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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cbroughton

[3vs3] Corki: The Harassing DPS Nuke

cbroughton Last updated on February 14, 2011
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Version 1: (Feb 14 2011 -- 7:30 UTC)
- Initial Release
Version 2: (Feb 14 2011 -- 10:03 UTC)
- Did the spell, skill, champion, and item icons.
Version 3: (Feb 15 2011 -- 00:17 UTC)
- Redid the masteries a bit, removed "Offensive Mastery" and added Experience Utility.

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This is my first Guide, please give me constructive criticism as you see fit, and help me to improve this and other guides I may make in the future.

First, you might be asking me: "Why a 3vs3 build anyways? Aren't those just easy and for noobs?" I would like to point out right now that this theory, and way of thinking is absolutely horrendous. You can IP farm faster and harder on 3vs3 matches than on 5vs5 matches, and when playing Normal there just is no substitute to the utter domination you have when playing Corki with this build.

I ask you to take this into consideration when reading through my guide, in hopes that you will understand my ways of thinking and not just down-rate the guide because you don't like 3vs3 matches.

Also: While my suggestions in this guide may seem ridiculous, I can back up each of them with reasoning in writing; and in game. I think my choices are just excellent, but you are welcome to disagree.

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Simply put, you need all the attack speed you can get early game. Late game, you might as well max out near 2.300, and this attack speed coupled with your insane late and early life-steal will make you one hard person to kill, unless you are stunned (which is then your fault.) As this character guide is for a nukey Corki, there is no need for me to explain the mana runes to anyone.

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Offensive of course, you need all the damage you can get yourself. This is why I set the items up to complements this (See: Items). If you find yourself dieing a bit too much, put a few points in to basic defensive masteries or **** runes around to compensate for this (but this should not be a problem if you are playing Corki correctly in a 3vs3 match.)

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Skill Sequence

The largest mistake I have seen Corki's do in the past, was to invest in Phosphorus Bomb. Here's the big problem with that: It doesn't really do a whole lot. I mean, sure, blinding someone for 35% miss is fine, but it's not as if it slows them a great deal, or even stops them from killing you. This skill is only useful late game when you are defending a tank from being killed, blind the one doing the most damage and just continue on with the rest of your skills.

The reason we build Corki's Gattling Gun first and foremost is that it does an insane amount of damage. Say you are level one or two and a half-dead Mordekaiser runs up to you with your full health, pop E and chase him, try to stay JUST closer than your maximum range (which should be easy since your first item is boots), and spam Phosphorus Bomb and your normal attack at will; microing is essential.

Make sure to get at least one point into your Valkyrie before you get to level six, if only to run away from anyone or chase anyone depending on your / their health. Never use it as a primary attack unless it is late game and you just want to mop up a creep wave or something, don't expect it to do any damage to any sensible hero... even if it's Ryze and they're standing still in the middle of a lane.

In the middle game, you are going to utterly spam your Missile Barrage every time you can get a clear shot at your laning opponent(s). This is your main method of harassment, and this never fails. You can get a tank ( Malphite, Gragas, Rammus, etc) down to less than half health in less than half a minute using this technique, and still have mana to spare. Don't worry about running low on mana, your other spells don't even matter that much if all you are doing is harassing.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Teleport are essential for Corki, and I cannot think of any other two summoner spells you would get. Ghost is excellent because you will often need to use it (in combination with your Valkyrie) to get right up and personal with an enemy for the kill, or even to get away from an unfortunately well timed attack on your enemy's part. You can use this in conjunction with Valkyrie to even get out of a targeted gank.

As per the other possible spells, here are a few reasons why each one is bad (for the bad ones):
Revive You should never need it, stop dieing.
Heal Life-Steal, and if early game: The health pots.
Clarity You don't need the mana, so there's no need here.
Clairvoyance Don't even get me started on how stupid this is.
Fortify It's bad only because you have better use for that slot...

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Items / Farming

Simply put, this build is expensive and you will almost never pull off the entire build in any good 3vs3 match. You might get the first three (complete) items out fine, and probably win even by then. Once Corki gets to lv.11, there's just no contest (except for Dr. Mundo and his heal.)

You can farm with Corki with great ease, combining his Missile Barrage for wonderful last-hits, and his Gatting Gun to just mop up entire creep waves late game will allow you to get your entire build (if the game even lasts that long) with relative ease.


You should almost never have to leave a lane, which is also a rather large beauty considering the items I have chosen. If you are being attacked a lot, stick to your tower and don't push the creeps; but get a few last-hits and hits here and there to replenish your health quickly.

With the Vampiric Scepter: If you kill your laning opponents, do NOT go back to your tower, or even back to the hill. You can just hit creeps to get your full HP up in about thirty seconds, sometimes even less than this if you have your attack speed items already. This allows you to out-level even the solo lane in a 3vs3 and leaves your solo opponent as under-leveled as the two at bottom.

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Summary (IE: tl;dr)

Spam Missile Barrage on heros when you have a direct line of sight.
Use Valkyrie and Ghost to get away, as well as get into action.
Use Phosphorus Bomb for some extra damage, or if you are being hit a lot.
Use Gattling Gun to chase, it does a lot of damage; even early game.
Your Vampiric Scepter will compensate for almost anything with your attack speed.