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Soraka Build Guide by Jet

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jet

3 minutes to god tier soraka

Jet Last updated on June 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Defense: 9

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Utility: 21

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skip this part

Soraka, the Starchild of Ionia, was the first of her kind. While there are many who tap into the rich magical energies of Valoran, she was the first to tap into the magic of the cosmos itself - the celestial sea in which it is theorized that Runeterra swims among other like bodies. While Runeterran magicians are limited by the finite (though tremendous) powers of runes, there have always been those who have searched to go further. Reaching beyond the terrestrial firmament of Runeterra, Soraka was capable of invoking the power of the stars, evolving beyond her kin. This power has changed her in fantastical ways - it is for this reason that she became known as the Starchild. Though Soraka was once trans-human, Soraka has fallen since she let the most primal of emotions rule her. Warwick, a mercenary chemist in the service of Noxus, had caused untold suffering and death among Soraka's people. An alchemical genius who took no responsibility for the atrocities he'd caused, Warwick became known as ''the Deathmaker'' by the Ionian people. As Noxian murder and terror pushed ever-forward across her land, unstoppable anger and hatred welled within Soraka. She called down the power of the heavens to curse and forever change the Deathmaker, and she mutated the man into a werewolf - a wild, murderous beast. For this misstep, Soraka lost much of her power, sacrificing her trans-human ascension and sliding several steps down the evolutionary ladder in an instant. Though she is still a champion of the Ionian people, Soraka has joined the League of Legends in hopes of reversing her curse and redeeming herself in the eyes of the stars.

Derp, free characters to make this a guide while making it short and simple.

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real build

although as a requirement to actually get the guide on the guide pages, i'll talk to you about unicorns

you know

cause soraka is a unicorn

you should totally download rainbow soraka skin


and she's a babysitter

i wish my babysitter was a rainbow unicorn

my memories of being raped would be more enjoyable then

anyway, this guide should take you 3 minutes to be god tier soraka

shes so easy to play anyway

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early cooldowns to spam heal, mpen so you can harass with infuse when required, hp and regen for obvious reasons

because your squishy and you need mana

if that wasn't obvious

because you're reading a guide on how to play soraka, so obviously you won't know anything

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0/9/21 cus you're soraka and need utility and the dodge from defense helps laning immensely

i sometimes go 9/0/21 cus i like to dps with infuse

that mpen mastery strong

Guide Top


Clairvoyance and Flash a must

any others are dumb

like, really, you need flash so you aren't a sitting duck and you need clairvoyance for your team to track jungler / know where the team is outside of ward vision / prevent ganks on lanes without wards.

yes guides with Heal and Fortify (let alone both, dear god) you are bad and make me look like 1700 elo

oh wait

i am


Guide Top

Skill Sequence

max astral blessing cus dat all u do early game

and mid game

late game too


infuse to help you heal more and to cut off escape summoners on champions you are chasing / ganking / skills on any champion

it's useful for canceling channeling skills too

and cancelling any ap caster from doing anything for a while

starcall sux, you're not really gonna be in range for it and it's not useful unless your ap carry really needs the lower MR on them. heal and infuse all day err day

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real gp5 build cus it op. op cus you should have 0 cs or very very very little cs as soraka cause she has no abilities that hit minions for most of the game, lets you buy items with no cs at all

kages give ap, which is op too

boots of mobility cause staying at the back and being so fast is op

1 hp pot + ward with boots

obviously buy wards, hence the 5 slots used

and cause you're a support, it's your job to ward (with the rest of your team where applicable)

if game drags on replace a kage with banshees/deathcap then replace another kage with the one you didnt buy

but you shouldnt have that much gold

unless you farm with starcall

cause you're silly

why would you have starcall so early in the game

you're not following the guide properly

Guide Top


don't do it

just click portraits in teamfights with skill to heal

or be good with your mouse and click champions and enemies for heal and infuse respectively

smartcasting is dumb

Guide Top


infuse some enemy

heal your allies

wish after aoe burst skill or aoe ult

heal allies

infuse another enemy

if enemy chase you flash over wall or back, or infuse enemy, run away

heal yourself if you're getting attacked by AD, more hits on you = more hits that aren't hurting your team

flash over walls like a boss to escape or to make a clutch heal

Guide Top


all the other soraka guides are long and say nothing good while having terrible builds and other ****, so here is something good

will actually put information here never because it's self explanitory guide

real guide, rec cus 2 good

if taken more than 3 minutes to read then sry ur slow reader

soraka is so easy to play yet all the guides make her seem like some harder support like janna who has skill shots, very position based ultimate, etc etc

she just heal nonstop

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Listen to this while playing Soraka

best song ever

like, really, it's so good

even though she's not a robot