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Ziggs Build Guide by Dylan535f

1...2...3...Boom A guide for Ziggs

1...2...3...Boom A guide for Ziggs

Updated on April 8, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dylan535f Build Guide By Dylan535f 1,723 Views 0 Comments
1,723 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dylan535f Ziggs Build Guide By Dylan535f Updated on April 8, 2013
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Passive: Ziggs’ passive applies a magic damage bonus to his autoattack every twelve seconds. Except that it’s almost never going to be the full twelve seconds, as each ability usage reduces the cooldown by over four seconds per use. Not only that, but the bonus damage scales with his total ability power, effectively giving Ziggs an entire additional spell’s worth of damage with every autoattack during a full combo.
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Bouncing Bomb Q
Ziggs’ skillshot is probably better compared to Ezreal’s than Gragas’, as it’ll explode on the first enemy impacted. However, two things distinguish it – first and foremost is that it’ll easily go past the maximum casting range by bouncing up to twice, with the bounce range and speed increasing by the distance initially cast. Secondly, with an explosive radius of an estimated 250 points, it is quite possible to clear the entire line of caster minions per wave with a single usage.
Bouncing Bomb is, in of itself, the majority of what makes Ziggs so ridiculous, especially during the laning phase. Its AOE damage combined with extensive range allows Ziggs the ability to safely, and easily, farm and harass – often at the exact same time. It almost feels like a misnomer to call it a skillshot, as “skill” would imply that it’d be easy to miss dealing damage with it.

Satchel Charge W
As a version of Gragas’s ultimate in miniature, Satchel Charge is the truest test of skill for a Ziggs player – and even then, it isn’t actually all that challenging. It has both the longest base casting distance of Ziggs’ non-ultimate abilities, and can be detonated on command. As Ziggs is also affected by the blast, it makes it an excellent escape mechanism, even allowing Ziggs to bypass thin walls when used carefully – remember that the farther away you are from the center of the spell, the shorter the distance you’ll travel.

However, its true strength isn’t in its usage as an escape mechanism, but for its usage in denying escapes. Putting it just behind an enemy and detonating it immediately will knock the champion back towards Ziggs and any nearby allies – but especially back into range of Ziggs’ passive-boosted autoattack.

Notably, the enemy’s champion animation will be delayed for a moment after their repositioning has ended. While not an outright stun unto itself, it does increase the time for Ziggs to respond.

Hexplosive Minefield E
Speaking of denying escapes and ganks: Hexplosive Minefield isn’t just a proximity-triggered AOE effect, but a powerful slow as well. At max rank, it reduces the speed of enemies passing through by over 40%, and has sufficient coverage area to outright deny jungle routes and entrances. Though it lasts only a short while, and has a fairly pitiable damage scaling, catching an enemy in the middle of the minefield leaves them with few options, and all of them bad.

Mega Inferno Bomb R
Ziggs’ ridiculously named ultimate is, in itself, a ridiculously powerful spell. With a base scaling of .9/AP within its primary blast zone, and .675/AP for everything around it, it’s hard to avoid having your entire team punished severely by it. Worse, it has a range just as ridiculous as its name and damage. The only saving grace is that its impact is delayed the farther it was launched out from – cold comfort, however, if Ziggs was launching it from right in front of you.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dylan535f
Dylan535f Ziggs Guide
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1...2...3...Boom A guide for Ziggs

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