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Tristana Build Guide by Cover

ADC 11.15 High Elo Tristana detailed AD carry guide for bot lane

ADC 11.15 High Elo Tristana detailed AD carry guide for bot lane

Updated on July 25, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cover Build Guide By Cover 12 3 45,874 Views 3 Comments
12 3 45,874 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Cover Tristana Build Guide By Cover Updated on July 25, 2021
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More Tristana Runes

My name is tilTruth and welcome to my season 11 Tristana AD carry guide. I love to have kill potential in lane and yet scale into the late game. Tristana gives you just that as an AD carry. In season 11 it feels like bot lane may have little impact, but with her, you can.

I have been playing League of Legends since season 1 where I achieved Gold rank. Since then I have maintained a high Elo (Diamond) since then. With 10 years of League of Legends experience, I still love the game. There is just a satisfying feeling when you outplay your opponents.

I create content on lots of platforms. I live stream, create YouTube tutorials, tier lists, and even offer coaching. Feel free to check them out too! Now - let's get to it.

- Truth

If you are new to AD carry or a seasoned pro. I hope this guide helps you learn something new about this yordle. For those of you that are new to her. She has a strong early game that can help you dominate your lane.

That, combined with her ability to scale well into the late game - she is a force to be reckoned with. She definitely takes some practice and understanding, so let's get into it!


- Great all in potential

- Forgiving with rocket jump

- Strong synergy with most supports

- Can be poked out early

- High cool downs early

- Out dated abilities

A big debate with Tristana player is which keystone to go with. Personally I want to go press the attack every game. I feel like she benefits the most out of nearly all the champions with it.

With press the attack after three auto attacks your target takes more damage. That, combined with her E explosive charge exploding after three auto-attacks. The synergy is clearly there.


PRESS THE ATTACK: Like I mentioned above this combined with her E Trist has strong burst potential.


TASTE OF BLOOD: If you need more sustain. Take taste of blood for more healing.

SUDDEN IMPACT: This is a personal favorite of mine. With her jump she does more damage. It gives leathality that combines well with Galeforce and Collector.


OVERHEAL: Take this if you have a healing support or plan to build lots of life steal.

TRIUMPH: This I would typically take. It helps forgive her "all in" play style with healing back after a kill.


EYEBALL COLLECTION: Take if you need more damage.

RAVENOUS HUNTER: A small amount of healing, but gives you some.


LEGEND: ALACRITY: Free attack speed, but I typically don't take this.

LEGEND: BLOODLINE: Gives life steal - this one I normally do take. Then I can be more aggressive with my other rune choices.
10% Attack Speed
9 Adaptive Force
6 Armor


COUP DE GRACE: If I feel like I can get more kills I take this. It does more damage to low champions. If I am going "all in" with my aggressive build, then I take this.

CUT DOWN: If the enemy team has a tanky front lane and you need to scale. I would go this.












10% Attack Speed
9 Adaptive Force
6 Armor



This gives great overall stats, but the active is what Trist likes. It helps close the gap and execute a low health enemy. That combined with her jump, press the attack keystone, "E" explosive charge, and runes. The enemy is gonna go BOOM. Again, this plays well with her all in playstyle here. Attack speed, Crit, and a slow? This is what Tristana likes.

If you want to scale optimally and shred tanks. Take this! Need to survive poke or burst? Take this one. You often need to keep your distance as an ADC. This compliments that well.
Healing is STRONG this season. Often this does not even feel like enough, but do your part and cut down that healing. If I want damage, but also need to survive I will take this. Good old GA just helps you live. Often that revive time is what your team needs to come help.

Tristana is one of the strongest lvl 2 champions in the game. Similar to how you have a power spike on Lucian, Leona, alistartAlistar, and Thresh. She falls into the same category. I take my W lvl 1 in case I need to jump out or if we get a kill after invading. That allows you to use your reset.

Once I hit lvl 2 I take my E and all in. Very few champions can handle or fight back with your lvl 2 damage in the game.

After that I continue to try and zone by an opponent. It can be hard with her passive of slowly pushing the lane. That is why some high ELO players do not like her. However, I think her kit still allows you to make plays.

One unique thing I have started to do is to rush tier 2 boots. With those, I am able to chase down my opponents better. It allows me to get more autos off for my keystone and explosive charge.

Another tactic I use in the lane is to buy control wards and sweeper trinkets. That may seem a bit different than most AD carries. However, this allows me to deny as much vision as possible. That means I can keep them on their toes by jumping out of a bush or corner and all in them.

My last lane tip is to use your explosive charge on towers. You have immense pressure and tower-taking ability. This could be a play style on its own for Tristana. Be sure to get it to full stacks and it actually does AOE damage around the tower once it explodes. MANY enemy players are not even aware of this interaction. Use that to your advantage!

When I am in a team fight with Tristana I need to be patient. You may be tempted to jump on the first enemy squishy to try and get resets with your rocket jump. However, that often results in you getting burst or CC'd by the enemy team. You are not as slick as you think!

You need to be patient and let the fight start. Watch out for major ultimate's from the enemy team. As the first start use your Q rapid-fire and start laying out damage. As someone gets close to you use your E explosive charge. Finally, as they get low use your W rocket jump.

After the first enemy goes down and you killed them or helped with damage. You should have a reset on your W rocket jump. Use this wisely to reposition or to slow down an enemy trying to flee. You can quickly mop up a fight (pentakill anyone?) with this ability.

Your pocket self peel is your R buster shot. Use this well to knock away someone who can kill you. Be sure to not use it in a bad scenario. You do not want to save an enemy by knocking them away from the fight! Worse yet knocking them out of your teammates CC.

As always play with your support. An AD carry is really only as good as their support. At times you do not have this luxury, but if it is not for them find another teammate that has CC or can buff you. Work together and get those all in kills.

Use your lane pressure to your advantage. If you are pushed up and your opponent is farming under the tower. Roam and help your jungle gain priority. Help them take the dragon, scuttle crab, and gain vision.

After you have taken your bot lane tower. Move to other lanes and pressure. Use your pushing power and tower-taking abilities to your advantage. Do not just sit bot and farm away, create a larger global lead for your team.

I hope this helped you learn a bit more about how I play Tristana. I truly think she has a place in the meta today. Her unique ability to pressure lane and scale into the late game is fun.

Aside from this guide, I would encourage you to check out my YouTube channel and live stream. There you can gain further knowledge about how to play AD carry as well as other roles in the game. I have been playing for a long time and have a vast knowledge of the game. I aim to always be encouraging and positive in an often toxic game!

Credit to Sleepinthegarden for her wonderful design work in this guide.

League of Legends Build Guide Author Cover
Cover Tristana Guide
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