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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ojedi8


Ojedi8 Last updated on May 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Annie,The 6 year old that:

    The Boogeyman checks under his bed for
    Monsters check their closet for
    The Dark is afraid of
that's just a few things...

Let's get serious.

Annie is very fun to play once you get the hang of her.
She is my main Champ.

Her skills are fairly easy to use and get used to.

Farming with her is easy once you get used to last hitting minions.
And she is a great nuke throughout the game as long as you build her right.

Annie is a good mid and if she side lanes she is best paired with a melee.

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Runes: Okay I honestly don't know the best combination for runes AT ALL. Haha but the ones I bought early on when i first started playing LoL were:

Annie's cooldowns aren't super long but these runes help out a lot.

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Basic Mage Masteries

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-More Mana early on allowing you to harass a lot more early game. It allows you a little more leeway when it comes to missing last hits too.

Health Potions-Allows you to survive and lane longer.

Catalyst the protector-Restores Health and Mana upon leveling which also allows you to lane longer. Sometimes it helps catching an enemy off guard. You may have low health/mana and on the verge of leveling. Your enemy doesn't know you are about to level and gain health and mana though and is being more aggressive and immediately when you level you engage in him and then he is the one recalling allowing you to lane longer.

-Have to have these boots for Annie.

-A snowball item..but you have to trust yourself with it. If you don't get early kills and assists early game it may and up hurting you throughout the game. But it is a great item to have.

-Gives you some much needed health and mana.

-Gives a lot of AP

Gives you some health for more survivability and a slow so you can keep bombing on your enemies.

The 6th item depends on the enemy team/personal preference:
If the enemy is building MR you can build an . If you want more survivability and 100 more AP you can get a , Maybe you want some more mana then you can build a , and if you want some AP and CDR build a (shouldn't be needed with 20 stacks and CDR runes.)

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Skill Sequence

This may or may not be the order I use. I'm not sure exactly what order you can get skills at...
Let me say this first Annie has a long auto attack range so take advantage of it early game to harass or even kill enemies.
Here is an artist's depiction of her range:
Annie's passive, Pyromania: After casting 5 spells, Annie's next spell will stun the target for 1.75 seconds. You can tell when her stun is up when you see a white aura around her.

Get Disintegrate first,
You can easily build up your stun with it last hitting minions which USES NO MANA.

Then max out Incinerate as quick as you can.. (not sure when you can and can't get it so every time you can upgrade it.unless you can upgrade Tibbers.)

I usually upgrade her Molten Shield very last, depending on the game though it may be best to at least get the level 1 so you can help build up your stun. I usually don't need to get it early on though. But maybe you will like how it helps build up your stun.
(At first it may be hard to last hit minions and farm, but once you get the hang of last hitting minions with Annie's Disintegrate it will be fairly easy to pass on molten shield until later levels)

Summon: Tibbers: Where to start with this fluffy and cuddly fellow.
Tibbers is simply amazing! A bear on fire..come on now who doesn't like that! "lol"

All I have to say is: Flash R(stun ready)+W+R...and E if is is ready to use
You stun the enemy with Annie's AOE Stun drop with Tibbers on them, and then Incinerate. Does a ton of damage throughout the game. It is especially good if the enemy doesn't know you have your stun ready and comes in to attack you and then gets bombed on with this combo. .

But Tibbers is GREAT for intimidation. If players see Tibbers they usually back off of you. Tibbers is great for those times when you are low health and need that extra space to run away. You summon Tibbers and the enemy backs off creating that space you need to get away. If you get an early kill with Tibbers on a player for the majority (if not) the rest of that game that player will definitely play on the side of caution when you are around.

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Summoner Spells

Gear them towards your type of playing style:

1) Survive and initiate!
: A good spell if you are used to playing with it, you can jump in and surprise an enemy with Annie's amazing burst damage. You can flash away from an enemy attack saving your life.
It helps you:

Ignite: I use Ignite because it is great for kills throughout the game. The early game kills when the enemy starts to run away with low health and you ignite them. Allowing you to lane uninterrupted.

You may like clarity:
: Clarity is a spell for beginner Annies, and those who have yet to master the art of final hitting with Disintegrate. Really only use if you lack the ability to control your mana consumption.
*Use whatever spells you like personally. I prefer Heal because I like to stay in my lane a long time early game.

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This was early today:I had a quadrakill this game that made the other team freak out! "lol"

This game was really long because my team was more worried about getting kills then pushing towers and inhibs:
Team surrendered due to me and rammus wrecking. Honestly didn't think we were going to do good this game but me and rammus dominated our lane and was able to gank the other lames to help our team out:
Honestly me and Rammus are to good:Again, I am nowhere close to being an expert on this game. I'm sure there are many "flaws" or many tweaks I can make to how I play her, but I am just putting this out there as how I play her and I have had a success with how I play her. But I'm still open for criticism.