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Teemo Build Guide by manco1



Updated on May 31, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author manco1 Build Guide By manco1 508 37 427,948 Views 26 Comments
508 37 427,948 Views 26 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author manco1 Teemo Build Guide By manco1 Updated on May 31, 2024
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Runes: PTA

1 2 3
Press the Attack
Absorb Life
Legend: Alacrity
Cut Down


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10-180 Bonus Health


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Champion Build Guide


By manco1

Manco Top Lane Guide

I'm Manco a Challenger Teemo main! I'm best known for my Teemo Jungle and Top. I'm a firm believer that a good mind is what you need to climb but if you're looking to be more strategic I've made this Teemo top guide. :)

If you have any questions please feel free to check out any of the links above to get in contact with me.

Teemo's abilities are very easy to understand, hard to master. Between the careful placement of your Noxious Trap, carefully timing your Blinding Dart, or calculating your damage from Toxic Shot precisely, it will take some practice and finesse! Practice makes perfect, and for Jungle always remember, FRICKIN MAX E!!!!

Teemo's bread and butter passive. Because of the extra attack speed your ideal strategy is to use this while taking buffs. Execute the stealth properly for bonus burst damage or a sneaky get away. Furthermore, use his passive in bushes near top & bottom to execute lane ganks!

How to use: If a lane is pushed, sneak into the lane via the bushes, and execute a gank with your laner for a successful kill. Also, stealth in a lane where creeps don't see you, and rack in a free B. Works wonders making picks late game (play like an assassin)

This is your only survival tool, if used properly. Make sure to ALWAYS prioritize BLINDING the enemy champion to negate auto attacks and it ensures your damage in the process. At max rank, this will buy 2.5 extra seconds of living and secure many kills for you!

How to use: On a gank, make sure to use this last to ensure you get the kill, this has +100 range on your auto attack so its a good finisher! You can also use it when 1v1ing an auto based melee champ or adc to nullify their damage for a couple seconds! Keep in mind: Auto-Q-Auto is Teemo’s best combo for burst damage

Teemo's most FUN ability. It passively maximizes your movement speed making you truly the Swift Scout. The active on this ability will aid in chasing kills, escaping fights, and navigating the jungle efficiently.

How to use: Using W from base to your camps will cut your travel speed by a decent amount. Also, using them to gank a lane is a GREAT substitute for a gap close. OF COURSE spamming W to run away from danger is a good way to use as well.

This ability is the BEST of the lot, ALWAYS MAX E. The bonus damage from auto attacks, and damage over time is BONKERS. This also pairs well with any AA enhancers (Nami E, Red Buff, Ardent Censor etc...).

Teemo's ICONIC ability. Most frustrating to play against, but most exciting to play with. With our signature build, these puppies will hit like a Mac Truck. Lay them down on cool down and reap in the freebies.

How to use: Using your Shrooms to clear your jungle camps will increase clear speed by 100%! Shrooming around baron/drake when spawning is a great objective control tactic, also using shrooms in the waves or teamfights when they break out is the perfect use for them!
PTA will always give you 1v1 potential vs any champ that you can auto 3 times (usually bruisers/tanks). It creates a very powerful 1 item spike with beserker greaves, single-handedly winning some lanes. Paired with Nashor’s as well, it scales amazingly. The only catch is, you have to land the 3 autos, but in most games this is fairly reasonable! It’s the #1 pick, if it’s not viable vs your lane or enemy team, then and only then we check out the other pages.
TL:DR - Best runes vs bruisers/tanks or any champ(s) you can auto 3 or more times.



Aery is the ultimate WIN LANE rune. If pumps out a TON of dmg when you are vs squishy champions. Vs tanks when they build MR it will feel bad, but vs no MR champs you are doing tons of dmg since it’s primarily an early game focused rune. It proccs 2x off of 1 auto, and when you combine an auto + q combo with cheap shot,scorch, and absolute focus bonus AP it deals TONS OF DMG.
TL:DR - Best rune vs squishy champions, such as mages,adcs,assassins.



Grasp is the SURVIVE AT ALL COST rune. I only recommend taking it when you can’t even farm without dying. It reduces your carry potential a ton, it is reduced dmg/healing/hp for ranged champions. If you are not confident in a lane that you can kill, it’s ok to take grasp and farm, but it’s not the BEST option.
TL:DR - Best rune to take if you can’t survive lane without it, but only take in dire situations.


Electrocute is a well-rounded rune page because you can proc it at all times of the games vs all champions, auto q auto achieves this at ease. Also, Teemo needs omnivamp to function and electrocute will always cover that being able to take rav hunter in the main page. This leaves the secondary TOTALLY up to you. Precision is good for EARLY game dmg (alacrity,coup de grace) Sorcery is good for scaling damage (abs focus, gathering storm), resolve good for survivability, inspiration is good for gimmicky builds with zhonyas or boots.
TL:DR - Best rune to take whenever. It is very consistent vs all teams and compatible with all builds. It is average to good but never GREAT.

Any Secondary

BUILD 1 - Riftmaker
Riftmaker is an all-around every game good item to build. When you build it with PTA/beserker it creates a nice durable, reliable core item build. The omnivamp and bonus hp allow you to survive so you can lland all the autos that beserker and PTA need to function. Teemo has plenty of supporting items to pick from in Season 12, so you can plug and play what you need for each game from the “situational” items listed below.
TL:DR - Best build that always performs as long as you take PTA and survive, which is Riftmaker’s specialty.

BUILD 2 - Liandry’s
Liandry’s has an amazing role in the Teemo Buildsphere. It specializes in melting targets that build HP, and in season 12 there is a LOT of hp floating around. The way Liandry’s works now is that it gives Bonus % dmg based on enemy champions hp (1% extra every 100hp they have) on everything you do along with a max hp % burn. If you decide to go PTA for lane/enemy team, beserker’s will help, if you decide to go any other rune page, sorcs will be best since you dont need the 3 autos to help proc PTA. It doesn’t have any tankiness in stats but building a zhonya’s also gives you the pseudo survivability that you desire, making it one of the best builds.
TL:DR - Best build vs tankier teams due to Liandrys having 2 ways of melting hp stackers.

(with PTA)

(everything else)

BUILD 3 - Luden’s
Luden’s is the go to full AP or bursty build for Teemo these days due to the flat magic pen included in the item and mythic passive. This is a static build because you are building full dmg items, but the order is dependant on the game between Shadowflame and Void staff, building Shadowflame if they have little to no MR items and void if they do have MR items. Nashor’s is still built because although it rewards autos, it still gives 100 AP which scales with deathcap… it’s just OP. All this combined gives Teemo a LOAD of dmg that melts squishier teams.
TL:DR - Best STATIC build for full AP/dmg, specializes in killing less tanky teams.


(sell boots)


Zhonya’s Hourglass
Best item for living since it’s so cheap and packs a powerful active. ost complained about item for a reason LOL. Build if you need survivability vs burst damage.

Void Staff
Best if they build a lot of MR. I usually like to build if 1-2 have 2 ITEMS or more, or if 3 of them have 1 each, but it really depends on the game.

Rabadon’s Deathcap
Best item if you have AP secondary runes or infernal drakes or 4th/5th/6th item (it scales off of your AP) or if you don’t need survivability or magic pen.

Best item if you need healing reduction due to the enemy team having A LOT of healing. Don’t build for 1 champion.

Best item if the enemy team is NOT building MR and you’re going for a 1-shot build. Flat pen is great vs NO mr targets, it’s not good vs MR-stacking targets.

Lich Bane
Only build this when you sell boots. It has been nerfed multiple times and does not out dps any other items anymore, but it’s still nice to build when you sell boots because it gives you MS still and some dmg.



Banshee’s Veil
I dislike this item for teemo, Zhonya’s feels better 99% of the time.

Demonic Embrace
Best if they build a lot of MR. I usually like to build if 1-2 have 2 ITEMS or more, or if 3 of them have 1 each, but it really depends on the game.

Horizon Focus
Recently re-worked as well, it DOES apply on your shrooms, but that does not make it good. It is a late-game orientated item based on the % dmg not flat, and it only works on 1 out of 3 abilities, making it subpar for the Teeto.

Cosmic Drive
This has been nerfed already, making it weaker than when released. It’s not good with a burst build because it doesn’t give the bonus stats until AFTER auto-q-auto which usually takes them out, and it’s an oddball fit in the other builds making it subpar.

Teamfighting as Teemo is difficult at first, but becomes easier with this knowledge. Teemo possesses an insane amount of damage, as long as you know how to use it. Play Teemo in 5v5s most similiar to an ADC - kite back the tanks/bruisers and throw down shrooms and auto's like they are hot cakes. Only flash forward if you 100% KNOW you can secure multiple kills!

There are 2 ways to go about it. Teemo has a surprisingly good team fight ability (no troll).
If you are FED, AHEAD, CONFIDENT - you can play AP Teemo similar to a mid-lane assassin. You will be able to 1-shot their carries and clean up extremely well. His Q -> E -> ignite combo while AHEAD does insane damage!
If you are EVEN, BEHIND, UNSURE - play AP Teemo similar to an ADC. Kite back and auto attack anybody that gets near you, Teemo is pretty decent at shredding tanks! Wait for the perfect opportunity and a lucky shroom to be able to clean up and ace them.

It's IMPORTANT to assess the situation beforehand so always keep an eye on YOUR items and level and their items/level!
Traditionally Teemo has been known to go MAX CDR and put shrooms all over the map like a minefield. However, with the introduction of ability haste instead of CDR, this became less accessible and overall just worse. Combine this with the prevalent use of Sweeper Lens, this strategy is all but obsolete. I use my shrooms differently nowadays, and would love for ya’ll to adapt as well!

LANE: I like to use my shrooms to PUSH the waves into turret, allowing me to grab turret plates or roam, or just force my enemy to use TP when they would’ve just liked to walk back.

I also use this strategy when 1v1ing primarily melee champs. When they jump on you, it’s very plausible to drop a shroom on the wave and AOE them for the full damage! Combine this with ignite and E, and you have TONS OF DMG going out.

RARELY do I drop shrooms randomly, the amount of times they get hit vs the amount of times cleared by a jungler with sweepers or expires do not do this ultimate justice!

AFTER LANE: MANY ways to use the shrooms here. Again, no minefields.

Use them to control baron or drake area PRIOR to a teamfight, protect the shrooms with your life!

Count how many GAs, Zhonyas, or Zileans they have and save 1 shroom per effect, when they revive they will be slowed and be dealt damage from it, super useful!

Drop them in the middle of teamfights, or on waves when sieging, very easy to pull this off and get great GURANTEED damage from them.

Good luck and happy shrooming, the new and improved way :D
Neutral •Need to farm safe until you have boots, very hard to dodge his Q.
•Once you have boots, if you dodge his Q(s) you have a 5-10s window to open up on him and toss some damage down. NEVER all-in at or after 6 without having ignite available, you will lose.

Neutral Auto Q Auto is primary combo for this lane. Must be very patient without taking excessive minion damage. You can all-in her when she is under 50% hp. NEVER fight her while in her shroud regardless of AP totals.

Hard Annie is going to leave you crying as if that little girl lost her oreos. She does a lot of damage that is not counterable as teemo. You cannot run at her in between her charging her stuns and trade, sorry to say this is a lose match-up. Try your best to farm!.

Ban This lane is borderline impossible. You will need to dodge her poke because it does damage to you, SLOWS you AND heals her, avoid at all costs. Also need to avoid being close to the walls due to her engage off of the wall. Save your blind for when she engages on you and try to blind her instantly. If she fails an engage and you're healthy this will be your time to put some damage on her.

Neutral Cho'gath is a very tanky lad. You will have to keep an eye on minion damage, between this and his sustain it will take a toll. Do NOT stand with the minion wave, you will take cone damage from his W. After a successful Q dodge, you can put damage down on him.

Neutral This matchup comes down to 1 simple mechanic: his hook. Do whatever you need to do to dodge his hook, if you do you have a 10s window to damage him. Be very careful of bush cheeses and the flash/ghost kill.
Easy Only thing to note: DODGE HIS CLEAVERS! If you do (3s cd) he is a sitting duck. Abuse until 6, then you will have to play tactical and not just auto push unless you've already built a lead.

Easy Ekko usually goes mid, but when he goes top it's a treat and not that uncommon. He has weak damage and survivibility early, you can use this to your advantage. You CAN blind his dash damage if timed well. Only thing to be super cautious of is his stun from the fog of war, this will kill you.

Hard Impossible lane. She can poke with Q, all in whenever she wants and has sustain/mobility/damage. Play back, try to go AUTO + Q everytime she Qs. You NEED to dodge her parry (the full spell) - if can either stun or AS slow you(which feels like a stun). Never all-in without ignite due to her insane healing.

Easy With the right rune set-up, this lane is easy. You MUST go AUTO + Q everytime he q's and you are looking good. His barrels are fairly easy to dodge, if you're confident you can pop em on the last auto as well. Level 6 his damage is a bit higher but still nothing crazy.

Easy You can play this match-up aggro af. When he q's at you(speed boost) you can BLIND his silenced auto. There is no way for him to stop the onslaught, the only key thing in this lane is positioning/spacing. Be careful level 6 of the bush cheese otherwise it's good!
Easy ONLY 2 mechanics matter in this lane. 1: Dodge his boomerang, after he throws it and catches it its a 4s or so cd. 2: When he's big gnar DON'T FIGHT. If you avoid these two it's a free b.

Hard Impossible lane. Pray he doesn't pelt you with every grenade and try your best to farm. Ping your jungler away unless they are fed because ya'll will get double killed. Auto -> Q -> Auto the turrets whenever it's safe and stack that gold.

Easy 2 Words: Happy Feet. Gotta have the happy feet in this one. Dodge the pull, dodge the tentacles, then you win. She does little damage early, just annoying poke.

•Farm until 6 and keep under turret, never fight until jungler shows up.

Easy Not often seen top, but it's possible. Pretty easy lane, if he E pokes, run at him it's a 8s cd. If he appears to be all-in more often, try to bait it out, if he ever misses you punish him HARD.

Neutral Interesting lane. Level 1 you need to start Q just in case he starts Q. If he jumps you you need to Q asap and kite back. You NEED to keep the wave by your turret, he will run you down if you push too much. He is squishy at the end of the day when his E expires, so play confidently with these win conditions and it's good.

Hard This dude does SO much damage and ***** on you, but only early game. Keep in mind he does not have an ult at level 6, his damage is front loaded level 1-5. Dodge every Q, ALSO big IMPORTANT do not get in range for him to jump on you while being above 50% hp,Q max helps a lot this lane.

Easy ADCs are my favorite. Pretty hard to mess this up. The only time you die is if you run directly in a straight line at her while your blind is down.

Easy Similar to ADCs. Try to dodge her poke if you can't it's not a big deal, Q poke hurts her a lot. Engage when half hp or lower, she is very squishy early game with only a heal to boot with weak damage.

Neutral Tricky match-up. Must dodge his Qs (hide behind minions) and avoid his dash, it does damage. After these two you can start working an HP lead with Q poke and sneaking autos in. At level 6 you do not fight him anymore, he kills you unless 50% hp and under.

Easy The ONLY thing to avoid is his dash + latch. If he hits this you lose, if he does't he dies. Blind ASAP when he jumps on you to make this match-up 10x easier. Also: CUT DOWN is broken because it works against his passive.

Hard Lucian does not classify as an ADC so don't get cocky. He pokes A LOT of dmg with his q, try to avoid standing behind minions. You also NEED to save your Q for when he dashes or else you get killed. After this, try to squeeze in autos but realistically he does too much damage with mobility to hang with.

Neutral Auto Q everytime he hits you with a Q - this is a must. Try to keep his passive shield off when you can, if you need to sneak in an auto to do this that is fine. Level 1-5 you can make this match-up work and potentially kill him, at 6 you do not fight.

Easy •The only way he wins trades is if he auto engages with snare, dance with him to land autos before he jumps on you.
Try to only look for an all-in once he is 50% or lower AND YOU HAVE IGNITE(very important)

Neutral Tricky lane. This one is based around movement, but is forgiving until 6. You need to dodge his claw(e) and his mace slam (q) - if you get hit by claw you die but by mace you'll be ok. His cooldowns are lengthy so if he misses you can be aggressive for a bit. His shield is a buzzkill but not too crazy. At 6 just pray and don't fight him.

Neutral Rough lane these days. You have to really be nailing him with autos and Qs early game. If you cannot get this done he will be able to sustain. Try your best to abuse until 6, at 6 you cannot leave your turret or he runs you down.


Easy Fairly easy lane. He is a meatshield but the only thing to watch out for is his very large, and generous, hit box on his Q + E combo. Dodge that and you are golden and can wear him down.

Neutral Not too bad especially comparative to earlier seasons. His spear hurts, try to dodge it. It is important NOT to use your Q when he has his deflector shield up, it will eat the damage and leave you helpless. Obey these two rules and it's not too bad.

Easy Okay she does a LOT of damage as a tank, BUT ONLY if she is able to slam you into the wall. Her poke is meh and her csing is meh, avoid the walls and ride the gravy train to goldtown.

Easy YAY AN EASY LANE! Dodge her Q and kill her arse. **** even if you don't dodge the Q you're probably fine lol.

Neutral Important to save your Q for when he dashes on you, if you pull it off correctly you will blind his stun. The trades are really dependent on the who has more minions and how well you auto q auto while he dashes in and out... it is tricky to explain... drink coffee before this lane.

Hard Terribly hard lane. You actually don't get to farm until level 2(not kidding) - he will be in the bush and you have to let him have it. Wait until the wave is near your turret until you attempt to CS. Try your best to farm although it will not be easy. Level 6 the tide turns, IF you land a good shroom on a fight you can win (with ignite of course).

Neutral All about da spacing. You're going to have to bring your dance shoes. Try to maintain max range on her. Ideally when she stretches and tries to get her q + q + e + q combo on you, you'd like her to land short and be able to pump some damage on her. With that being said if u space poorly she gets on you and hurts. This is the match-up, rinse and repeat. At 6 it is easier because if you don't catch her combo u can shroom the wave and kill her!

Hard Misery loves company. This badass yordle is unplayable. His flamethrower is the range of your auto, and he pokes better than you WHILE farming. Farm up play safe and pray for ganks, which he is vulnerable to!

Hard Ruff lane. He outranges you, has CC, and also has AOE waveclear. You do in fact out damage him however if you can manage to close the gap. Most likely you'll be better off farming safe and scaling. Now Ryze does outscale everything but you have a nice power strength at 1 item to 3 items to take advantage of.

Neutral Darius v2 but replace darius hook with Sett Knuckle Duster. (refer to darius)
Neutral VERY similar to darius/sett, the match-up is defined by you dodging his taunt or not. Shen will be a bit more annoying because of his sword, he will block 2 autos whenever he proccs it. Just be patient, it is very short and blind DOES go through it. At 6 you can definitely kill due to the fact that his ult is for teamfights and support not 1v1. IF/WHEN HE ULTS, PUSH FOR PLATES please do not base and do nothing,ty.

Easy Poor singed, the second poison pal. This match-up is free but with a catch. Level 1 you're going to want to prevent him from proxying, walk your wave to the lane and if he shows up you can 1v1 him with autos lv 1. After that, the only way he kills you is a goo + flip combo WHILE UR ON HIS TURRET. This is the only time you'll have to play safe. Other than that poke him at will and make him eat your shrooms.

Hard This one sucks real bad. Sion outclasses you in every way early game. His poke is better, tankiness, total damage, mobility, everything. This match-up starts with trying to ddoge his shout, he will blast a minion at you, if it hits you it slows you. This will lead to him smashing you with a Q and ur hp pool going down 500, so PLEASE focus on dodging the minion. He is far too tanky to kill early so don't bother, just farm.

Easy Nice lane!!!! Swain is pretty poopy in lane, he has weak damage weak poke and weak survivibility. Just have to dodge his hawk that snatches ya up and you are gravy. You should play confident and dodge inwards to dodge this; will also set you up to pump some damage on him! Be aggressive until 6,but then you are not looking to good anymore. If he pops ult run for the hills, when he doesn't have ult (it has a long CD) you can go back to punishing him.

Easy Match-up is deceptively EASY. He is so squishy early game and his damage AND sustain is 100% based on his chain engage. if you dodge this it is freelo! Not much else to say except that if you do not dodge these chains the match-up will be very very hard hahaha.

Easy God darn thomas kencher. Tahm actually poops on you from levels 1-5. He actually one-shots you with his kit. I would recommend saving your blind for when he goes on you because if you block his ability to eat you after 2 autos and a Q you will be in a much better spot! Thankfully after lv 6 you easily poop on him, and as the game goes longer he falls off harder than a truck off a cliff!!!

Easy Easy peezy lemon queezy. Unironically one of the easiest lanes I've ever seen. Even if he pillars you, as long as you are not on his turret and getting ganked, you can kite him and blind him and win the 1v1.

Neutral MISUNDERSTOOD MATCH-UP. Common mistake is that this lane is a FREEBIE, it is not. Level 1 he completely is broken, make sure to be starting Q to combat this. From here on, it's similar to Riven lane to where you have to maintain max distance and kite him out. If he jumps on you with a lot of room to wiggle he can run you down and kill, but if you play it properly he may overstep and die. Always safe to try to keep the wave near turret to help out the lane. When he has ultimate this is 10x harder, usually will have to buy armor or stopwatch to have a chance, or be really good at kiting.

Easy The rare treat of Udyr top is a cakewalk. No way for him to jump on you or pose a threat, only a cannon minion waiting to be collected. As long as you don't walk in melee range this is a safe and easy lane. I wish I could write more about this but there's not much to it.
Easy TURDGOT is a ranged melee champ. His auto's dont do anything, but when he gets in melee range he hurts. Make sure to BLIND his machine gun ability to cut his damage in half. His body slam also needs to be dodged or else it'll stun you and introduce a world of hurt. The redemption of the matchup is that if he ever misses a body slam he is SUPER killable at all times.

Easy YES!!!!!!! She does little damage and has no sustain. You kill her very easily throughout the first 30 minutes of the game. Only way you ever die is running in a straight line at her while blind is down or if you actually get condemned into the wall D:

Hard Vlad is deceptively hard. He really does little damage early game, it just comes very often and has sustain. EVERYTIME his bar is red he will empower Q which will heal him for an extra 50% and do extra damage, so force him to use it on a minion by running away. Until 6 you actually out damage him, at 6 be cautious but can still kill him.

Neutral This guy is so damn strong early game. You'll have to use your blind EVERYTIME he runs at you or else he's going to kill you. Other than that the match-up is non threatening. Try to avoid standing on the minions because he will aoe damage you. at 6 pplease never fight him his ultimate is RIDICULOUS - also be careful of the dives.

Neutral This lane feels just like a stat check. Either he kills you casually or you can kill him and do teemo things. Couple things you can do to help your position: If he jumps on you blind him mid-jump, it's insanely hard to do it afterwards because of his clone. When he does clone you need to run away from it, it will do a lot of damage. At 6 you will easily die, be ready to stay near turret for the time being. If you get caught by his ult make sure to shroom at ur feetsies he will take damage from it!

Hard ugh, tthe classic Yasuo, we hate him. He completely counters you because of Windwall and his unlimited dashes. Sit on turret never walk to your wave and farm, be careful everytime u have a wave coming he can dash through them and kill you.

Neutral Yorick is a hard lane, but there's a couple key mechanics. If he walls you, auto it 3x and u can break the wall! Stare at the ground and count how many graves there is, if there's 3 or more play safe, 3 or less you can be aggro, this is the sole thing with his damage. At level 6, try to get free poke and kill his ultimate (the targetable npc next to him) - that thing will be doing a LOT of sustained damage, but easy to kill.
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