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League of Legends Build Guide Author Haxory

3v3 Shaco - AP/AS and a bit of AD

Haxory Last updated on January 29, 2011
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Hello and welcome to hybrid 3v3 Shaco. A week or two ago I joined a 3v3 match and played shaco since the first time in months. I found that his nerf was worse than I expected (that's when I quit playing him ;3) but that with the use of jacks in the box and cooldown reduction he still makes an amazing champion.

I haven't got a complete rune page so suggestions are really welcome :)

I'll be covering the basics of this playstyle and of shaco in general.

NOTE: Hybrid shaco is a build that requires a lot more skill than AD/AS (DPS) shaco! Keep this in mind!

jack/jacks: jack in the box(es)
fb: firstblood
clone: shacos ultimate

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As I said, I would go with an ap per level combined with magic penetration some mana and health quints. I have not been able to experiment with this though as I don't own enough runes/IP.
If anyone does and want to report it would be great.

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I prefer to build my masteries offensively with some util, mainly for the experience.

The key is to use ignite while trying to get firstblood. Get someone to walk into your jacks and ignite and exhaust right away. Your exhaust will reduce the enemies magic resist using the m astery and the ignite will increase ap by 10 as it gets on cooldown.

I get some magic pen for the boxxes.

And if you look at the rest of the masteries they just plain make sense with shaco.

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I start with a dorans ring:
-1. Great health (you'll die in a pinch if you don't get this marvel)
-2. AP for your jacks right away
-3. MANA REGEN! You'll be OOM a lot but this will help you cope with that quite a little.

-I prefer to get my ionian boots first, movementspeed and CDR and you'll have jacks everywhere plus your speed and reduced cooldowns help you to get away like the old shaco could.
-I then buy a sheen: a burst item for your deceive, mana for spamming and AP for more burst. An early game marvel, truely.
-**A Soulstealer could do if you're some more skilled or if you have ******ed enemies(Trust me, you'll notice quick enough)

Nashors tooth:
The core item to being a hybrid really, it gives great AS with some AP. The reason it works well is because it makes you stronger in two aspects. You have a great ap burst and a steady ad rate. With the CDR that's gonna be built you'll be deceiving jacking -> hit enemy -> feared -> deceive -> jack and so on. It's a little game you're gonna be playing and its a matter of time till your enemies go all like: "OH MY F**KING GOD. F*********** NOOB CHAMP" While you're actually the one with the most skills.

Rod of ages:
The MOST IMPORTANTLY the health is the key of this item. Shaco is really really squishy and even a champ that literally juggles with enemies must be able to take some hits. The mana and AP are obvious.

Hextech Gunblade
The spellvamp/lifesteal ad/ap are just devastating. You can deal massive damage both magic and physical. You'll be killing enemies so freakin badly after this item.

Infinity edge (vs. lich bane)
I prefer infinity edge as you have no skill to pop constantly like on champs as akali/karthus/casseopia and lich bane wont be dealing as much. Infinity edge however will increase as damage health and give a chance to slow. Despite of it's price it's worth it and will make you feel all like: LOL GG.

Plain lame AP with an amplifier. Yea yea, OP item blah. Get this and four of your jacks with a shiv and a backstab should take out an enemy in no time.

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Skill Sequence

I get my jacks first. Only a ****** would pick otherwise. Just spam them below the red lizard buff. You will need to place AT LEAST 4. I prefer 5 or even 6 and IF someone would walk into them you shouldn't even mind: FREE KILL.

I put a point on deceive to get away but as ap is build at the beginning its best to max your two-shiv poison and jacks so you can just nuke so amazingly hard. Its not even funny. Well, except that it's hilarious.

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Summoner Spells

The best

Ignite and exhaust is THE **** on shaco. The magic resist reduction and increased AP is just way too amazing to leave aside.


Flash- You're playing 3v3, so flash is and overpowered spell. With the CDR you'll be able to flash a LOT already and I doubt you'd need flash a lot.
Ghost- You should be able to get away with deceive and your slowing shiv and the same goes for chasing. It can be useful if you're lower tier.
Heal- Lure enemies into a bush with jacks while you're low and pop a heal as they walk in. I dont prefer this though as it's low tier stuff. You're shaco and you should be able to get away.

**** tier

The rest is not even worth THINKING about

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Ingame playing

What to do


Below is the concept of juggling with enemies: making them follow you while damaging them until you suddenly give a burst and they're dead.

Read this carefully:
Remember that you have map domination. Unless you're on your way to spank an enemy place a jack in the box as soon its off cooldown. EVERYWHERE will you see em. And when you're chased walk into em. By the time they're back to chasing you they'll either have taken time to kill it or taken significant damage(200 early game to 800 or more late game)just pop another jack and wait in a bush. Throw a shiv and deceive away when they get close. Pop a jack around another corner and when you decide the enemy is low enough (1-1.5k health (end game ofc)) Just throw a shiv pop a jack and deceive. Wait a little till the jack pops up and backstab him. He should be pretttty dead by now. Unless flash saves the poor chap he'll be done for.

So the clue is: YOU ARE THE DECEIVER. Show leblanc who deserves the real title of "the deceiver"!

Early game

Plant jacks RIGHT below lizard so that when you'd attack lizard he'd walk right into a nice stack of 6 jacks. If an enemy comes when you already have 3 stacks up just go for it and there is a good chance to get fb especially if you're arranged. Practically free frist blood or free red buff and that should be first blood too.

I now prefer laning bottom. It's a must IMO as your jacks will just make the only escape route to their right. And in fun 3v3's you can count on it that theres people who just keep forgetting about stacks or just don't realise how strong they are.

Mid game:

This is where you can start juggling. Dont go rambo and have patience. You're not an epic trolling juggler yet. That's endgame. As soon as you have your tooth stuff you'll be able to juggle like a master. Keep in mind however that until the rod of ages your mana runs our sort of fast and you're squishy.

Late game:

You're plain trolling your enemies now. Like I explained in the juggling part, you'll be uncatchable. This champ requires so much skill as its the least generic one and requires creativity. I even like showing my face on one side of the map when I'm chased and they're at the other side. You'll deceive continually and while out of stealth a jack and shiv will keep enemies away. Never fight a dps 1v1 unless you can burst and bye bye to somewhere you have a jack or if your jack is off cd.
If you got stacks be careful though. It's a waste with the 30% extra from the deathcap to lose them.

And the clone

The clone is amazing. Control him with "CTRL+click" make enemies greedy by showing your clone for a split second and folling him while he explodes in their face and you deceive away. Trust me. It's amazing.

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The conclusion is: You're a pro troll juggler. Your enemies will rage so badly. You have to be a deceiver: a smart thinker. A manipulator. Your clone will save you in a pinch and deal some neat damage. And if the enemy just happens to walk into a jack: place another jack->shiv->deceive and wait till jack pops->Backstab-> KILL
And the enemy will be all like:
"******** LUCKER U **** SUCK YOURE NOT ***** PRO"
While really, you sure as hell are.

Keep in mind the ingame playing part and you should be good. If you get skilled at that it's just plain 'GG kidz'.

Good luck with this build and please give me some supportive criticism!