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Ezreal Build Guide by jeroenpy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jeroenpy

3v3 Ezreal, The annoying explorer.

jeroenpy Last updated on January 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide on mobafire. I know there are plenty ezreal guides, but i wanted to make one and i like ezreal alot. Comments are welcome. Please do not flame off my guide and go post ur own one, just give some feedback and vote. I dont know how to put pictures of skills, champs, spells, etc. Help would be usefull. This [/color]guide is mainly focused on 3v3, since i don't play 5v5 that much.

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I choose to maximize my damage first, since you're not targeted alot, and when u are targeted u can teleport away pretty easy. When high damage, u obtain first blood easily which will give you profits. Increasing my mana regen after. I prefer 22/0/8, which gives alot of dmg and some mana regen, also increasing my xp. Make sure to master exhaust, since the armor reduct gives u increased dmg.

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Skill Sequence

I maximize mystic shot first, since it's the only skill with AD ratio together with ur ultimate.
After that i choose arcane shift. I use it alot to place my mistic shot so it will deal higher damage and lower cooldown. Essence flux can be chosen before it, depends if you are playing against melee ad or ap. When vs ad choose essence flux before it.

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At begin i choose boots of speed because of early movespeed profits alot to run away or chase. the pots are for laning, when top u need it quite much. Tear of goddess will give u plenty of mana before purchasing manamune. Boots of swiftness for chasing, always usefull, can be changed into berserker greeves. Sheen after, because u obtain damage from mana and some ap is always good. The mystic shot applies on hit effect, so also sheen. To be upgraded in trinity force after bloodthirster. Bloodthirster is a great item, attack dmg and lifesteal. Final item frozen mallet, for the slow, can be bought earlier, just what you prefer.

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For red marks i choose flat dmg, increasing my early game harrass. Can be changed into armor penetration.
For yellow seals i choose flat attack speed, increasing my early game attack speed. I dont buy crits, i dont focus my items on it. Can be changed into flat health. I like flat runes and survivability could do great jobs, but i prefer dmg.
For blue glyphs i choose health per level, since its like 4 times better on lvl 18, by the time u reach lvl 6 its better.
For quintences i choose 2x flat armor pen. and 1x attack damage. Early game harrass is great.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer exhaust and ignite, since exhaust gives you chasing capability and 1v1 power. If the enemy is low and he has a heal, ignite is great thing. I use ignite alot to kill them off or to destroy heals. Great heal cancel, these 2 together makes u amazing 1v1 champion.

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Pros / Cons

- good damage from a distance
- nice range
- good in team and alone
- not quite team dependent
- great escape tools
- hard to target

- squishy
- a lot of skillshots
- hard to master

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When u got tear of goddess, start last hitting minions with ur mystic shot. Always try to last hit minions when ur basic attacks, but mystic shot can be used as soon as u got tear of goddess. A lot of mana means alot of spells means alot of ownage. more mana means also more damage with manamune =)

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Team Work

when in teamfights, try to stay in the back and landing some basic hits + mystic shot and essence flux. If they have alot of burst carries, start with ur ultimate. Then try to hit the carries down first. Let ur team focus the carries, NOT the tanks. When he runs away, arcane shift to them and kill. Then go on. try keep stacks of ur passive. When ganking, u can teleport over walls, also can be used to escape. U will be really fast for ganks, its really really good for kills.

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I prefer solo lane. When solo laning, keep farming all the time. Try to walk along the edges of minion waves to land ur skillshots. if want to gank, just walk in bush, arcane shift over the wall and kill! u can also try to arcane shift over wall, then backstab him.