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Tristana Build Guide by CoRRRp

AD Carry 3, 2, 1, FIRE!!!!! Tristana AD carry

AD Carry 3, 2, 1, FIRE!!!!! Tristana AD carry

Updated on July 26, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CoRRRp Build Guide By CoRRRp 5 1 111,491 Views 6 Comments
5 1 111,491 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CoRRRp Tristana Build Guide By CoRRRp Updated on July 26, 2014
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LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Recent Patch

Base attack damage increased to 46.5 from 44.5
Tristana will now automatically attack the target she casts Explosive Shot on
Buster Shot
Knockback radius increased to 200 from 175
Now has an indicator around the target to show knockback radius (similar to Brand's Conflagration)

This buff. Is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!! She was one of the best ad carries already, this is even better! NICE!!
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Patch 4.10

In patch 4.10 Tristana got an indirect buff. By nerfing the early bloodthirster hard, some early game dominating carries, like Caitlyn/Graves/Lucian/Corki were nerfed and lategame hypercarries, like Tristana/Kog'maw/Twitch, got buffed. We can now play this amazing champion again, meaning that I will continue to improve this guide.
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Tristana. A little girl. With a bazooka. What does she do? Blowing up enemies like a train!

Hello people, welcome to my first guide! This guide is about one of my main champions, Tristana. It's an Attack Damage Carry build. For people who don't what this means: You have to try to just deal ****tons of damage to the opposing team while trying not to die. I am currently platinum V and play since 2010, so I think my opinion on League of Legends has some value and I hope you can learn something from me!
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Pros / Cons


- High damage from very far
- Very good farmer
- Range gets higher each level, outranging every champion on 18 (except Twitch with ult and Kog'Maw with Bio Arcana Barrage).
- Easy to harass early game and win lane with E.
- Easy escape/chase potentional with W and the epic reset it gives.
- Her Q is now free so she gets a huge attack speed steroid for free!


-Falls off pretty hard from level 7 until you finished your first 2 big items.
-Can literally lose the game if the enemy uses the drop in your midgame ''downtime''.
-Wrong or too early use of ultimates can screw your team really hard
-Can be quite boring in the earlier said midgame because your main focus here is to farm up.
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Early Game

Early game is really the time where the good and the bad Tristana's set themselves apart. A bad tristana will just farm. No. This is not the way to go if you play Tristana. Until level 7 your aim should be to use your Explosive Shot on enemy champions as often as possible! It's 110 damage on level 1, and that is a lot for an AD champion, especially since it's magic damage. Auto-E or E-Auto will give you insane poke and if you succeed to do this 2-3 times without repercussions, you basically won yourself the lane. Just keep the enemy zoned and harass with E/last hit. Don't use your Rocket Jump offensively except if you are HUNDRED PERCENT sure that you can get the kill. Your Rocket Jump range is really far so if you use it offensively while the enemy jungler ganks, you are pretty much screwed.

If you play ranked, farming is REALLY important. If you are not really used to farming with Tristana or if you want to increase your lasthitting skills, go in a custom bot game and just practise last hitting against bots. This may seem silly but it worked for me and many other players. ONLY last hit minions, dont push the lane by shooting full health minions. This is also very much necessary because your Explosive Shot passive will automatically push the lane by dealing AoE damage when lasthitting a minion.

When you see your jungler or support is initiating, jump on the target with your Rocket Jump, while using Explosive Shot and some autoattacks. Generally you want to keep your Buster Shot until the very end to either finish an opponent or push away dangerous enemies (for example if the enemy jungler shows up at the party). Buster Shot deals 300 damage on level 6, but you don't have any magic penetration and the opponent probably has some MR, so don't try to execute champions with 300, but rather at 250 HP and lower.
Keep in mind Rocket Jump gets off cooldown when you kill someone or get an assist, so dont forget to immidiately jump on another champ or escape to safety.
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Late Game

This is the part you shine. If you've farmed enough, and you have your Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer or Statikk Shiv, it shouldn't be a problem to do massive damage. Try to keep your Q off-cooldown if you are not shooting at champions or turrets. Tristana is amazing in teamfights, cause it's hard to reach her for anti-carries. What some people tend to forget however, is her amazing splitpushing capabilities. If your team really can't win any fight, it can sometimes be better to go into that sidelane and push. Cause your Rapid Fire will grant you epic attack speed, towers will drop like flies, and with your 700 range and huge jump you can escape if the enemy is trying to close in. Don't forget that if you want to splitpush, you need to ward and watch the minimap very closely.
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Skill Sequence

The most important thing in Early Game is your Explosive Shot. It's really a pain in the *** for the opponent if you use your Explosive Shot when they thought they could 'just get away'.

Your real weapon Mid- and Late Game will be Rapid Fire. This will allow you to shoot your auto attack real fast. Your shooting speed will be quite intense. You will blow crits at the opponent like you're shooting a lazer!

I chose to upgrade Explosive Shot last, because it's not really a skill you will need to be strong. The only reason this ability is nice for Tristana, is to get early games and a nice farming bonus.

I found the Buster Shot of Tristana not to be so effective. It's a shot which knocks the enemy away and gives damage. This ability comes in use when you or your teammates are losing a fight. Hitting an enemy champion will knock him and other opponents behind him away. Now you have room to escape!

There is 1 EXTREMELY nice combo in tristana's abilities, which I will explain now:

1. Jump behind the enemy with Rocket Jump.
2. Shoot him further towards your turrets / teammates
3. Put on Rapid Fire
4. Auto attack

This method will give you extremly much damage in a short time, especially with a high critical chance. This method will be most effective when you and your lanemate are up against 1 champion, or when you're playing mid. DO NOT use in teamfights, it will expose you to danger.

The reason that you don't take points into your Q is that early game mini-attack speed boost won't be that great. Your burst on level 6 if you took 2 points in Rocket Jump and 3 in Explosive Shot is great, and it's what makes Tristana's early game so potent.
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Offensive Items:

: One of the best, if not the best, AD carry item in the game. The incresed crit damage is really nice, and the CritChance and AD will be really nice. Unmissable on any AD carry build

/ : These items are unmissable on Tristana. The best thing about these items aren't necessarily the AS or the CritChance. The best thing is the movement speed buff. If you need some pushing power you can buy Statikk Shiv, if you want raw champion damage you need the Phantom Dancer. Another building path is the straight up Statikk Shiv rush after your 1 Doran's Blade. This will make your early waveclear and magic damage great and will amplify your earlygame spike. It will, however, make your midgame (when you don't have your Infinity Edge yet) quite weak.
: Another really nice AD item for Tristana. This item is not the best anymore since the nerfs. If the enemy team doesn't have a lot of armor, this item is superior to Blade of the Ruined King.

: The alternative to bloodthirster, or bloodthirster is Blade's alternative. Since the lifesteal got buffed on 4.12 the items are both really good. You pick blade of the ruined king if you want more defence and peel, and enemies are tanky. If you just want to kill squishies fast, you pick bloodthirster.

: This item is perfect in combination with her other items. This combination will completely shred your opponents armor to pieces. Be careful with rushing this item, if your opponents barely have armor it's not always worth buying!

Defensive items:
: A nice item for tristana, it will give you health and some AD. Although the slow is less on ranged attacks, it's still a nice extra to chase enemies. It is however inferior to other choices, only use it for fun.

: Most standard defensive item. Best to use when the enemies have a one-trick-pony assassin like Zed or Annie. Also perfect to counter reset champions like Akali, Katarina or Kha'Zix.

Banshees Veil: Amazing item for Tristana, and usually my personal favorite as a last item or early defensive item. You are already slippery and hard to catch with Buster Shot and Rocket Jump, but with Banshee's included you will be close to uncatchable!
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Summoner Spells

Flash It's a good choice on every champion. Since Tristana is quite squishy. she can use flash very well. She can also use it to chase enemies, making it impossible to escape, combined with Rocket Jump.

Heal is super good since the buff. The movement speed is just amazing. There's almost no reason not to take heal in 100% of your games.

Cleanse Very uncommon summonner spell. You should probably only take this if you're really affraid of the CC of the enemy team. If your opponent has a TF you can consider it, if you're confident with not having heal as a combat summonner spell for your botlane.

Exhaust is a really nice spell for Tristana. She tends to do alot of damage in a short time, and when an opponent is escaping, just rocket jump on them and exhaust. This is best used when your support has heal or ignite and your opponents have a lot of anti-carries like Zed or Katarina.

Ignite An OK item for Tristana, cause of the early game usage. This together with your Explosive Shot will give insane early game damage, but since this build is AD, you won't really benefit from it late game.

Barrier Not really a good spell anymore cause heal does almost everything better. The only difference is that Heal is a heal, while Barrier is a shield. If the enemy ignites you, the damage you will heal is less than the damage the shield will shield. So if the enemy is playing a kill lane which probably has ignite, you should consider thinking about Barrier, although Heal is usually better in most situations.
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There's not much to say about the runes used in this build. Since the buffs to attack speed runes, it's superior to any other choice for Quints cause you need the attack speed for trades in lane. You could change the attack speed blues with MR or MR/lvl blues if you don't really feel comfortable against a lane with a lot of poke or magic damage (like Kog/Morgana or something).
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Last Words

Thanks for reading, I hoped this helped you all a lot. Please don't give up on playing Tristana after failing some games. It takes a while to get a grip on her playstyle.

Thanks to NoobyPower for helping me with items without even asking :D
Also thanks to jhijoi for his making a guide tutorial.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CoRRRp
CoRRRp Tristana Guide
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3, 2, 1, FIRE!!!!! Tristana AD carry

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