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Udyr Build Guide by DesTartines

Other [4.21] Udyr The King of Jungle

Other [4.21] Udyr The King of Jungle

Updated on December 10, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DesTartines Build Guide By DesTartines 2,103 Views 0 Comments
2,103 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DesTartines Udyr Build Guide By DesTartines Updated on December 10, 2014
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Udyr aka Godyr

Everybody knows that beast. I won't say much. If you play in lower elo this is build for you. As one champion you can carry whole team. And it is not that hard. As King Trick says "Learn the fuc**ng Game".
I prefer the Phoenix-maxed build, but I will get a Tiger-one very soon.
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So you shall start on Krugs/Gromp. Utility build lets you solo it quickly, but always feel free to ask for leash.Max Turtle, eat a cookie and go for Red buff.
Move to blue buff, you can have another cookie. Take it but don't smite it. Save it for Gromp.
Next move to Gromp and you shall take it with no problems. Use smite!
Now you are free to get Wolves and Razorbeaks.
After that you have options. Gank, go for Krugs or go back and get some items.
You end Razorbeaks on ~75%HP and you still have one cookie left (Utility<3).
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Summoner Spells

Smite is obvious so I am not talking about this.
I want to show you options of other summs.
You can play with Flash. It is always safe, you can juke or just get away from danger by flashing over some wall. Although if you fail it you are pretty much dead.
Now let's consider Ghost. Gives you cool amount of move speed. Good for fast ganks under tower and getting away before it kills you. But if you are being chased by some hard CC'ing champs you can just forget of getting away, like flash helps you to.
Alrighty, now Trick2g's real hardcore set. Smite+Teleport. Clear 3 camps, get 350gold and get that jungle item asap. Keep cleaning, sometimes gank with bear stance and you can get Full item and solo mrfin' drake. Option worth considering, but you have no way to escape. Bear stance can't save you always, remember.
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Solo'ing Dragon

It is possible to solo drake with Ranger and 2 daggers and few potions, although for safety get that Devourer and pots.
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Allright, that is my easy Udyr build with early game tips. Remember to build items situationally and always keep in mind that you have to think many steps ahead before opponent's move.
Good luck on Fields of Justice.
League of Legends Build Guide Author DesTartines
DesTartines Udyr Guide
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[4.21] Udyr The King of Jungle

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