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Pyke Build Guide by twitchtvStreat

ADC [10.10] Diamond Pyke Tyson*The roaming Reaper*by Streat[SUP]

ADC [10.10] Diamond Pyke Tyson*The roaming Reaper*by Streat[SUP]

Updated on May 20, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author twitchtvStreat Build Guide By twitchtvStreat 18 2 40,293 Views 0 Comments
18 2 40,293 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author twitchtvStreat Pyke Build Guide By twitchtvStreat Updated on May 20, 2020
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Runes: Aggressive

Hail of Blades
Cheap Shot
Zombie Ward
Ultimate Hunter

Bone Plating

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Support Role Ranked #25 in
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Champion Build Guide

[10.10] Diamond Pyke Tyson*The roaming Reaper*by Streat[SUP]

By twitchtvStreat

I'm Streat, playing League since 2013.

In Season 9 I finally reached Diamond with my OTP Pyke and the following playstyle. Before that, i hang around in plat, playing Akali, Talon, Swain (all pre-rework, coz after they went boring for me), Lux, Teemo or Xerath. You see, I like to play unconventional champs that are out of meta. If you do too, read the following Guide and have fun with my actual fav. champion: Pyke!

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Appreciated :)
To understand Streat's Pyke
This Pyke-playstyle is not to keep your adc alive. You are helping your WHOLE team! So it is necessary, that ur ADC is knowing how to be alive alone for 1 minutes or 2.

You will be behind in level, if you dont get few kills on lane, gank-kills in mid or helping your jungler killing the other jungler (deal with it, its ok!). Because this is what you do! Look at the map, is your jungler in trouble bot-side? Go and help him! Is the enemy Mid pushing deep? Go and kill him with your mid-laner.

The lane has always priority. But in this playstyle you have more focus on jungle, enemy jungle, mid, top and vision than in other playstyles.


Grap the squishys and work with ignite and flash! Against tanks play smart and know who to pull. Look at the map, maybe your jungler needs help in river (scuttle), here u can get ur fist kill and bring your jungler on a good way. Against pushing and strong enemys wait for jungler.


Lane has still priority, but our job is here, to set (pink)-wards and kill enemy wards! Be mobile an quick. You have some options to escape situations. Ward dragon, when u can. Assist ur jungle to kill it. With some success before, u have some items now. Keep going on like before. Help your hole team. Is top in trouble, take a walk there and then back to your adc. You are superfast now.

Update: I recommend to get lvl 11 as fast as you can, because the ultimate has less CD then. So only go top-gank, if it is really a good situation for it.


Look for good situations! Pick squishy guys (you can often solo-kill them), but take care of the enemy team! Thats why vision is so important. If you see 1-2 strong guys anywhere, because u set deep wards, activate Youmous + W, pick some1, hope ur team followed and youre on the way killing one after another.

Update: By having Death'S Dance, you are able to hook Assassins, too and don't have to be scared to get a one-shot!
Pros & Cons of this Playstyle
- Raoming helps Mid, Jungle and Top, too!
- Great vision!
- Bad vision for enemy team!
- You help active to get objevtives
- Fullbuild around 30 Minutes, if it goes well.
- Very, very much fun. You are so fast, mobile and can kill other squischys.
- Tons of gold for you and your team

- often flaming ADC's, because you aren't 24/7 there for them (what helps is the MUTE-button)
- often behind in lvl because of the roam (but that's ok for me)
- very behind, if nothing works at ganking (+if you die, u help other enemy lanes)
Tips and Tricks
Work with Flash to Kill:

If you know the enemy hasn't flash, E to him, flash behind him (he is stunned now), run around him and pick him into your mate(s) -> sure kill.

The Pick-Trick

I personally like to pick the Enemeys on the following way:
I get as close as i can to the enemy (with activated Youmous + Fast Boots and thats why Edge of night ist so important, to not get stunned instantly), now normally i can pull him above me to my team, but if not - I pull him at least to my position and E-AWAY! So I'm safe and he is still stunned. Try it out!

The Ultimate-Gap-Close

If you ulted an enemy (great job!) and still have the ult up for a next jump, try to find a situation to use it usefull, even u cant get a kill! Use it as a gap-close to an enemy, where a mate assists to kill him.
You killed by a mid-gank the enemy midlaner with your ultimate. Nothing else to do here? Rush down to the botlane, where your adc is surely under tower+trouble. If the situation is good for it, R to the squishiest bot-laner, pull him to your mate and stun him after that. This sounds more complicated than it is, I do this much often. It works well!
General Tips

Guys, please use the mute-button. Don't conversate too much. A perma-speaking team is a losing team. If you get flamed because you are having a bad game (everyone does) mute the flamer and keep going on. Focus on game, dont get mad.

Communicate IMPORTANT things

Post your team, if an enemy on your lane used summoner spells. It can help alot your ganking friends. It is a good information too, if you're watching an enemy warding. Pick a Key on your keyboard to show your friends where the enemy has vision!

Losing Streak?

Everyone knows having a losingstreak. From iron to master, no one is secured from that. Take a break, go outside for a walk or watch a film or play other games. Don't let it get you in a bad mood for a longer time. These things happen. Believe in yourself and always give your best. I please you, dont start to troll or have this "I dont care"-mentality. If you control yourself, it will go up again. I promise :)
This is my first guide and I will fill it with more informations in further time, if i get positive feedback for this. For questions or recommendations write me at Twitch.

To see how i play, visit me at

To see my Pyke-stats visit


Stats after ~100 games in S10

League of Legends Build Guide Author twitchtvStreat
twitchtvStreat Pyke Guide
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[10.10] Diamond Pyke Tyson*The roaming Reaper*by Streat[SUP]

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