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Master Yi Build Guide by ACmilangab

3 hits ganks and healing while attacking. why not?

3 hits ganks and healing while attacking. why not?

Updated on July 23, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ACmilangab Build Guide By ACmilangab 3,417 Views 1 Comments
3,417 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ACmilangab Master Yi Build Guide By ACmilangab Updated on July 23, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Chapter 1

Hi guys this is my first guide and i going to the dedicate this guide to master yi. when i saw master yi for the first time i was like: i want this fking champ. but i did not know that he is not that easy to use if dont know how to control squishy champs so i died a million times. with the time and a lot of guides i learned how to use it. i hope you try this build because it works or if you know similar builds like this add this items. before you read this guide you need to know that this build is very similar to this build Your text to link here... that is the best lane yi guide so far, in my opinion.
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master yi... i just hate when i see this name in the enemy team, dont matter if the player is not good with AD champs because he can be AP hybrid ,dont matter if dont know how to push because he take down turrets in the blink of an eye. the only thing that matters is how to escape from the CC´s. with this build is based in gank, heal, gank, heal but without going to fontaine :D.
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Pros / Cons


1. one of the best farmer.
2.with Armor pen runes and good AD items can drop tanks in 5 hits.
3.with flash and hes ult dont need to hav a stun or do a lot of jukes to escape from a whole team.
4.can be AD and AP hybrid wich is important for your playing style
5. can carry easily if is well used


1.squishy as hell.
2. vulnerable to CC.
3. without cooldown reduction runes and hes ult, hes skills take long to load up.
4.if u waste hes ult u dont have a escape way.
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For my runes page i use as always:
armor pen marks and quins.i use armor seals
and mag resist glyphs. i put defensive runes because he is squishy.
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: this is the recomended item for him and the one you neeed to buy. if you are playing vs AP champs and CC like morgana, buy mercurys.

: if you are good with yi when you recall for first time, you will hav the money to buy this. is important to make the phatom dancers fast so you can start ganking easily.

: what i just said buy zeal once u recall and then recall again and thats it, start the masacre.

: yeah this is my love , this is the reason of this guide.a blood trister is important in a master yi build but putting 2 is like the nazi holocaust (i dont hate jewish, just wanted to compare XD).

: what is AS? ohhh yeah is the way to attack faster, what is AD? the god of the AS. without a infinity edge is hard to play yi.

: why ppl build warmog on yi ( i used to build it :P) when they can slow and 20 extra dmg and 700hp with the frozzie.
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Need your opinion

plz guys comment about this build, be honest and tell in what i need to work, and if you like this guide or you find it usefull, just say it in the comments so i can make more guides of others champs, thanks summoners for read this guide.
League of Legends Build Guide Author ACmilangab
ACmilangab Master Yi Guide
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3 hits ganks and healing while attacking. why not?

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