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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sadathy

10 Champions you should learn.

Sadathy Last updated on July 16, 2012
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Hiya, this guide is aimed at people newly reaching level 30, having familiarised themselved with the game interface and the basic of game mechanics, I aim to guide you in learning 10 Champions who I feel are both easy to pick up and rewarding to play.

Ok so how do I want you to work through this guide? It's simple, pick one of the first 5 Champions, pick them up in game, and just read through their info and smash through some normal games with them, get used to how they work. When you feel confident with that Champion then pick up another and work on that.

Once you've completed the first row you'll be an all rounder, with a champion to pick for each role, however you'll still struggle outside of blind pick, because for draft I'd generally reccomend -atleast- 2 champions for each role if not more, this is what the second row is for, it's a second set of champions for you to work on in preparation for draft pick.

Once you've completed both rows of champions, I encourage you to pick up a few champions in the one or two rols you enjoyed the most, then search mobafire for good guides on those champions and develop your gameplay on those in the same way.

Ok so I guess onwards with the main guide, just search for the chapter headed with your chosen champion's name and you're good to go.

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Right then, here's my section on Warwick.
Your main aim as Warwick in the top lane is to be a massive bully, whilst farming for your late game, and setting up kills with your strong ultimate. There are various elements to playing Warwick in the top lane - I think the best way to introduce you to him is to explain his abilities and how I tend to use them, as well as his playstyle during each phase of the game.

Q - Hungering Strike
This spell is extremely powerful and is used in two mains ways.
-Trading positivley, lead trades with your auto attacks and harras your opponent as much as possible, without running too far from your minion line, as your opponent or you backs away, use your Hungering Strike on the opponent to restore the health you lost to minion aggro and the player's attacks. Repeat whenever your Hungering Strike is up in order to bully your opponent out of the lane.
-Teamfight tankiness, during teamfights although you should be focusing carries, this spell is what truly makes Warwick a hard foe to drop. It deals damage to champions based on a -percentage- of their health, so whilst you're caught up with the enemie's tank line, drop your Hungering Strike on them in order to heal up a signifigant amount of health, generally it pays off to stay alive longer than to use your Hungering Strike for minimal extra damage on their carries.

W - Hunters Call
This ability is extremely powerful when paired with an auto-attacker such as your AD carry, and it can seal the deal during ganks. Remember to lead with it as your allies enter a gank before you ult, in order for your ally to benefit from the attack speed whilst your opponent is supressed, during teamfights be sure that your Hunters Call spell is affecting your AD carry as it will esentially push them to their limit in terms of attacks speed, and on champions such as Kog'Maw that can mean GG. Try not to spam this in lane unless you're commiting to killing your lane opponent, since you need to save mana to use Hungering Strike for trading/bullying.

E - Blood Scent
As a general rule, whilst laning you want to always have this spell on, it'll warn you if a jungler is ganking (If they're on low health), and give you alot more mobility when winning your lane. But remember, this is a massive "You're low and Warwick wants to kill you" sign, so keeping it turned off until you want to go for kills and lull your opponent into a false sense of security. When ganking on Warwick, turn this skill off until you're actually proceeding to gank, otherwise you'll give the target an early warning against the gank and you'll end up unsuccesful. Late game have this turned on all of the time.

R - Infinite Duress
This is your CC, this is the spell that everyone hates about Warwick, it has ridiculous utility throughout the game.
- Ganking, when ganking yourself, or being ganked for, lead with Infinite Duress to get 2 free seconds of your Ally dpsing your opponent down, for the purpouse of this, Warwick works really well with high dps junglers such as Udyr(Tiger) or Shyvana, since he can provide the small amount of time they need to kill a target.
- Locking down carries, generally you want to aim this at the enemies AD carry during a teamfight, right after they use a major damage steroid if possible, but it's more important to get a sub-optimal catch over no catch at all. Whilst being supressed, the enemy AD carry will be straight up forced to use a Quicksilver Sash, or watch their healthbar melt to your AP carry who is now completely lined up to combo them.
- Baiting, if you're getting turret dived by 1 person - or even 2 - and you're low on health, you can easily bait with the insane lifesteal this ability provides you, simply allow your opponents to think they'll succesfully dive you, whilst baiting them towards an ally or a turret, then flip out and use Infinite Duress on whoever pulls turret aggro, follow up with a Hungering Strike to top off your health bar, and suddenly you're Warwick with a kill and currently chasing another low health target.

Ok, so that's all I've really got to tell you about the use of his abilities, so now I'll just explain Warwick's playstyle throughout the game.

Early Game - Lane Bully, your job is to bully your opponent, completely denying them from farming up whilst avoiding the same fate yourself, I generally achieve this through leading with a few auto attacks for harras, then making up the health I lost with a Hungering Strike. Once you're level 6, if your lane opponent isn't too tanky or hasn't been B yet, remind your jungler that they can secure a free kill with your ultimate if they come top lane.

Mid Game - Continue to farm top to try and acheive your late game build, whilst bullying your opponent out of lane whenever you can, at this point you want to try and make a push for your opponent's tower, once you have your Wriggle's Lantern, ward inside the enemy team's jungle and steal their jungle camps when you're not farming top lane, this will also help you spot ganks if you're pushed past your opponent's tier 1 turret, you can also use your ultimate at this point to set up ganks at mid lane if you feel the mid lane requires more of a boost to stay in the game.

Late Game - Purchase some Wards if you have spare spots, and help keep the map warded alongside your Jungler and Support, pop your Blood Scent on at all times and roam the enemy Jungle, staying aware of their positioning at all times, try and catch out enemy players who are farming jungle camps, or simply take the camps you can, when your team is in an advantageous position, such as a couple of dead enemies, or the majority of their team around bot lane, try and take Baron with them then use that to push down a lane and take an inhibitor.

Team Fights - Use your ultimate to lock down a high priority target such as the enemy team's AD carry. Try and dps down their carry before they destroy your team ,whilst using your Q on tanky targets to sustain yourself (Unless your Hungering Strike will allow you to get that last burst of damage you need for their carry), then quickly use Shurelya's Reverie to reposition to your AD carry and focus on burning down the bruisers trying to kill them. Warwick does desceptivley large levels of sustained damage whilst his Hunter's Call is up due to his passive, Wit's End and the AD off of Wriggle's Lantern.

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For the purpouse of this guide, I'll be talking you through Tiger Udyr, ie. playing Udyr and focusing on dealing damage through his Tiger Stance.
Tiger Udyr is often compared to Pheonix - The main difference is their actual damage output, whilst Pheonix Stance outscales Tiger Stance when it comes to aoe (Creep pushing, Clearing monster camps) which is useful for counterjungling and splitpushing, Tiger Stance wins out when it comes to raw single target DPS, and since I like to play Udyr with -very- agressive buff stealing, ganking and carry focusing late game, I prefer to use Tiger Stance.

Ok so first I'll talk you through the Jungle route I typically take for a -Safe- start, and an alternative route for if your Blue buff is stolen.

Safe Route:
-Wolves ( Tiger Stance Them down quickly before Blue Spawns)
-Blue Buff (Again, destroy this in seconds with your Tiger Stance, have an ally pull for you in order to avoid losing too much health.)
-Wraiths (You should have a rank in your Turtle Stance now. Pop your Tiger Stance a couple of seconds before you pull wraiths, then switch into Turtle Stance as you do so, this will mean the Tiger Stance DoT will also heal you and restore mana.)
-Mini Golems (Similiar to wraiths, lead with a Tiger Stance into Turtle Stance and stance hop to mantain your passive.
-Red Buff (Just as you did Mini Golems and Wraiths, alternate Tiger Stance and Turtle Stance to keep alive.
-Wraths Again (Finish these off to acheieve level 4 and rank your Bear Stance for ganking, they take a few seconds to spawn but just trust me and wait at the camp.)
-Go gank! You now have Red Buff, lead ganks with a Bear Stance move speed bonus into stun, hop into Turtle Stance for a passive stack and shield vs minion damage, then switch to Tiger Stance and watch your enemy melt, if the gank is in a side lane, you will have time for a second bear stance stun after a bit of dpsing in Tiger Stance. Remeber, early game your Turtle Stance shield will absorb roughly half a turret hit.
YOU CAN TURRET DIVE AT LEVEL 4, BUT ONLY IF THE OPPONENT IS BELOW ROUGHY 200HP, HAS NO FLASH AND YOUR AP MID IGNITES THEM. ( Ignite + Red Buff + Tiger Stance is roughly 200 damage at level 4, plus some auto attacks, as soon as you tag the opponent with Tiger Stance, activate Turtle Stance to tank the turret and run away IMMEDIATLEY with Bear Stance

Alternate Route
-Red Buff

You will be a -weak- clearer without blue, lead every camp with a Tiger Stance empowered Turtle Stance, then clear the camp without any new stances - the exception to this is Mini Golems, where you will have to dance between stances to clear it without losing insane HP. Generally you do not want to be running this route since Udyr is highly Blue Buff dependant in his early clears.

I'll talk you through typical use of Udyr's skills.

Q - Tiger Stance
This is your main damage output spell, you will burn down target's extremeley quickly whilst in this stance, generally in a teamfight if you can land a Bear Stance stun on the opposing team's AD carry, then following up with Tiger Stance and auto attacks will reduce them to approximatley 50% health or even less. During duels with other players, alternating between this stance and Turtle Stance with a Bear Stance every 6 seconds makes Udyr a daunting target to solo.

W - Turtle Stance
This is the first spell that you will max out, it is extremely potent, it will provide you with a shield that prevents alot of damage from jungle camps, and the sustain to farm your jungle indefinatley - this is what makes Udyr such a safe jungler in my opinion. If stuff goes wrong, you can retreat into the jungle and farm back into the game. After you have a few skill points in Turtle Stance it makes you deceptivley tanky, generally absorbing a turret hit on it's own during dives, or a good couple of AD carry auto attacks mid game. And remember, it's extremely spammable during fights.

E - Bear Stance
This skill is pretty straightforward, it's used for both engagement and escape.
In term of engagement, pop Bear Stance for the bonus movespeed and lead ganks with it's stun effect before following your usual Tiger Stance based damage rotation. When ganking for someone such as Warwick, who has long build in cc, save Bear Stance for when that cc runs out so as to not waste it.
Bear Stance can be constantly alternated between it'self and Turtle Stance to make for unrivaled escaping power, I've run away from a team right from their base to my own and lived due to the sheer amount of tankiness and speed behind this combo and my full item build.

R - Pheonix Stance
I have very little to say on this stance only that you shouldn't be teamfighting with it, as it's suboptimal with this build. My general rule is that I use this to push larger creep waves late game as we need to, but otherwise I barely touch this stance with my Tiger Stance focused build.

So, what is Udyr's job throughout the game?
Early Game - Just clear and farm your jungle as instructed, whilst monopolising on any unwarded lanes with quick ganks, to this effect, Udyr works really well alongside mid laners such as Akali and Kennen as this means he can take every Blue Buff and be a constant ganking, farming and counterjungling machine.

Mid Game - Keep the enemy jungle warded, and the Dragon too if your support isn't, Udyr is very strong at defeating dragon, as soon as you have your Wriggle's Lantern and an opposing Mid Laner, Jungler or Bot Laner is dead, organise your team to burn down a quick dragon, trust me, with Turtle Stance, Tiger Stance and Wriggle's Lantern you will kill drake really quickly. Always have your Smite up to secure it, and remember that with Tiger Stance you can kill buffs such as Red and Blue in seconds, so if you have plenty of ward coverage in the enemy jungle, feel free to simply walk up to these, take them, and leave.

Late Game - You should -Definatley- pick up an Oracle's Elixir if you're even slightly tanky at this point, roam the map both placing wards and destroying your enemy's wards, focus on keeping their jungle, and baron warded alongside your support. Move with your team as a group and use Shurelya's Reverie and Bear Stance to catch an enemy player when out of position, after that feel free to baron, you'll kill it really quickly as Udyr - but be sure to always Smite secure it so it isn't stolen.

Team Fights - Bear Stance to the enemy AD carry, and then melt them down with your Tiger Stance, if you feel that the enemy AD carry isn't as much of a threat to your team as their bruisers are to your AD carry, then instead follow your AD carry around the fight, using Bear Stance to peel for them, Tiger Stance to punish the bruisers and Turtle Stance to sustain throughout the fight. Generally you'll want to have a red buff as Udyr otherwise you can be kited -very- easily. Whether you're [protecting your AD carry or going for your enemy's is mostly based on setup. When paired with strong anti-carries such as Jax and Poppy, leave them to it, whereas when with good peeling type tanks such as Nautilus and Leona, let them protect your AD carry and focus on killing the enemy's.

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To Be Continued

I'm still working on all of the other champions! Feel free to try out the item builds, but check back here for more detailed information on the other champions in the guide.

Good Luck!


V1 - Initial Release
V2 - Completed Udyr, Added second list of 5 champions.

Please note! These are very basic guides, aimed to give you a good overall view of the Champion as well as some neat tips and tricks. For some of the Champions I may one day realease more in depth guides. Essentially what I want you to remember is that this is not the be-all and end-all, there is alot more these Champions than what I tell you, and I encourage you to explore them yourselves by looking at other guides throughout the internet as well as in your own and other's play of the Champions.

Also, incase you did notice, I intentionally tried to select cheap Champions since this is aimed at new players and also demands alot of rune purchases, however I felt Kennen, although expensive is just too good to be left out for new players.


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