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YeaISupport's Mobafire Blog

29 Mar
This is for my W.I.P Zyra guide, so it's in perspective of Zyra. However, I hope that it helps you regardless, so I am posting this.

Tell me some additional notes to fix because I am kinda sleepy... It's 1:20 AM in Korea here.
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25 Mar
Let's get this straight.

Traditional way of maxing has been R->E->W->Q. Which is, according to many, a good start.

But in Korea, Poohmandu, previous support of SK Telecom T1 K who retired due to health reason, started maxing Death Sentence over Flay. Also, one of the best Thresh in the NA, BunnyFuFu, maxes Death Sentence over Flay.

Here is how Mandu did it.
  • Level 1: Get Death Sentence or Flay, depending on the Level 1s.
  • Level 2: Get the other one that you missed out.
  • Level 3: Get Dark Passage
  • Level 4~5: Put points on...
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03 Feb
As I look at most support guides, I am surprised that no one talked about Doran's Shield as much as Ancient Coin start in Mobafire.

Seriously, I start out Doran's Shield 9 out of 10 in Support Start. Unless I am 100% sure that I am winning the lane, I start Doran's Shield. It really helps lane dominance because while Ancient Coin might give more GP10 output for later, in lane, you can tank more damage, regen it quicker, WHILE Blocking 8 Autoattack damage for all-in trades and pokes.

And besides, if you do start Ancient Coin you will be 180 Gold ahead by 5...
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04 Nov

Views: 699 Nice to be back!

It's nice to be back. My computer is broken, so I haven't played for a while. That meant no guide update for Mobafire.

Well, my computer is still broken, but I will start updating the guide soon.

Beside, anyway...

I am so, so, SO GLAD that they released Zyra skin. Haunted Zyra looks REALLY good. Also, Silent Night Sona is coming! O MY GAWD XD
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