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League of Legends Build Guide Author adamhimself

3v3 Shaco Madness

adamhimself Last updated on July 11, 2010
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This is my personal 3v3 Shaco build. I find the 3v3 map to be much different in play style and approach for most characters. Those who don't 3v3 often enough usually get their brains slushed around the map. Shaco is a great toon for the 3v3 map and this build reflects the skills best used.

Generally, in 5v5s I will use teleport because the map is so big and it helps to get around. This is not necessary in the 3v3 map because it is so small and easy to get to battle. Teleport is a complete waste. So, I suggest ignite as its replacement because it never hurts, especially in early game. Exhaust is also perfect. Try not to use them both at the same time as people tend to pick cleanse more often in higher level games. Use ignite on them to waste their cleanse, then hit them with exhaust. If they don't have cleanse, then go crazy.

I find Jack in the Box to be most lame at early levels and I don't get why guides put such an emphasis on it. It is a huge waste of mana and only helps for creep kills until you get a higher level when the DPS is increased and even then its rarely effective. I find it to be wasteful skill even in 5v5 and I know there are a million Shacos out there who would find this absurd, but the way I play is focused on last hitting creeps with your own personal attack, ganking/assassinating, and melee DPS. Mana should be saved in early game for Deceive and Two-Shiv poison. Blinking away and stealthing with deceive is very necessary in harassing enemy players and is not possible when you blow all your mana on Jack in the Box. If you wanted to be a lane pusher and a forester then Jack in the Box might be for you, but for me... it's not. Though, I do use it randomly.

I find Two-Shiv poison to be one of the most underestimated skills in Shaco's lineup. It does a great deal of damage and it slows the enemy. This can be handy if you can't get within melee range or an enemy is running away. Early game it allows for you to gank right away and will cut through people's HP if used right. Add this on top to exhaust and ignite and you can almost gank at level 1.

Deceive is the middle child. I don't find it to be that effective right away, but the fact that it is both blink and stealth just rocks and is invaluable. At higher levels it really helps out with damage. But, for the most part all you really need it for is the blink and invis.

Hallucinate is perfect for fooling enemies and taking out towers. It is also great for soloing the dragon and other creeps in the forest. Use is sparingly in the beginning of the game as level 1 has a very long cool down, but once you reach level 3 then you can use it for frequently. I personally save it for when we go into team battle as when the clone dies it shoots out AOE knives and this is great AOE damage and it also helps you take less damage. I found people often hit my clone with their ignite or exhaust. Its an excellent diversion tool and once mastered can help a great deal.

The focus with Shaco is clearly damage. So, I got all the major ones. Attack speed isn't important from the mastery tree... I mean you get a meesely 4% with 4 points which is nothing. Though, the tree is very flexible I suggest getting improved Exhaust and Ignite, along with + critical strike damage %. Everything else is mostly personal discretion, but magical penetration is not necessary.

The passive abilities is to aid in some mana/hp regen, leveling up, and gold gaining. They help a lot on Shaco and when you don't use them you can notice the difference.

Critical Strike Damage. Enough said. This is the way to go on Shaco. I find critical strike chance and attack speed to simply not be worth it. The gains made from crit strike damage are more vital and when combined with the items in this build, it just wrecks.

I am still learning on this one. But, I find getting boots and 2 HP pots and 1 mana pot to be the starting items. They will last you to at least level 7 or 8 if you play your cards right. Once that is over get your attack speed boots. This will help greatly. Then, get some sort of life steal. It doesn't matter for the most part, but the malady is an excellent choice for its attack speed and and DPS stack. Next comes Infinity edge. If you got the malady then you have pretty decent attack speed and if your runes are set up right then you have an insane amount of crt strike dmg. Get the 8& Critical strike chance cloak first, and you will start seeing yourself crit quite frequently and for insane amounts especially once you finish the Infinity edge.

Next comes the Gunblade. This is my own personal twist. It does life steal, damage, and direct damage. I usually put it in the #2 key slot for quick grab. This will help finish off those enemies who have like 200 HP left. It will also ensure you get the last hit on enemies and no kill stealing will take place. Shaco with a direct damage spell? Sick. This also helps if you are in a stalemate and its pretty evenly matched.

If the game still goes on then the bloodthirster is a great choice. +100 DMG. You can't go wrong and it has life steal. This combined with the other items makes Shaco near invincible because he can just keep rapidly taking life.

Generally, I play Shaco as harrasment/last hitter in my lane in the first 8 levels. I will occasionally go off and help gank, but for the most part I am trying to grind out $$$ unless I see a good chance. I will from time to time (if I have a good partner, or a friend on vent) try and take out an enemy at level 1. This is a 50/50 chance and sometimes is a very dumb move. If you don't have a ranged guy with you then try your best for last hitting and harrasment. If you do have a ranged then have him harass the enemy while you last hit. Focus on squishies as much as possible. Shaco has a hard time taking out tanks with high armor. So focus on those who you can take out. Shaco's main weakness is tank heavy teams.

The key to survival as Shaco is in his deceive. You will quickly learn how to juke people out properly and teleport over walls. I can't tell you how often juking or teleporting over a wall has saved my life. If I am being chased and im low on health I will start running one way and let them think I am running that way, but when I deceive I port back towards them or another way than the one I was running. 3/4 of the time they keep chasing where they *thought* I was going and I get away, but more experienced players know better and will either stop chasing or take a random guess at where I went. Its also smart to use walls that sit on the lane. Watch them, and if you see the enemy coming down a lane and spot a chance to gank, then teleport over the wall and initiate on him.

Shaco is one of my few guys that has a positive K:D ratio. I am improving with him everyday and he has a steep learning curve in proper use. I do play him kind of "outside the box" (lol) rather than how some people play him. I have gone up against numerous Shaco cookie cutter builds and generally I found my Shaco to be stronger in early game and about equal in late game. The reason being in early game when you are casting Jack in the Box over and over then you are just demolishing your mana for little pay off. People almost treat him as if he is a heimerdinger, but his "turrets" don't work like that.

Give it a shot, and remember this is mostly 3v3, though this can all be applied to 5v5 as well.