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Not Updated For Current Season

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Sylas Build Guide by Nooldles

Middle 10.16 Updated Sylas Mid Guide

Middle 10.16 Updated Sylas Mid Guide

Updated on August 6, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nooldles Build Guide By Nooldles 27 5 58,819 Views 2 Comments
27 5 58,819 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Nooldles Sylas Build Guide By Nooldles Updated on August 6, 2020
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Nooldles (2) | June 8, 2020 12:42pm
I know it sounds a bit weird but unless the Kassadin is a brainless player he can actually matchup to you quite well during the laning phase if he Q's when you Q. Also Kassadin players often go fleet footwork and either boneplating or second wind (in the resolve/green tree) which makes their laning phase much easier. From my experience, although seems counter-intuitive to a degree, you have to be quite patient and wait for your powerspikes. You don't have to feel pressured to kill him early although you can do if you are the better player. However, the most reliable way of beating a Kassadin player from my experience is farming the best you can and focusing objectives when they are up. Kassadin struggles at teamfighting for basically the majority of the game and doesn't have much waveclear to generate mid prio before the drakes start. I would recommend to max Q and wait until you have proto-belt to fight him. If you land Q with some levels on it, Kassadin will be threatened by the damage. You also have superior waveclear by maxing Q which allows you to get to objectives quicker and that is where you are stronger than him for sure. Regarding the Fizz matchup, I don't have anything too specific except from building Zhonyas 100% second item, unless you are super fed. Max W against Fizz and you should win extended fights especially with conqueror. Against Fizz, in general not just Sylas, try punish the small windows where his E is on cooldown. When his E is on cooldown post 6 you can steal his ultimate and go for an all in. Lastly I would be happy to give you a VOD review. Add me on Discord and we can go from there :) @The Torta#7510
TXK_ (4) | June 8, 2020 12:04pm
I struggle with match-ups such as Fizz and Kassadin. Do you have any tips on how to counter these champions as well as are you able to a VOD review to show where I can improve? Great guide dude.
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