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Nami Build Guide by Rolling_Thunder

Support [11.9] The only water in the forest is the river

Support [11.9] The only water in the forest is the river

Updated on April 28, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rolling_Thunder Build Guide By Rolling_Thunder 3,769 Views 2 Comments
3,769 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Rolling_Thunder Nami Build Guide By Rolling_Thunder Updated on April 28, 2021
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Runes: Mana and cdr oriented

1 2 3
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Cosmic Insight
Biscuit Delivery

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Support Role Ranked #2 in
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Champion Build Guide

[11.9] The only water in the forest is the river

By Rolling_Thunder
I decided to make a guide with not only the items to buy or runes to build but also with some insights on how to behave in certain situations and how to properly use the passives of your items. I could expand each topic but I believe that small and direct phrases are best for the reader. If you have any questions or want me to explain something better please leave a comment!
How to Shop
- Imperial Mandate and Moonstone Renewer need the same basic items, you can start building them and make the decision later. Remember that you can only have ONE MYTHICAL ITEM. If, for any reason, you want to change your build you need to sell your Mythical and buy the other one. This is viable in very specific situations but note that you are going to lose 30% of the gold applied when selling.

- If you are in doubt of which Legendary item to buy next, think about getting a Forbidden Idol first since it is very useful in itself and serves as part of many important items for Nami such as Redemption, Ardent Censer, Mikael's Blessing and Staff of Flowing Water.

- This goes for almost all support heroes, buy Control Ward!! Even if you already have one on the field, always keep another with you. Vision can vastly help your jungler and help you avoid getting ganked early on.

- Avoid locking your 6 slots in a way that you have no space for Wards. Sometimes a well positioned Control Ward has more value than a Faerie Charm

This is what my Item Set usually looks like. I highly recommend making one, this reduces a lot the time spent on the shop, organize the way you think and your choices. Try making one for the heroes that you use the most, especially since we have so many new items with new icons its easy to get lost

Summon Aery
Summon Aery
When you heal someone Aery needs to leave you, go to that person, and come back, if you pay attention you can even see her floating around.

Manaflow Band
Manaflow Band
Crucial rune for Nami. This hero is a little mana dependent and Manaflow is perfect for her, try to stack this as fast as possible to receive not only an increase of Max Mana but also Mana Regen.

Gives Ability Haste in two doses, level 5 and level 8 which by itself is pretty good, but also after takedowns you gain 20% cd reduction of non-ultimate abilities. During long teamfights this is very important.

- Since most of the time you are going to stay above 70% Health this rune is also viable to consider

- Very good early on, improves by a lot the damage of your skills. Consider this rune if you want to follow the Poke Build but keep in mind that Mid-Late game this rune is not going to make a lot of difference, especially when compared to Gathering Storm
- As the name implies this rune starts very weak, providing only a little bit of AP but later on it becomes very strong providing as much AP as some legendary items

- Providing Mana Regen is perfect for this hero

- Since many important items now provide Max Health for Nami it is debatable how impactful Cut Down is when compared to Coup de Grace
Our first build uses Moonstone Renewer as the Mythical item and provides 5 Ability Haste per Legendary item that you possess. Let's take a look a how the MoonStone works and the Legendary companions for it.

every time you hit an enemy with skills or Auto Attack you heal a teammate
(2 sec cooldown)
every time you heal/shield someone you and him receives 20 Ability Haste and 20-40 Ap
every time you heal/shield someone you and him receives 10-30% attack speed and 5-20 bonus magic damage on-hit.

Put all this together and....well...embrace the buff and healing machine that you were born to be! With every skill, AA or Ult you are going to heal a teammate, provide atk speed, move speed, bonus AP and a bonus magic damage. Remember that the Moonstone Renewer has a cooldown of 2 seconds, always check your passives to see when is a good time to hit your skills again or to get out and AA.

Keeping in mind that with your Ardent Censer will increase by a lot your teammate's Attack Speed, but there is one very particular case of a hero that cannot have its Attack Speed normally increased and that is Jhin. Instead of getting Attack Speed he will transfer part of it directly into AD, that being said, when you are connected to a Jhin try proc Ardent Censer during his ult or during his last bullet, he is going to deal A LOT of damage his way.

Our second build revolves around another Mythical item called Imperial Mandate, this one increases 15 AP for every Legendary item, again let's take a look at how it works.

Every time you hit an enemy with an ability that Slows or immobilize you deal bonus damage and mark them for 4 seconds. When an ally hit this marked champion he deals another bonus magic damage and both of you gain 20% bonus movement speed. This is perfect for Nami since her E applies natural slow so you will always proc this passive

This item shines especially against healing enemies like Soraka, Senna, Sona, Yuumi, etc. Aside from them, a lot of new items and builds possess vampirism or Omnivamp (life steal) so this item could be very powerful during lane phase and late game. Considering the fact that your ultimate can apply 60% Grievous Wounds this can turn the tables and diminish the power of an enemy healing support or an Omnivamp build

In certain circumstances when the moon is right, this item has great value on Nami, especially when making a more tanky build.

Solari has two qualities, the first one is against burst enemies like Khazix and Rengar, your healing is not going to save your teammates but your shield might. Other than that is the fact that Solari isn't affected by your stats, so even a weak Nami can fully use the item. As stated before, shields are not affected by anti-healing making Solari even more efficient when the enemy team is fully built around it
League of Legends Build Guide Author Rolling_Thunder
Rolling_Thunder Nami Guide
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[11.9] The only water in the forest is the river

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