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Build Guide by holysapo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author holysapo

2 hit gragas

holysapo Last updated on November 3, 2010
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Hello this is my 2 hit gragas build.

ill start with the summoner spells
i like to get exhaust and flash. i find these to be the most usefull. i dont get clarity because after you get one arch angle staff it become less use full and when you get your second one you dont really need it any more. flash is the most usefull get away in my opion and you also have your self skill shot with flash helps you get away very quickly.
exhaust helps stop those pesky dps chars like master yi or xin from beating you down quickly. it also help with the team fights and chatching people in the early game.

now on to my masterys. i do a 9 0 21 but instead of getting quickness i put 4 in expanded mind.this helps max out gragas's max mana.

now my runes.
Greater Quintessence of Knowledge.
3. = 225.18 mana at lvl 18
.Greater Glyph of Knowledge.
9. = 230.04 mana at lvl 18
.Greater Seal of Knowledge.
9. = 189.54 mana at lvl 18
.Greater Mark of Knowledge.
9. = 189.54 mana at lvl 18
i am trying to max out how much mana i have tords the end of the game. this gives me 864.3 mana at lvl 18

now my skills
i max out drunken rage first because it allows me to say in the fight longer with out having to go back for mana. next i max out barrel roll. by now i should have built at lest one arch angle staff so maxing it out will do 300 damage pluse about 100 magic damage doing about 400 so it good for farming and her***ing. then i just put points in body slam and the and the explosive cask maxing out body slam last. it takes the least amount of ap and its your body your putting in the way of danger.

how to play. early game stick to last hiting the minons and only herras when they are near minons because it is not enough damage to really herras just a champoin but it is worth it if you hitting a couple of minion. 1-6

mid game you have some ap now you will farm much better and you hur*** moves will be much more power full. only use your ult when you kknow a kill will come from it on low life champoins. all you need is assist from it but if you get the kill plus. try to stay away from hand to hand combate unless you know you can win. 6-12

late game you should have pretty good ap with this build dont be afried to start fight gank squishy chars you should have at least 900 damage to deal out right off the bat and that is with only one arch angle staff. so clear hole minon waves and harras alot. and keep track at your damage out put at the moment and the hp of your opoinent save your ult to get the kill and dont be afriad to use body slam after your ult to get the extra damage. your mane combo is barrel roll then ult befor you ult hit the ground so the both hit about the same time so they dont have time to move away. you can add the body slam if you blow them to you but they should be nearly dead or dead. 12-18

now my iteam build.
archangle's staff- +45 AP. +400 Mana +25 Mana Regen per 5 sec, Passive: 3% of your Max Mana is converted to Ability Power. UNIQUE Passive: Each time your Champion uses an Ability their Maximum Mana will increase by 4 Mana. This effect has a 3 second cooldown. 2840 Gold.

sorcers boots- Enhanced Movement 2. +20 Magic Penetration. 1100 Gold.

archangle's staff

zhona's ring- +120 AP. UNIQUE Passive: Increases AP by 25%. Activate: Places you in stasis for 2 seconds, making you invulnerable and non-targetable. 3460 Gold.

archangle's staff

archangle's staff

you have a totel of 5401.3 mana for just the 3% of the arch angles staff you get 648.156 ap you get each one gives you 45 more ap witch ends up beign 180 ap so just the staff give you 828.156 ap zhonas ring give you 120 ap so now you have 948.156 plues you get 25% of the ap into ap. in the end you have 1185.195. you have also really good mana regen.

gragas first move the barrel roll take .9 ap plues 300 base damage. 1066 majic damage so taht 1366 damage from just you barrel roll. you ult has 450 base damage and hasa 1 ap ratio. so it does 1635 damage.
these 2 alone do 3001 damage all this damage is aoe so it can hit up to 5 people but you should not be afraid to use it on just one person. you should alway go after ashe or other squishy char and take them out of the game asap to give your team a player advantage