up a game etc. I've been playing some singleplayer games instead and of course studying and doing some work to get some dolla dolla. I did...
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01 Aug
Yo guys,

you might know the HotshotGG 'analysis' of CLG games, where he streams his commentary together with the LCS games (look at this if you don't know what I'm talking about).

Now I've always been looking to get into analysis for a long time and I've got some minor experience already analyzing games, and I think I can provide some insightful and comprehensive commentary. So, would people be interested in me streaming analysis of the LCS games tonight? I'd only do it if there would be at least a few people watching ^^
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