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Ashe Build Guide by SaintYZ

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SaintYZ

100% Ashe

SaintYZ Last updated on September 17, 2012
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AD Ashe

Ashe is an AD champion that has the following unique abilities:

1. Her auto attacks slow enemy champions
2. She has a free clairvoyance that helps you earn more gold
3. She has a global ult that stuns

With that in mind, we need to build AD as Ashe is an AD carry. We also need attack speed to maximise the deadliness of her slow. Finally because of her bonus gold, the more you farm, the larger the gold advantage you have over your opponent.

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Rune Selection

We choose typical flat AD marks. Flat AD will have an immediate effect on Ashe, making last hits easier and your harrassing more deadly. We don't care about armour penetration because it will seem almost non-existant at a grand total of 15 armour pen. Furthermore, once we have Last Whisper, the armous pen becomes insignificant.

We choose flat armour seals to combat the enemy AD carry. The reason why we don't choose other seals is because you usually only have 2 or 3 rune pages and the most versatile seals are flat armour seals and we don't think that it's necessary to have the full 9 rune pages just to change a set of seals.

We choose a mixture of flat magic resistant glyphs and scaling magic resistant glyphs to provide some protection against AP champions early on and allow this protection to increase during the later stages of the game. As with the seals, we don't think other glyphs are necessary as we don't expect you to have specific glyphs tailored just for Ashe.

Quintessances - flat AD.

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The typical 21 9 0

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Skill Sequence

First you level your W. This is because it deals damage. Secondly you level your Q. This is because it slows people. You max your E last as the gold is not as important as the damage you dish out.

As is expected, have a point in Q and E by level 3.

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Summoner Spells

Take Ignite and Heal.

Ignite: This will enable you to kill enemies faster, whilst increasing your AD because of your masteries. Remember when Ignite is on cooldown your AD increases.

Heal: This will enable you to stay alive longer, whilst surprising the enemy AD champion with your unexpected sustainability.

Why we do not take Ghost/Flash: The way we build Ashe focuses on stacking Phantom Dancers. The end result is 100% critical chance, and a moving speed of roughly 450. This is extremely fast. We don't think flash or ghost is necessary with this kind of high speed movement. Furthermore, Ashe has the slow which means enemies can't run away, and even if they flash away, Ashe has a scout to find out where they are, and an ult that will stun them.

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The Build

The build, as hinted above, focuses on 100% critical chance. Although the build is long, most games will end by the time you get your first Phantom Dancer.

Our building order is Infinity Edge, Beserker Greaves, Phantom Dnacer 1, Phantom Dancer 2, Last Whisper, and Phantom Dancer 3. If you still have money to spare, sell your Beserker Greaves for Boots of Swiftness for the extra movement speed. Your aim should be to hit 499 movement speed. You can replace the Last Whisper with Black Cleaver if you want as it will provide roughly the same effect. You can also build a Youmuu's Ghostblade instead of the 3rd Phantom Dancer for the active. If you do that you can always replace your Beserker Greaves with another Phantom Dancer.

We start with the typical boots and health potions. Once you have a BF Sword and Pickaxe, buy the Beserker's first, as the cloak will not provide much damage output at that particular moment. When you buy towards your Phantom Dancers, always start with Zeal, then Dagger, then Cloak.

The reason why we focus on 100% critical chance is that it provides more damage. As critical strikes deal 260% of your normal AD, it is much more efficient to build towards 100% critical chance than to try gather up as much AD as possible. For example, an Ashe with 500 AD and no critical chance will deal 500 damage on hit, whilst an Ashe with 200 AD with 100% critical chance with Infinity Edge will deal 520 damage.

The reason why we focus on attack speed and movement speed is also to increase damage output. If you double your attack speed, you are effectively doubling the amount of damage you deal. Most players look only at AD whilst ignoring attack speed. However, if you want to take down enemies faster, you must focus on being fast.

The reason why we don't buy any lifesteal items is that we don't need it. By the end of the build you should have 250 AD, with a guaranteed critical hit every hit. Each critical hit will deal over 630 damage. Your Last Whisper and masteries will cut through half your enemy's armour. Finally, with Ashe attacking more than twice a second with your hardcore attack speed, you will be dealing roughly 1500 damage per second. That is why we focus on critical chance and attack speed.

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Trademarks of a pro Ashe

1. Excellent last-hitting skills. The reason why Ashe players are so good at last-hitting is because they realise the importance of being ahead of other AD carries. Because other AD carries such as Draven deal more damage (due to their skills/passives), it is crucial that you outfarm them and outplay them. Although Ashe does not have as much damage output as some other champions, her unique abilities more than make up for her. Easy to play, hard to master. Conclusion: practice last hitting and never ever continually attack minions (unless its late-game of course).

2. Excellent mana management all-game. The reason why Ashe players look after their mana so carefully is because they don't have much mana compared to other AD carries. Furthermore, Ashe's slow continually eats away at mana and some players think the mana spent on each attack is almost insignificant. They don't realise that it all adds up and soon they're out of mana. Ashe players can afford to buy whatever they want because they farm so much, but Ashe only has 6 slots. A pro Ashe always has more gold to buy whatever she wants, but she only has 6 slots. Conclusion: never spam your W early game, and learn to toggle your Q extremely fast.

3. Excellent estimation skills. The reason why this is important is because Ashe's ult is a global ult. You need to be accurate in predicting your enemy's movement, taking into account your team mates movement and other factors. However, do not be afraid to fail. A pro Ashe knows that not every Enchanted Arrow will hit, and a success ratio of around 50% is well above the average Ashe. Of course, simple shots such as down a lane or down a river will be expected to almost always hit. A success rate of around 90% is expected for those straightfoward shots. Only experience can help you achieve those kind of skills.

4. Excellent positioning and judgement. Because Ashe is squishy, you need to be at the right place at the right time. Too early and you die, too late and your team mates are dead. Having bad team mates is not an excuse in most circumstances, althought is inevitable sometimes.

5. Map awareness. Self-explanatory.

6. Leadership. As an Ashe you need to call the shots roughly the same amount as your tanks. Your ult is an initiation which is just as good, if not better, than what a Maokai root or an Alistar charge would do. Know when to retreat, and when to leave. Usually when pushing against a turret, killing one enemy champion is enough, as a turret is a formidable enemy early-game. You need to direct switches in order to take advantage of the clustered-up enemy, pushing lanes at different times for maximum effect. Again, only experience can help you here.

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Unexpected Circumstances

1. A gank which was not picked up by a ward. When you are faced with inevitable death, you must not be afraid to fight. Talk with your support beforehand to decide on who to focus in a gank that would lead to inevitable death. Most times you will be able to kill the enemy AD carry whilst being ganked due to pre-made plans.

2. Enemy appearance whilst dragoning. When you spot an enemy whilst killing dragon, always pull out. If you can finish dragon quickly, do so. If not, run. Ashe is squishy and even if its just a Soraka, other enemies may be nearby. Better safe than sorry. Your life is worth more than anyone else's life.

3. Unusual enemy support champion. You must always be careful of unusual supports. Some particular supports that fit in this category are Maokai, Fiddlesticks, Darius etc. These players are usually highly specialised and play extremely well. Just farm up and matters will take care of themselves.

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Final tricks

1. One in bush. This is a tactic that allows you to remain unpredictable in lane. The key is to have only one champion in the bush at any one time, but to always have a champion in the bush. That way one champion in bot lane is always visible, and one is hidden from view. When in the bush do not stray too far as skill shots can still hit you.

2. Farm/harrass transition. Make sure you farm as much as possible. However, always be wary of aggressive moves by your support. We will assume that your support has good judgement from all the experience they have at playing support (but never assume this). You must be able to switch quickly from farming to killing enemy champions. Always stay unpredictable.

3. The counter gank. Every so often the opportunity arises. An enemy jungler is hidden in the bush because a ward made them appear on the map. The enemy AD carry and support are quite a bit back because they want you to push and overextend and that would be the optimal moment to gank you. Now arises the opportunity to ult the enemy jungle and kill him quickly, before his team mates can even get to him. You will need good coordination with your support to achieve this but it is not as hard as you think.

4. The buff steal. If you have a brilliant jungler, this may present itself every so often. I once managed to steal a blue buff from mid lane by ulting into the enemy jungle. Your ally jungler will ward to some extent the enemy jungle. By careful planning, you will ult the enemy jungler with your ally jungler nearby and if the ult is not enough to kill the jungler, then your ally jungler will be there to finish the job.

5. The guaranteed early critical strike. This is Ashe's passive and I hope everyone knows what it is.