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03 Nov
......because our Nidalee mid decided to AFK.
Meanwhile I make a double kill top because Olaf just decides to dive at lvl 2 and then trundle dies to me while i have lower hp.

Then our Nunu support decides to go full ap and takes 70% of our carry(Corki)'s kills.

But naturally we won because we had Darius, and Darius wins every single time (in low-elo).

But i kinda feel bad to give Nida free elo even though she didn't do anything really.
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25 Oct
So, I'm pretty happy that Dfg is roflstomped into the ground (Morello even wanted to remove it), for once because it was like a 5th ability and for 2nd because I ALWAYS forgot using it. Not that I'm a bad player, and I remember using things like Randuins but that thing.....

Also it made some stupid Ap's pretemtiously good, without them designed for AP,
which is k but they should be counter picks, not main picks.

Now I heard the argument (let me citate)"I really hate ie it makes adc do lots dmg i hope they make it unusable
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18 Oct
So do the skins based on the shadow isles(like Headless Hecarim) going to stick aroound or are these just harrowing skins too.
I'd like to know as I'd instabuy it if it's only going to stick around for a short time but if it's permanent I'd rather wait.

Oh, and for anyone who doesn't know what I mean, here's the link:
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01 Oct
So, lately I heard a very interesting theory about Swain, suggesting that not he, but Beatrice is the actual master.

So Beatrice kinda controls him and casts his spells for hhim, and in his ult even takes his form.
Also, when Swain dies, Beatrice flies back to the fountain to retain control over Swain before he can escape. And in the lore he didn't want mgical treatment because maybe it could've killed the connection between them.

I, myself, think that it makes sense, but everything does when you think about it, so what do you say?
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