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Janna Build Guide by Sunedayz

Support diamond

[11.1] Sunedayz's Poke Janna Guide

By Sunedayz | Updated on January 18, 2021

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Runes: Max DMG Poke

1 2
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band

Cheap Shot
Relentless Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Support Role
Ranked #5 in
Support Role
Win 51%
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Ability Order Max DMG Poke

1 2

Threats & Synergies

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Champion Build Guide

[11.1] Sunedayz's Poke Janna Guide

By Sunedayz
Hi, I'm Sunedayz and welcome to my Janna guide. In this guide I'll be explaining to you how to play a more aggressive support Janna. I've peaked Masters Elo, and have recently started streaming, you can catch me on there if you have any questions:
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Every champion needs a reason to be picked and played. Janna is a poke mage that transitions into a utility enchanter the longer the game goes on.
-Amazing Disengage
-Good Poke DMG
-High Movement Speed
-Strong Shielding and Bonus Attack Damage
-High Early CD on Shield
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This will be a brief explanation of the Runes choices shown above;

The "MAX DMG POKE" build is here to optimize the highest amount of damage you can do in trades and team fights. Janna can easily proc cheap shot by hitting her Q, or using W then autoing afterwards. This small damage can add up in lane, and will be the small damage difference between killing an enemy or not.

The "Safe Poke" build will have you still be playing aggressively early, but quickly transition into a utility enchanter post level 6. You'd want to go this build into matchups that are harder to force trades that way you can scale faster.
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Items are pretty straight forward, you'll want AP, Healing/Shielding Power, Mana Regen and Ability Haste as Janna. Currently only Imperial Mandate is viable as your mythic. You want to pick which item depending on what you need in the game.

Imperial Mandate is the most viable choice for playing an aggressive build. It will give extra ap, and help you do more damage on all parts of your kit. It will trigger on all enemies that get hit by your ultimate.

Ardent is good with Attack Speed Based ADC's to boost their damage output, and allow for faster objective/tower takedowns.

Redemption is good to mitigate Poke DMG, and a well timed one can save an ally from a burst. This item can also be used once your dead.

Mikael's Blessing is good for countering heavy CC teams or to protect from one particular CC.

Staff of Flowing Water is good with AP damage dealers to increase the damage you both deal.

Boots of Swiftness enables you to do more damage and rotate around the map faster.

Ionian Boot's of Lucidity grant additional ability haste can help you scale faster, and enable more spell cast.

Zhonya's is very good for stopping burst on yourself. If you can save yourself with Zhonya's and don't have to burn your spells, you can then save your allies with your spells. I highly recommend a Zhonya's second into multiple assassins.

Chemtech Putrifier this new anti-heal item is cheap, has good stats and is efficient for you to apply grievous wounds against pesky healers or self healers.
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In this section, I'll give some tips on each ability. Hover over the icon to read the exact details of each ability.

Tailwind(P): Make sure to grant ally's the movement speed buff by standing in the direction they want to go. To make use of the bonus basic attack damage, you can auto attack before using W.

Howling Gale(Q): There's two forms of this spell. The immediate release that briefly knockups the enemy. This will be used reactionary to interrupt dashes or prevent an all in. The charged version is used predict enemies movement for a longer punishing cc. The charged version can also be used in lane for poke/engage when your safe enough to put this spell on cooldown.

Zephyr(W): This skill is your primary poking tool, and extra passive movement speed. Abuse the movement speed this skill gives to actively dodge skillshots, and bait engages. Once the enemies cooldowns are down or they misposition your free to press this skill for free easy damage. Be aware that you'll slow yourself down after using it.

Eye of The Storm(E): You'll have to decide on the spot if it's more worth to shield an ally to mitigate damage, or boost a carries AD. Choose wisely depending on which one you'll think will be more valuable at the time. Landing your CC will lower it's cooldown. You can also shield towers with this skill to pick up a kill on what would have been an execute.

Monsoon(R): Your most impactful skill in a teamfight. Use it to stop an engage on your allies, and create space for them to re-position. You can also use it to heal up a low team back to full to keep pushing an objective. A more aggresive option is to flash ult to push an enemy into your team.
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Your job in lane is to harass the enemy has much as possible to establish a health lead, and get priority in bot lane. W, auto the enemy to get a good trade in. Shield yourself only when necessary since it has a high CD early. Once you've established a health lead, or are an easy lane you can toss out Q's predicting the enemies movement to start an all in.

On recall timers try to look mid or jg for a roam. Janna is good at catching enemies out with her Q, and countering enemy ganks. Due to her high base movement speed Janna is one the fastest supports to rotate around the map.

Below is an sample lane against an Alistar, you'll see me get a health lead early due to poking his poor positioning. This will stop him from ever engaging on us. At 1:10 I make a roam mid, and force the enemies mid's summoner spells.
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During the teamfighting stage of the game, you want to position behind the carry. It's your duty to peel, and crowd control for your teammates enabling them to win fights.
-Predict Multi-hitting Q's
-Shield Low HP allies, or grant Bonus AD to a carry
-Disrupt kills/engages with your ultimate

Below is an example of two teamfights that happened in the game. Watch for how I did the listed points to ensure I did my role in these teamfights.
Always make sure to keep a good mental even if games are going poorly. If you need to, make sure to take a break if you feel titled. Feeling tilted will just lead to you losing more games and not focusing properly.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about my favorite champion and that this information will help you in future games to be more aggressive on this floating queen.

If you have any questions, or wanna watch me play come and stop by my twitch stream: I stream league on Tuesday/Thursday with some variety on Saturday.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Sunedayz
Sunedayz Janna Guide

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[11.1] Sunedayz's Poke Janna Guide

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