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Mordekaiser Build Guide by deji333

Top 100% win Mordekaiser and Garen top inting strategy

Top 100% win Mordekaiser and Garen top inting strategy

Updated on March 15, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author deji333 Build Guide By deji333 4 2 3,202 Views 0 Comments
4 2 3,202 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author deji333 Mordekaiser Build Guide By deji333 Updated on March 15, 2022
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Mordekaiser
    Inting pro
  • LoL Champion: Garen
    Spin and int

Runes: tower demolisher

Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


run it down
LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Champion Build Guide

100% win Mordekaiser and Garen top inting strategy

By deji333
Who am i?
Hello, well i am your average hardstuck bronze. I play league and want to die. But atleast I want to make my opponents suffer with me.
Why play this tactic
This tactic is great since people with sub par mechanical ability can use this strategy to great success.
Why these champions?
Well simple they are easy to use and ****ing crazy good in pisslow elo, you **** on most top laners and they are good at destroying opponent turrets.
The early game... 0-10min
So you spawn in to the summoners rift and your jungler pings for you to leash, what do you do? Write "**** you" and dont pay attention to what they say. Then you proceed to go to the second top bush and hide in there. You will come out of the bush when the enemy is behind you and go 1v1 lvl 1. If you lose but make them recall, good, if you win? even better. Then you proceed to paste a **** talk message that you should of have prepared ex: "Mordekaiser Brazil gaming". Now you just keep crashing the wave onto the opponent farm and your goal is that by the time rift herald spawns you should have taken of 2 and a half plates.
The first rift herald 10-15min
This is the most crucial part of the strategy, failing this step will severly hamper your progress in inting on your lane. SO the rift herald is up, for the highest chance of success of getting the rift herald are in these window of opertunities, these are the following:

The drake is up forcing their jungler to take it leaving rift herald open though be weary of the enemy top lane

You kill their toplaner making it so in the case that whilst taking the rift herald the opponent jungler attacks you you can **** on them in 1v1,

your jungler is willing to take the rift herald with you although make sure that YOU JEW THE RIFT HERALD AND DONT LET YOUR JUNGLE TAKE IT!!!.

Once the rift herald is taken you should back, then go back to your lane and make sure that the enemy jungler is not near you. Once you did that place the rift herald and you should take the first turret with ease. In the case that the enemy to plane is being dominated by you go fo the second turret but if the enemy knows what they are doing that might be too greedy you ****ing goblin. At this point buy control wards and have vision of the main entry points to the to plane ex: tri bush, river bush. Now just farm...
Second rift herald 15-20min
Now around that time the second rift herald should spawn (if the rift herald spawns after 18:30 then skip this step, since too risky to take it before baron spawn.) What do you do now? you may ask. Well same as the first rift herald except you can be a bit more greedy and risky since your champion at this point is able to 2v1 if played correctly. Similarly as in the first rift herald you back but instead you dont place it immediately but you wait for one of the 2 things to happen:

drake is up

a big fight happens.

At this point you should of taken the outer turret and either take the inner turret or almsot have taken it. Once one of those events happen you place your rift herald in the hopes of destroying the inhibitor turret. If you must die to achieve this objective its fine, totally worth it. This will leave the enemy inhibitor open, take it as soon as possible even if you have to die. If you have teleport up place a ward next to the inhibitor and then back and teleport there to take it. Now continue farming and crashing the wave to the nexus turrets.
Mid game 20-30min
You do farming simulator now and get items as soon as possible. Now manage the wave so it doesnt keep crashing to the nexus turret unless a drake is up, baron is up or a fight is happening. If there is a baron fight happening though you help your team since your proximity to the baron is quite close. No matter what DO NOT let the opponents take the top turrets, the top turrets allows for you to easily run away from unfavorable fihgts. Keep warding the entry points to the top lane.
Late game 30-40min
Same as mid game except if you see turrets in any lane which can be taken take them using tp or by whatever means nessecary, even if you will die in the process. Keep taking the opponent inhibs and try to make as many opponent inhibs open to keep applying pressure. As much as it might seem if your team keeps baron unless your team ints keeping the baron buff is not priority. If there is a fight near your base and your team question mark pings you write the following "You dumbass im splitpushing ****ing hardstuck (insert rank you are in)." These betas dont know the sigma inting strategy.
End game 40min-1hr
Now be more cautious there as the respawn timers are extremely long. You should be more flexible now and help your team win fights more often, whilst keep splitpushing and destroying inhibs. If 2 of the opponents die just crash the wave to the nexus turrests imediatly and that will guarantee a free nexus turret even if you die. And when dead write "worth btw" to tilt the opponenets. In the case that the enemy nexus is open go through their jungle to it place a ward and start breaking it. Once you die tp to the ward and do it again. Rinse and repeat, you will at this point win 100%.
After the game.
When the game concludes write "top diff". In this moment the enemies will call you an imbecile trash player, but hey who won, thats right you. Take a quick minute to flame your opponents and laugh at them, then go back to the lobby, and go next.
Some tips
These are some good tips about random stuff.

If the enemy is sitting under turret you can q and get away with it to do some poke damage.

Whenever getting a kill paste a flaming message like "Mordekaiser Brazil Gaming" or "Inting garen classic" to piss the enemy off.

As garen you can suprisngly kite some opponents who rely on abilites by q'ing them and then running while your passivve gives you health, once q is up repeat the process.

If you are taking a turret and are getting ganked as mordekaiser, ult the weaker opponent and just take turret (it wont target you).

keep track of when inhibs are destroyed so you can gauge when the enemy inhibs respawn.
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