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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kinesis

Taric Support - Why Gems Are Truly Outrageous (March Update)

Kinesis Last updated on August 13, 2013
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Support Taric (Cheat Sheet)

Champion Build: Taric

Health 2966
Health Regen 36.1
Mana 1663
Mana Regen 38.3
Armor 195.29
Magic Resist 143.31
Dodge 0
Tenacity 0
Movement Speed 340
Gold Bonus 2
Attack Damage 116
Attack Speed 0.84
Crit Chance 0%S
Crit Damage 0%
Ability Power 0
Life Steal 0%
Spell Vamp 0
Armor Penetration 0
Magic Penetration 0
Cooldown Reduction 50%

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Ability Sequence + Notes

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.

Masteries + Notes


Offense: 1

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Defense: 13


Utility: 16

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Hi. My name's Kinesis and I'm a support/jungle main on EUW. In this guide I'm going to show you how to play a mean support Taric. He's a versatile support champion who can be balls-to-the-wall aggressive or can play passively in lane when outgunned whilst still transitioning well into the late game.

To reiterate, Taric is a very balanced support who operates well in most lanes and with all AD carries. Despite his recent nerfs, I would recommend him to anyone who does not normally play support or to anyone who is looking at maining support. His strengths lie in his base damage, his Shatter aura and the extra robustness from Imbue.

I have made changes to this guide to make it more simple and less pretty with colours. I'm here to deliver you all the information you need in bite-size chunks without it being too tl;dr.

Let's get started.

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Pros / Cons


[+] Reliable targeted stun with Dazzle
[+] Provides allies with additional armour using Shatter passive
[+] Decent heals with Imbue which heal both you and your partner
[+] Naturally tanky with Shatter
[+] Fair burst damage to help secure objectives


[-] No game changing ultimate, e.g. Crescendo, Stranglethorns
[-] Melee champion and can be kited by ranged harass
[-] Slow base movement speed
[-] His stun has a short duration unless leveled
[-] His passive Gemcraft only benefits himself
[-] Relatively long cooldowns
[-] You often have to initiate teamfights with Dazzle

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Masteries Explanation

Supports of course normally invest highly into Utility, and then depending on what kind of support into either Offense or Defense.


I believe for Taric my 1-13-16 is well rounded to having as much utility as possible whilst remaining tanky, which is very important early game.

It's your job to ensure your carry can farm efficiently and safely - the added resilience will help you harass and make your presence known. Taric is a fear weapon and most enemies won't want to start a fight with you out of fear of being subject to a harsh Dazzle and Shatter combo and further vengeance from your AD carry.
  • Summoner's Resolve benefits Heal, and grants you additional health regen. If you're not taking Heal, grab Summoner's Wrath instead to benefit Exhaust or Ignite.

  • Put points into Durability to help get plenty of HP by the end of the game. 3 points into Hardiness and a point into Resistance will keep you sturdy during laning phase.
  • Points in Unyielding and Block will help you absorb a lot more poke and damage in engagements. An extra 30 HP can never go amiss with Veteran's Scars . Safeguard is great for making dives and risky plays.

  • Summoner's Insight is an important spell for reducing Flash cooldown, but affects Clairvoyance by causing it to reveal enemy champions for longer, should you choose to take it.

  • Taric is quite mana hungry and Meditation should help you regenerate lost mana.

  • Mastermind is an important mastery for further reducing the cooldowns of your ever important summoner spells.

  • Supporting is now based all around the usage of active items, so Artificer is a must. It reduces the cooldowns of your items, such as Shard of True Ice and Shurelya's Reverie. Two points in this because your summoner spells are still more important.
  • Greed and Wealth help with your monetary income, because as a support you will only be killing creeps when your carry has recalled (or is dead). It also means you can afford more at the beginning of the game, meaning you can afford that extra Sight Ward or Health Potion.

  • Biscuiteer is a great mastery, allowing you to start off with a Biscuit of Rejuvenation which can come in handy. More importantly the Explorer mastery allows you to start with a short duration Explorer's Ward, which you can use either as an emergency ward, or to ward important jungle objectives during dangerous invasions, or defending a vulnerable jungler such as Amumu or Blitzcrank.

  • A quick important note on Pickpocket : it is not really worth getting on melee supports due to the cooldown and you won't be doing any AA harass outside of engagements.

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Runes Explanation


Greater Mark of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Health

Greater Mark of Armor provides you with important armour needed to shrug off early attacks from the enemy AD carry and/or ranged support.

Greater Seal of Armor provides even more early game armour. You don't want your health melted by Soraka's bananas or Caitlyn's poke.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist gives you plenty of magic resist to survive against harassing enemy supports like Lux and Zyra and other AP members of the enemy team. You can also go for Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist if you prefer.

Greater Quintessence of Health is currently my go to quints on tanky supports including Taric, as well as Thresh, Blitzcrank and Alistar. It really lets you go for those level 2 all ins and keeps you less vulnerable to poke. Gold is okay but this suits my playstyle better.

Alternative Runes

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration could be a good option when laned with someone like Graves or Corki and you're looking to flat out blitzkrieg the enemy laners. Outrageous burst.

Greater Seal of Gold is a pretty good set of runes if you're looking to play the passive, sustain game. I don't really run it on Taric, favoring it for supports like Soraka and sometimes Nunu; your choice.

Greater Quintessence of Gold is generally considered standard on support and was always my general recommendation. With the increased global gold and an early Philosopher's Stone I don't really consider these necessary. They're still good if you're more passive.

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration are good runes if you find yourself out of mana frequently. But this could be overcome by simply starting Faerie Charm and not spamming your abilities.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power adds massive AP to make your burst more potent. The extra damage helps bring the enemies down faster but sacrifices important gold generation.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed are pricy runes that are great for roaming, warding and using Dazzle, but they come at the cost of your gold generation or additional HP. Can you just wait until you get boots? Choose wisely.

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Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

It's important to get Dazzle at level 1 for a multitude of reasons, including:
[+] Allows you to pull blue or red for your jungler if necessary

[+] Allows you to invade and punish stragglers, or to punish invasions

[+] Good initial peeling against foes who can screw you over quickly, namely Blitzcrank

Your Shatter should be leveled second to activate your armour aura. Then get Imbue to heal when things get ugly. Max Shatter first to maximise your aura potential. Dazzle should now be maxed second as it now affects stun duration.

Radiance should be leveled as frequently as possible as with all ultimate abilities.
Imbue should not be leveled until last unless you're facing strong poke, as it is now more beneficial to get the extra stun duration on Dazzle.

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Summoner Spells

Recommended Spells

[+] Exhaust can cripple the enemy AD carry, helping you make the most of ganks early game and slowing the opponent so you can cast Dazzle. In the current meta, this is the best spell for kill lane supports and sometimes the ADC themselves.
[+] Flash is your free getaway card. It lets you jump over walls and towards your tower when things go pear-shaped. It can also let you get into range to drop your Dazzle or your entire combo on an enemy as an effective initiation

[+] Heal, thanks to its more recent buffs is much more suited as a support spell, and should not be taken by your ADC. It's a lifesaver ability in teamfights and 2v2 engagements. If you take it, consider Eleisa's Miracle.

Decent Spells

[*] Ghost gives you a significant speed boost and is seen as an alternative to Flash, but it doesn't let you blink over walls. You're getting Shurelya's Reverie later anyway.

[*] Ignite is a great spell for handicapping carries carrying Heal and champions such as Swain or Dr. Mundo, but it might accidentally steal the kill from your carry or another team member, something you should be avoiding.

[*] Clairvoyance is a traditional support's ally as it lets you track the enemy jungler and instantly check important objectives. However since the Oracle's Elixir nerf, you probably could use a different spell and thanks to Sightstone, you should have no reason for not warding the hell out of the map. If you do take this, get Eleisa's Miracle.

[*] Clarity has its uses, it resolves Taric's mana issues early and provides sustenance to mana hungry champions such as Ezreal and Corki. However this does take the place of a more useful spell and you could resolve this by building a Mana Manipulator early, especially in the case of having an ADC who cannot conserve his mana wisely.

Poor Spells

[-] Teleport is a great spell for solotop champions. It's just not appropriate for you. What are you planning to do? Pop up behind an enemy for a surprise Dazzle? Not a great idea.

[-] Cleanse isn't a great choice on Taric as he's a support and is probably not going to be focused. And if you do get focused, then good.

[-] Smite is for junglers and you're not one of them

[-] Barrier is for carries that need protection from burst damage. If you get focused, good. Want shields? Try Locket of the Iron Solari.

[-] Revive is just completely useless. Choose this if you want to be reported.

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During the laning phase it's always important to ward your lane appropriately to prevent enemy ganks. This is even more important against early gankers such as Lee Sin or Trundle.

The placement of your wards is also quite important. Some people place their wards in the river bush, others further up more towards blue entrance / Dragon . Your preference.

As seen here ward the bush closest to the enemy tower for improved brush control, especially against kill lane supports who can punish you easily, such as Blitzcrank, Leona or Nautilus. This also applies to strong pokers, especially Zyra, Nidalee and Sona.

Also remember to ward the Tribush on the left to prevent the jungler or midlane champion getting at you. Especially against those who can knock you towards the enemy, such as Alistar or Gragas.

Remember also to ward the Dragon using a Vision Ward, which will allow you to remove enemy wards. Buy Oracle's Elixir when you can get it without putting core items behind. Preferably before minute 10/15, and keep getting them after that. Remember to get your Sightstone (and consequently Ruby Sightstone) to help with warding.

This map is helpful in deciding where to place wards:
(Yes I use it in all my guides, it's helpful)

As support it's important that you always carry wards and ward crucial areas but encourage others to also ward.
  • Your jungler should carry wards to ward his blue and red buffs, the enemy's if he so chooses and objectives such as Baron Nashor
  • Your mid carry can also ward their river bushes to help prevent ganks
  • Solotop should always ward their river bush and tribush to prevent ganks

Even as the game moves into its later stages, keep on warding. This should be easy if you have your Ruby Sightstone. It's important for when Baron Nashor spawns and controlling gank points.

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Sight Ward

This is a standard support start. It lets you go for that early Philosopher's Stone if you so choose. You can also start without the Faerie Charm if you want more potions/wards, which I generally recommend.
Sight Ward

My favourite start. More pink wards mean more brush control. You don't really need Faerie Charm early, so if you can forego the extra mana regeneration. This is an ideal start. Especialy against bush hoggers, like Leona and Blitzcrank.

It is absolutely crucial to start with the Vision Ward when playing against Shaco, Evelynn or Twitch.

Also note that when playing against Rengar or Kha'Zix you have adequate stealth detection by the time they reach level 6. Clairvoyance can help you track their location if they are jungling. Ganks utilising Thrill of the Hunt / Void Assault are common and can easily take you off-guard.

IMPORTANT: Remember to always have space for Sight Wards before you get your Sightstone or when it is out of charges. I've said this before in the guide, but as its your responsibility to ensure bottom lane is warded adequately in the early stages of the game; failure to do so and you will get the blame if you get ganked or if Dragon gets stealthily taken. Ward your lane properly and crucial spots later. Place a Vision Ward at Dragon , buy your Sightstone as soon as possible and take an Oracle's Elixir once you are confident you won't be killed easily.
Philosopher's Stone

Your Faerie Charm / Rejuvenation Bead is always built into a Philosopher's Stone to provide you with a fair amount of mana regen and gp10. You don't have to get one, but if you've started with a Faerie Charm, it's not a bad idea.

Once you have your Philosopher's Stone, or if you don't have one at all, rush your Ruby Sightstone for tons of health and your wards. If you started all wards and pots, or Crystalline Flask, it's probably best to buy your Ruby Sightstone before your Philosopher's Stone. Boots aren't as important in this season, so get your Boots of Speed after you finished the two above items.

Then start building your Aegis of the Legion. I often build the Emblem of Valor first to get the health regen aura. You can also get this earlier if you choose for extra armour on your Shatter aura. Make sure your jungler and top laner know you're building Aegis of the Legion, so they don't accidentally build it also.

If you're not building it, buy a Kindlegem instead so you can rush Shurelya's Reverie, or a Chalice of Harmony.

If you're taking Heal or Clairvoyance, consider grabbing this item early from your Philosopher's Stone and then build another Philosopher's Stone if at all. The benefit is very good as the item will soon vanish from your inventory and become a permanent buff. It'll set your other items back slightly though.

If you're really struggling in lane there's nothing wrong with picking one of these up. They make a huge difference when you're being harassed by a strong Caitlyn and are a pretty good choice to solidify your early game aggression anyway.

Chalice of Harmony is a great item if you're planning on getting a Mikael's Crucible.

As for Mana Manipulator, never rush it unless you need it. Only get it if you're also dead set on having a Shard of True Ice.

Boots of Mobility are my boots of choice as they let you get into position to use Dazzle a lot easier, and they make roaming and warding much faster. If you need to be more tanky then choose Mercury's Treads as they are arguably the best boots in the game thanks to their tenacity. Choose Ninja Tabi if the enemy team's AD hurts bad. Ionian Boots of Lucidity are really good if you need the cooldown reduction.

I would also only really recommend Boots of Swiftness if they have Nasus. Because Wither is scary.

Your endgame items now should (generally) include:

Ruby Sightstone Although it only gives you a fair amount of health, keep it until the very end to ensure you have enough wards. Never stop warding!

Locket of the Iron Solari is a very strong item in Season 3. It does provide decent amounts of health and armour, and most importantly cooldown reduction. On top of this its active can turn the tide of teamfights by providing allies with a damage absorbing shield. It's now the replacement of the Runic Bulwark, so it provides huge aura stats.

Shurelya's Reverie Shurelya's Reverie is one of the most important support items in the game. It provides you with great amounts of health and health/mana regen, but most importantly its active ability allows for speedy engagements and disengagements. You build it relatively late to maximise upon the gold earned by your Philosopher's Stone. Shurelya's Reverie

With the mana rework on Taric, and the changes to Shatter, this item is just an excellent pick up. This item turns him into a front line paladin, able to slow enemy attack speed and deal out a lot of damage. It's certainly an expensive, but worthwhile pick up, hence why you should invest in it after your core items.
Enchantment: Alacrity is a great upgrade to your boots, giving you the additional movement speed to hunt down and stun enemies.

Naturally if you are at endgame with your full build, make sure you have your Oracle's Elixir (Don't leave it until now obviously, always buy one much earlier) and drink an Elixir of Fortitude and an Elixir of Brilliance for added health and burst damage.

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Situational Items

As a support you must consider what items you should get carefully. Here's some alternative items depending on your scenario:

Mikael's Crucible is a niche item but provides you not only with good stats but a strong heal and cleanse. Consider it if there's a Warwick] or [[Skarner on the enemy team.
Banner of Command grants you a health regen aura and some decent stats, as well as restoring the Promote capability lost this season. Want to split push? Here's your item.
Abyssal Scepter really is not a bad item when you are lacking MR and you have an AP heavy team (think Annie and Vladimir). If no one else has it, it will shred enemy MR meaning their burst, as well as yours thanks to the bonus AP, will hit home a lot harder. Outrageous.
Will of the Ancients is a decent item worth getting if you have a duo AP team and they have chosen not to take it. It provides others with spell vamp (as well as you with additional AP).

Twin Shadows provides AP, MR and movement speed, as well an interesting active that reveals enemy nearby champions and slows them. This is a very good item that you should consider taking if you need additional map coverage.

Shard of True Ice Shard of True Ice The blizzard active is great for tank initiators like Dr. Mundo and Skarner, and it provides nearby allies with mana. A massive improvement over Soul Shroud. Shard of True Ice
Morellonomicon is a niche support item, you see it a lot on AP mids and on support Lux and Zyra. It gives you a fair amount of mana regen, AP and CDR. But importantly it's a great item for applying Grievious Wounds to your enemies. They have an out of control lifestealing carry or bruiser? They have Dr. Mundo or Volibear? Here's your item.

Randuin's Omen provides you with more tankiness and cooldown reduction. Its active is invaluable in teamfights, which absolutely cripples the enemy AD carry and attack speed bruisers like Jax. With the removal of Heart of Gold, the item is much more expensive and will probably be taken by jungle/solo top tanks.

Zeke's Herald is a great item which provides your team with extra attack damage and life steal so this is ideal for AD heavy comps. Increases your health too and should max out your cooldown reduction.
Warmog's Armor was generally recommended against but considering the strength of the item and just general HP stacking, you can pick it up if you require a lot of resilience.
Ohmwrecker was slightly reworked to make it more appealing to AP mages and supports. It's certainly a lot more viable than it used to be, but only get it if you really need it.

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AD Carries

As a support you will be bot lane with a ranged AD carry, naturally you'll also be facing one.


Playing with: Work together to burst down your enemy. Starting fights with Dazzle and Shatter will allow Graves to Quickdraw and Buckshot, dealing huge damage thanks to armour shred. At level 6 the lane becomes a lot more dangerous with Radiance and Collateral Damage being thrown into the mix. Graves' armour passive also synergises well with Shatter.

Playing against: Your armour aura should help negate a lot of Graves' burst damage. Wait until his Quickdraw is down before stunning him to allow you and your ADC to lay some hurt onto him.


Playing with: Ezreal's strong poke with Mystic Shot and Essence Flux. Stun your enemy with Dazzle to allow Ezreal to poke for free. Ezreal is quite fragile and benefits well from Shatter and sustain from Imbue. You can burst enemies down at level 6 with the additional damage from Radiance and Trueshot Barrage.

Playing against: Ezreal is a strong poker so Shatter will help overcome that slightly. Try to stun and burst Ezreal when his Arcane Shift is on cooldown to stop him escaping. Be sure to ping out any ultimates that he fires and to be careful that he doesn't try to smite you with it if you're low on health.


Playing with: Caitlyn has strong harass which can maximise the potential of Dazzle and Shatter combos. You do a lot of damage by steadily weakening the enemy.

Playing against: Caitlyn's poke is painful and Shatter helps overcome it. Caitlyn's only escape is her 90 Caliber Net which can be difficult to activate if she panics. Initiate by stunning her and bursting her down. Taric is resilient enough to intercept oncoming Ace in the Holes aimed at your allies and to eat her Yordle Snap Traps but try to avoid unnecessary damage from Piltover Peacemaker.


Playing with: Ashe plays relatively passive aside from harassing with Volley and using her harsh poke from Frost Shot. Don't rely on her Hawkshot as a replacement for wards. She can initiate herself by using her Enchanted Crystal Arrow or with your Dazzle and you can both proceed to wreck the enemy team. Alternatively you can use your stun to temporarily disable a disruptive enemy support.

Playing against: Be very careful not to overextend or you could find yourself stunlocked / permaslowed by Ashe and her support, especially as her Focus+ Volley combo can hurt really bad. Be wary of her Enchanted Crystal Arrow as she may instagib you with it if you're low on health. Be sure to ping out any ultimates that she fires.


Playing with: Corki's Gatling Gun synergises superbly with your Shatter, allowing you to shred the enemy's armour and win engagements. Corki can burst down enemies with your combo, or follow up stuns with strong poke from his Missile Barrage.

Playing against: Corki does a lot of damage when his Gatling Gun is on so try not to fight him at pointblank range. He also has a free escape card with Valkyrie so ensure to engage on him when this is on cooldown. He can also use this to engage so be careful when your health is low. Your Shatter aura should help against his poke, but try to avoid some of his Missile Barrage shows as they're slow and easy to dodge. Be mindful that Corki can reveal brush using Phosphorus Bomb so don't camp.


Playing with: Draven does unbelievable damage using his Spinning Axe and can follow up stuns with large damage. Draven tends to chunk down enemies rather than autoattack engage, so burst down the enemy when you want to engage, as your Shatter's armor shred and bonus AD from Radiance will make Draven hurt bad. He can help CC the enemy using his Stand Aside, and often uses Whirling Death as part of his burst.

Playing against: Draven does a lot of damage when he is allowed to but is very vulnerable to CC as he lacks escape mechanisms except for Stand Aside and Blood Rush. Keep in mind that Blood Rush's cooldown is refreshed whenever he catches a Spinning Axe so he makes an excellent chaser and executioner, literally. Watch out for Whirling Death snipes and always ping if he fires it. Try to stun Draven and burst him down when he overextends.


Playing with: Kog'Maw is very fragile early game and likes to passively farm. It's a good idea to stun the enemy AD carry if the enemy support starts getting aggressive and allow Kog'Maw some free poke. Thanks to Caustic Spittle and Bio-Arcane Brrage Kog'Maw has high attack speed and high range so bursting down enemies allowing Koggy to autoattack is good as he gets stronger. His Void Oooze helps prevent escapes and he can snipe any fleeing enemies with Living Artillery.

Playing against: Kog'Maw is very weak early so be aggressive and burst him down before he gets stronger. He has no escape mechanisms and poor mobility so stunning him is very effective. Be careful of being permaslowed by his Void Ooze as he can pick you off with his painful long range poke. Most importantly be careful when you have low health, as he may snipe you with Living Artillery or turn your victory into a draw by finishing you off with Icathian Surprise.

Miss Fortune

Playing with: Miss Fortune does a lot of damage very early with high base AD and her abilities. Thanks to Double Up she can follow up a stun with a lot of harass. At level 6 your abilities together can devastate the enemy team, thanks to the armour shred and bonus AD from Shatter and Radiance, and the devastating AoE damage from Bullet Time.

Playing against: Miss Fortune does a lot of damage and can poke at you from behind your ADC with Double Up. Her Impure Shots can make your healing less effective and she can slow you with Make it Rain. Be wary when fighting in jungle or when you are bunched up as she can devastate you with Bullet Time. Try to stun her as she is channeling this as it will be interrupted. She lacks mobility when in combat (as Strut becomes disabled) so stun and burst her down.


Playing with: A lot of Quinn's power comes from her passive poke ( Harrier) and her ability to blind multiple targets in fights with Blinding Assault. If you're able to land a stun and Shatter she can very easily follow it up. I would consider her a lot weaker than say Graves or Corki, so pick your fights carefully. If you get into a jam, she's pretty good at getting away with Tag Team.

Playing against: Quinn Although she might not do as much damage as other carries, she will annoy the **** out of you with Harrier. If Valor marks you, back off and don't let her poke you. Or exploit it and stun her when she's out of position. Try to get in the way or simply dodge Blinding Assault so your carry can continue to attack. If she uses Tag Team, it's likely a high CC gank is coming, or in a fight she's looking to escape. Don't chase Valor. He's fast.


Playing with: Sivir is notoriously good at shredding enemy life with her Boomerang Blade. She can follow up Dazzle+ Shatter combos very well with Boomerang Blade, Ricochet and autoattacks, but be sure she has mana before engaging as she's very mana hungry. With her ultimate, On The Hunt, you both become very good at chasing down fleeing targets, giving you the necessary movement speed to land a clutch Dazzle.

Playing against: Avoid Sivir's Boomerang Blade at all costs as it hurts bad. Fortunately your Shatter aura should help against it. Try to bait her Spell Shield before stunning her, as it will negate the effects of Dazzle and provide her with mana. Something which she definitely needs. If she activates her ultimate you can expect immediate aggression, so it is often best to stand and fight rather than flee due to her movement speed. Dodging her boomerang is the key to winning fights. She has no mobility other than this, so burst her down after baiting her shield.


Playing with: Tristana can follow up with your stuns effectively with her long range poke. Her mobility with Rocket Jump allows her to rocket jump behind a stunned enemy and use Buster Shot to knock them into you, or she can initiate with this to knock them into stun and potentially tower range. Thanks to your armour shred with Dazzle and her high attack speed with Rapid Fire you are a deadly burst duo.

Playing against: Tristana is highly mobile using Rocket Jump, so ensuring it is on cooldown before stunning her is crucial. Her Explosive Shot reduces healing so try if at all possible to cast Imbue after its effect is over. Be wary of her jumping behind you to cast Buster Shot, as Taric lacks escape and you could become an easy kill. She is quite weak, so bait her jump, stun her and burst her down.


Playing with: Varus has long range poke with Piercing Arrow which can effectively follow up Dazzle. In engagements you are able to stun and burst down enemies with both of your abilities, and prohibiting enemy escape using Chain of Corruption, which is even more dangerous in confined areas.

Playing against: Varus has long poke which is hindered slightly by Shatter, but avoid Piercing Arrow if you can. Be wary that his Hail of Arrows will slow and reduce healing, so don't Imbue yourself or an ally on that area. If an ally is hit by Chain of Corruption, don't immediately panic to avoid being snared, as you can still cast abilities, including being able to stun Varus and heal allies.


Playing with: Vayne has a weak early game but she is dependant on hard CC, such as Taric's Dazzle to be effective. With perfect positioning she is able to chain stun with Condemn following your stun and deal out a lot of damage using your Shatter and Radiance with her Silver Bolts and when she activates Final Hour.

Playing against: Vayne is weak early so be aggressive and burst her down, or harass early. Be conscious of your positioning and don't be in a position where she can Condemn you. She is highly mobile and will try to Tumble out of danger, so try to stun her doing this, following up with more damage.


Playing with: Twitch is a weak early game champion but becomes very strong later on. Try to protect him and stun any aggressive enemies, allowing Twitch to poke and Expunge them. With your ultimates you are able to output a lot of damage. Remember he can stealth using Ambush, so don't hang around if your carry decides to flee.

Playing against: Twitch is weak early so take advantage of this. Avoid being hit by Venom Cask as if he gets too many poison stacks on you, Expunge will hurt badly. Always avoid standing in front or behind your AD carry as Spray and Pray will make short work of both of you. Always buy Vision Wards and Oracle's Elixir against Twitch to make Ambush less effective. In short, position yourself correctly and focus him, as he is very vulnerable to CC.


Playing with: Urgot is a strong harasser with Noxian Corrosive Charge and Acid Hunter, and can poke at enemies at super long range. Take advantage of this by stunning enemies so that he can land his Noxian Corrosive Charge. This also causes the enemy's armour to be reduced so use Shatter to maximise this effect. Stunning an enemy after Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverse can keep them suppressed for longer while Urgot dishes out damage.

Playing against: Urgot can become quite tanky and hard to kill later on so poking at him is very effective early. He is highly mana hungry so be aggressive when he is low on mana. Avoid Noxian Corrosive Charge as he will harass you with Acid Hunter, which is also far worse when he has his Terror Capacitor active as the missiles will slow you. Try to interrupt Urgot when using Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverse with a Dazzle as it is a channeled ability. Be careful of him using it on you, as Taric lacks escape mechanisms and you could become an easy kill.


Playing with: Teemo not specifically an AD carry but a common partner on bot lane. He can follow up stuns and Shatter with Blinding Dart and Toxic Shot. Baiting enemies into Noxious Trap is an extremely annoying way to start fights.

Playing against: Teemo has very short range and no escapes aside from Move Quick. Be sure to stun him during engagements so that he can't blind your ADC for longer than necessarily. Be careful not to unnecessarily walk into mushrooms. Get an early Oracle's Elixir or Vision Ward to remove them, and to possibly catch him using Camouflage.

Twisted Fate

Playing with: Twisted Fate is not a great ADC any more but is still picked occasionally. All that is important to know is to try and chain stun with Dazzle and Pick A Card and that Twisted Fate benefits from the extra damage from Radiance in engagements.

Playing against: Twisted Fate's range is poor so you can get in range to stun and harass him very easily. He also has low base armour so using Shatter will add insult to injury. Forcing an engage on him can make him panic and not successfully draw a gold card. Be careful of Destiny as he can show up behind you when you're low on health.


Playing with: Jayce has short AA range but has strong poke with his abilities. If against a weak early game ADC like Vayne or Kog'Maw you should be able to burst them at level 2. Aside from that Jayce can follow up very well to your Dazzle and Shatter combos. If escaping, remember to run through his gate as the speed can save you.

Playing against: Jayce has a lack of range on his autoattacks but beware his strong poke when using his gate and Q. If you're low chances are he will attempt to engage by jumping on you in hammer form but he isn't as resilient as his solo top counterpart. Just poke at him, avoid his long range blasts and beat him down if he gets cocky. When partnered with someone like Leona he is very scary. His late game isn't very strong either, in likeness to Urgot.

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Enemy Supports

Enemy supports can give you a problem bot lane in addition to their ADC. There are generally three types of supports, poke, kill and sustain, as well as those who are in between sections.

To summarise, here is my predicted difficulty you will have with enemy support champions. Of course this is all textbook. A really good player could rumble you regardless, and vice versa.

Difficulty: easy normal difficult


He's very disruptive and can screw over your ADC if he's not mindful of his positioning. If he goes ham on your ADC, stun his. Don't stun and focus him as his ultimate and healing will most likely save him, and you could find yourself underneath his tower. Keep in mind when his Flash is available. Point out if he gets Boots of Mobility as he may begin to roam.


You fair well against him due to your tankiness but it's still a good idea to keep bushes warded and to avoid being hooked. You don't have any escapes outside of Flash. If he hooks or punches your ADC then stun his. Make a note of if he buys Boots of Mobility as he may use these to gank other lanes. Don't towerdive him unless you know he either won't kill you or be saved by Mana Barrier.


Although his Rupture and Feral Scream are good forms of CC, he runs out of mana fast. Until he gets sufficient mana regen you should be fine and can burst his ADC without him having anything more than Vorpal Spikes. Beware of his Feast ultimate. Try to kill him before he gains huge stacks of it.

Dr. Mundo

The Infected Cleaver is going to downright annoy you so try to dodge it, but aside from that he can't do much before he gets to level 6, and he really does need plenty of health items. Some try to start with a Ruby Crystal so punish his lack of wards. Otherwise just force him to ult before starting any major engagements so that he can't use it to escape.


Deceptively strong without any AP or with very minimal. Her damage is percentage based; she will hurt you more in human form when you have a lot of HP, and more when you're low in spider form. Her stun is fairly easy to dodge, but beware her ability to gap close with Rappel. Engage when she misses her stun. She's quite squishy early on.


His poke is strong with Dark Wind, and beware his Terrify. Until he gets a lot of points in Drain (which he won't as support) he's very squishy. If he gets too ballsy, stun him. Ward bushes when he gets to lv6 or face the crows.


Strong poke harass but goes out of mana quickly and is rather vulnerable to poke from your ADC. Not a huge threat until level 6. Remember that his AP increases the more MR he has, so he can build fairly tanky and still hurt.


Unbelievably strong poke but your armour aura should help against that. Don't stun him, he'll just Remove Scurvy. His damage is weak unless he stacks offensive items so keep an eye on him. Let your teammates know when he reaches level 6 due to his global presence.


Strong in the right hands but very AP reliant. Don't get too close and try to keep a mental note of whether her Mantra is up. Poke her down.


Her poke is ridiculously strong at first but as you level Shatter it will fall off unless she buys offensive items. You should be able to burst her ADC and there won't be much she can do about it until level 6 comes around.


Relatively strong poke with his missiles so try to stand behind minions as they will just hit them and burn his mana. Beware of his grenade as it can stun you but it's fairly easy to dodge. His turrets will probably push the lane but he will likely try to use them as free wards. He's very slow and squishy, so if you catch him out, he's dead.


She's a walking CC machine and will keep you far, far away. Her abilities can make her ADC hard to kill and she will have no problem counter-CCing your ADC. Her autoattack and slow harass hurts too. Keep an eye on her mana and try to burst her before level 6.


She has a lot more CC than you and she's tanky just like you. If she uses Zenith Blade] then immediately stun her ADC. The advantage you have is your sustain with Imbue, but sustain and kill lanes fail against her, you need to poke her which is difficult as Taric. A really hard lane.


She'll make you really mad with her autoattack and Glitterlance poke. She has a lot of utility as well as damage, so be careful when fighting. If you can catch her out of position she's an easy kill however, as long as she doesn't have her ultimate.


She's got long range poke, shielding and is the real definition of support artillery. If she can land a Light Binding on your ADC she has the potential to nuke them down, even with little AP. She's squishy but has good peel, if you can catch her out then she's easy to kill. Be careful when you're on low health or she could snipe you. Punish her if she builds AP instead of resilience.


He's actually more of a poke champion than a tank CC machine before he gets to level 6. His Seismic Shard is annoying but you should be able to outsustain it and drain his mana. He's not all that strong without health items, but he still has the potential to be a strong initiator late game. If he leaves his ADC alone to initiate, exploit that.


His saplings can keep bushes warded so bait them into minions, other than that he will be aggressive with his Twisted Advance. Don't focus him and destroy his ADC when his abilities are on cooldown.


She's a hard counter against you with Black Shield. Her Dark Binding has a slow movement speed so try to avoid it. If she binds your ADC, expect aggression so stun the ADC if she comes into range. Beware Morgana's ultimate Soul Shackle as it is big trouble if she catches both of you. Poke beats Morgana as her shield does not protect against AD. She will likely rush a Zhonya's Hourglass so punish her for lack of resilience.


Aside from her strong autoattack poke and superior sustain, you've got an advantage. She is very dependant on landing her stun, so it very important to engage the moment she misses it. She's quite slow and squishy so she's vulnerable to burst damage. Beware her Tidal Wave ultimate as it is an effective displacement tool.


Provides a scary amount of CC like Leona, don't let him hook you. He's vulnerable to being poked down by your ADC due to his lack of sustain but beware his engages, especially at level 6. Remember to ignore him and stun his ADC.


No hard CC from this cat but beware her spears. It's vital you avoid them. Poking her ADC will force her to use heals and waste her precious mana. No doubt she'll build AP later so be aggressive prior to level 6.


Nunu is Satan. Avoid engaging when his Blood Boil is active and don't let him poke you with Ice Blast. Aside from mana, he has infinite sustain with Consume, so ignore him and focus the enemy ADC. This in mind, it's a good idea to save Dazzle for when he attempts to Absolute Zero.


She has strong autoattack poke but is relatively vulnerable to be being bursted down. You're free to focus her as she has limited escapes and hard CC. She'll use her ball to keep vision in bushes, she's not a huge threat other than her ultimate.


Quite weak in lane, not much of a threat. Stun his ADC if he taunts yours. Make note of if he gets Boots of Mobility as he may start to roam.


Surprisingly dangerous with lots of ways to absorb damage. Not much sustain outside of Vorpal Blade so you can outsustain him. Make note of your positioning and don't leave yourself open to being taunted simultaneously with your ADC. Let your team know when he hits level 6 and if he does use his ultimate, immediately stun and destroy his isolated ADC.


She will poke you and make your life incredibly difficult, especially as she can outsustain you as well. She is incredibly squishy however, so getting a good Dazzle and Shatter on her followed by your ADC's burst can lead to her demise no problem. Beware Crescendo, it's one of the most potent teamfight ultimates, and for 2v2 engagements. Try to keep your lane bush pink warded, keep her on her toes.


You can't win the sustain game against Soraka. You have to be aggressive and burst her ADC or herself down. Some Sorakas make the mistake of building AP to maximise heals. Punish her for it. Beware of her free E and banana harass.


He's an a**hole. His strong autoattack poke with Toxic Shot and his ability to disable your carry with Blinding Dart. Unless he builds AP/AD he's not a massive threat later on, it might be worth getting an early Oracle's Elixir or buying extra Vision Wards to clean up his mushrooms after he gets level 6, and also to stop him from being annoying with his Camouflage passive. Once his Blinding Dart is on cooldown, destroy his ADC then destroy him.


He's a CC nightmare. Think Nautilus and Blitzcrank combined. Your objectives here are to avoid being hooked (like against the two mentioned), and to deny him from soul farming. Don't overextend to do so though. He's ranged so beware any AA harass. Don't try to chase down the ADC if you think he could be dragged back to safety by his lantern. Try to keep vision of Thresh, as he can pull his jungler or any other ally to his lane bush using his abilities.


Another nuisance. His harass is extremely good with his ghouls and he can really bully you out of lane. It's important to keep an eye on his mana and be aggressive when it's low, as he will run out of mana fast, leaving an opening to engage. Beware of his ultimate level 6 - avoid towerdiving, but if you do, take out the ADC and run. Remember Yorick resurrected champions die after a short time.


He will frustrate the living Hell out of you with his explosives and autoattack harass. He's a walking ult late game and is very squishy throughout - you can focus him down and force him to use his ultimate on himself. Without Chronoshift and a fair amount of AP, his carry is fairly vulnerable.


Her plants, long range root and high range autoattacks can really keep you grounded. Your best bet is to wait for her to use her plants and root, then engage. Zyra is extremely squishy if you can take her out. Beware of her passive as it will snipe you if you're low. Her ultimate, Stranglethorns is something you want to stay out of, especially if she's got some AP/magic penetration. Punish her for lack of defense if she builds AP.

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Taric is arguably one of the greatest supports in the game, if not the best and most versatile and excels in both sustain/poke lanes {against Soraka, Sona, etc.) or kill lanes (see Blitzcrank, Leona, Shen, etc.) with both his ability to keep his carry sustained and to punish and deal damage when necessary.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this guide as much as I have writing it. Please don't downvote simply because there's some niche that you don't like. Taric is a versatile champion, and in reflection this guide should only show you a glimpse of how he can be played.

If you have any constructive criticism, please feel free to share. I'd love to hear from you in the comments and I'll be writing guides on other support champions, both common and uncommon, in the future.

Keep on supporting!

Note: Thanks again to Flatline-lol for the warding map and to jhoijhoi for the guide creation tutorial.

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