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Teemo Build Guide by Clairabelle

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Clairabelle

2 AS/DoT Teemo Builds - [Extensive Guide] - Update: 19-01-12

Clairabelle Last updated on January 19, 2012
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I love playing Teemo, because he's one of those champions who people hate, and hate with a passion, Similar to Karthus.

Why do they hate you? cos your small, cute and deadly. Chances are they wont be able to catch you cos of your passive speed from W *Move Quick* and it drives them insane. So much so that they will chase you and ignore your team just to kill you which gives your team the advantage cos they will waste their time running around after you and never catch you.

I've played around with many builds for Teemo because he doesnt really fall into AD or AP well.

Both AP and AD are good builds but you find endgame he starts to drop off because he just doesnt have the dmg that an endgame Ashe/Brand etc will have.

This build takes all that into mind and i think i've got a winner here, its definately working for me now i can carry alot of games here when the enemy teams are squishy and even those which arent.

Allow me to explain in the coming chapters.

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Build 1; AD Spec;

- Marks = Mark of Desolation - Armor Penetration +15
- Seals = Seal of Fortitude - Health +48.15
- Glyphs = Glyph of Fortitude - Health +24.03
- Quitessences = Quintessence of Desolation - Armor Penetration +10

Build 2; AP Spec;

- Marks = Mark of Insight - Magic Penetration +8.5
- Seals = Seal of Fortitude - Health +48
- Glyphs = Glyph of Potency - Ability Power +8.9
- Quitessences = Quintessence of Potency - Ability Power +15

Build 3; Defensive;

- Marks = Mark of Warding - Magic Resist +8.73
- Seals = Seal of Resilience - Armor +12.69
- Glyphs = Glyph of Warding - Magic Resist +13.4
- Quitessences = Quintessence of Warding - Magic Resist +13.5

I've added 3 possible Rune Builds, purely because you never know what your gonna need. These builds cover AD/AP spec and Def Spec.

Builds 1 + 2; used on heavy squishy teams, those teams which have alot of carries or low hp/def champions.

Build 3; used on solo top lane or heavy defense+hp champion teams.

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So here is what i've been using for Teemo for this build.

The 3 builds use 2 different Mastery Builds.

Builds 1+2; AD/AP Spec;


You take Summoners Wrath 1/1.
You take Brute Force 3/3, Mental Force 4/4.
You take Alacrity 4/4, Sorcery 1/4.
You take Deadliness 4/4, Havoc 3/3.
You take Leathality 1/1.
You take Blast 4/4.
You take Sunder 3/3.
You take Executioner 1/1.

Build 3; Defensive Spec;


You take Summoners Wrath 1/1.


You take Resistance 3/3, Hardiness 3/3.
You take Durability 4/4.
You take Veteran's Scars 1/1, Evasion 3/3.
You take Initiator 3/3.
You take Honor Guard 3/3.
You take Juggernaught 1/1.


You take Good Hands 3/3, Improved Recall 1/1.
You take Swiftness 4/4.

JUST TO NOTE: You could play around the DEFENSIVE TREE and use those on the Magic Pen and AP in the OFFENSIVE TREE for added BANG FOR YOUR BUCK.

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Items are really a no brainer in this build. Your build Atk.Spd and Passive DMG.

Your E gives you:

9/18/27/36/45 (+14% of AP) magic dmg on hit.
6/12/18/24/30 (+14% of AP) magic dmg each second for 4 seconds.

This is where this build shines and gets its strength.

+20 dmg per hit.
+ reduces targets magic res by 6 per hit, stacks 4 times. 24 magic res. 8 seconds.

Wits End:
+42 dmg per hit.
+ increases your magic res by 5 per hit, stacks 5 times, 25 magic res. 5 seconds.

+4$ magic DMG based on tagets max HP.

Ionic Spark:
+50% Atk.Spd, +250HP, Passive: every 4th atk, hits upto 4 targets 110dmg [400 range]

Here's the math.

- 2.4 atk.spd endgame
- Base AD 181.
- 45+30 dmg per hit from E. [excluding AP bonus dmg]
- 20 dmg per hit from Malady.
- 42 dmg per hit from Wits End.
- 4% dmg base on target HP [2500 HP = 100 dmg per hit]#
- 110 dmg per 4 attacks.

- 75+20+42+110+100
= 337 per hit from bonus dmg [estimate] call it 300.
= 181 dmg base from AD.

2.4 attacks per second.

In the space of 5 seconds your dealing;

300+180x13 = 6240 bonus+base dmg in 5 seconds [without Magic Res/Armor Res]

You've also got Passive Armor Pen and Magic Pen from your Masteries/Runes, and your Items. This gives you roughly 40-50 armor/magic pen.

I was playing a game vs Cho'Gath earlier and was taking off 2-3 of his HP Bars per hit without Frozen Mallet. If your in a fight and your stood still their HP simply melts away in seconds.

6240 seems like alot and it is, but remember thats just an estimate realistically your dealing around half that amount, but still thats 3000 dmg in 5 secs of continous attacks.

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Skill Sequence

Toxic Shot
Move Quick
Blinding Dart

Take skills in this order unless the top one isnt available, then take the next skill in the list until each skill is maxed out.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: Allows you to escape those tricky fights without dying or allows you to blink closer to your target to finish them off.

Ignite: If your unsure of the kill just activate this as they retreat under their towers to prevent heal and to help your poison finish the job.

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Your role in the team fights are to hit the nearest target to you, with this build it makes no difference who you focus because AP/AD/Support/Tanks they all melt under your barrage of darts.

Never jump into the middle of a team fight unless your team are all in the middl with you, this will prevent people targetting you, otherwise stay on the side lines planting shrooms around for escape and protection of other team members as they try to run.

You then mop up whats left of the enemy team on, trust me you wont have an issue doing this with your run.speed and atk.speed.

Bottomline: Play safe, your not a Tank. You gotta be careful and plan your escape before the fight starts.