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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yakuraa

2011 TeemOPokemon

Yakuraa Last updated on December 28, 2010
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Welcome to my build. This is based on Peonchop2's build as i've just molded into my own take on it. This is the core of how you can totally own with Teemo, for beginners and the pro's.

I am not a pro and don't know much about official terms and strategies, all I know is that I play and that I win. A lot. I will describe how as best as I can. I win 9/10 of my matches in solo ranked 5v5 as Teemo. Imagine what you can do in a set team with your mates. This Build 100% works on 3v3, where I never lose really, that's just become too easy.

Teemo is like the Pokemon of LoL where he got kicked out of the Pokemon world because he was to vicious, poisoning and turning the other Pokemon into hedgehogs with his darts. It's one vicious bastard, one that can even take down a Mordekaiser single handedly. If you play him right.

See for yourself:

Summoner Spells:

"OMFG WTF HAHA TEEMO HEAL!" I've heard it so so many times from people, besides the fact they all shout "TEEMO SUX SOM1 LEAVE!!" in champion select. Just be quiet and do your thing. Heal and Exhaust have saved me on MANY MANY occasions, and it's meant to be early/mid game spells that help you stay in your lane longer and get the gold you need for your items.

I can't stress enough how many times a Xin, Mundo or who-ever thought to kill that squishy teemo until I pop my exhaust on them and heal myself at the end. Then they realize it's a no go and start to run and I finish them off with massive poison. In the end of mid game and late game you won't need Heal as much anymore simply because you got life regen which saved my life countless of times.

Trust me, with other Champs I LOVE ghost and flash, but you just don't need it with Teemo. He got his own speed and if you play it right, they can't catch you easy. Damage like Ignite you don't need because you got your poison to do that for you. Heal and Exhaust give you the extra you need to take out anyone that attacks you, together with life steal.

Masteries & Runes:

Speaks for itself. It's a bit of a hybrid with those runes, because poison and shroom damage is nice, but especially when you shoot a dozen times in one second at your enemy, totally ripping them apart. I toss everything in poison first, because speed you'll get from items. Attack speed + poison = constant dmg.

The thing that makes Teemo strong is his poison. He's like an Ashe but with more of the hangover left behind after a battle with the little guy. That's why I have the magic pen and the mana regen and the rest ability power. I got the mana regen because it can really make a difference when laning and getting your gold.


Okay, as a LoL player, you have to realize that items aren't always 100% spot on when you are a tank or damage dealer. This item build is the standard one, but if i'm facing a lot of armor I go with Last Whisperer. If i'm facing deadly ability power *****es, I go with Phantom Dancer to get that little bit extra speed and crit early on. If I have yi and other speedy bastards that break my exhaust, I go with Frozen Mallet.

So the item build can be very diverse AFTER Malady. Usually I always get those no matter what i'm facing. The life steal is very nice and Stark's Fevor gives that boost in speed you need as well. It can save your life in team fights if you keep firing at the tank and get healed.

The Game:

Okay. You pretty much own everyone, but if you are focussed by an entire team, you are done for. Most of the time people underestimate teemo but he rips away the tanks easily if you got well fed. I take it easy and always let THEM come. Just use your instinct when you feel like you can take someone on.

I usually get mid in 5v5, and always try and go mid lane in 3v3, because that's where you own. Champs will have trouble ganking you because...BOOOOM...Shroom. With the long range and poison only ability burst damage bastards get annoying. As long as you use your minions as shield and keep your heal ready, you should do just fine.

Either way I found I can also own while laning with someone else. It's for when you feel a bit tired and aren't that sharp on what's going on, then taking bot or top lane with someone else is the best way to go. You usually last hit anyway with this build so you get your gold anyway. It also allows you to step out and do some jungling nearby.

WARNING, be CAREFUL of burst damage ability power bastards like LeBlanc, Malzahar, Swain and Ryze. I hate those. Champs like that are your downfall if they focus you, so be sure to stay in the back when you see them. If they run away, let them. They can easily focus you down. But once you hit them, they are very soon dead.

Shackles aren't your downfall but just keep moving, keep clicking. Be aware of your map. I will say this, a good player is one that can play 50% of all Champs well. It's all about knowing what your Champ can and can not do. Check your map, and don't take that many risks with Teemo, only if you got other champs by your side.

Other then that kill as many minions and get buffs when you can, late game you will dominate. I rip away mundo, shen and especially melee like Jax, Xin and Pant. Even Akali doesn't have **** on me. When she does her ring of death, just pop a shroom in the mid and wait for her to appear again. Poison is your friend. Make sure you place shrooms as soon as you can on the vital parts of the map.

If people flame you, ignore them. It helps you focus.

So that's my build. Like I said, I don't know much about official terms and strategies and mathematical builds, I just know that this one owns for me. It's all about knowing what Teemo can do and knowing what the enemy and your allies are up to.

In the end, you will look like this for your enemies: