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Udyr Build Guide by Quantum Fusion

AD Offtank 4.9 Phoenix Godyr Feral Flare/Spirit Stone

AD Offtank 4.9 Phoenix Godyr Feral Flare/Spirit Stone

Updated on June 10, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Quantum Fusion Build Guide By Quantum Fusion 43,839 Views 3 Comments
43,839 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Quantum Fusion Udyr Build Guide By Quantum Fusion Updated on June 10, 2014
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So I'm Quantum, I've been playing League for almost 2 years now. I started playing Udyr a while back, before the Feral Flare madness erupted, and he was fun, but it wasn't the same after Feral Flare. He turned into the selfish, farm-heavy hyper-carry he is today, and it's a ton of fun.

Before you say I'm copying, this is Trick2G inspired, I have a few tweaks to his strategy, the masteries are a big change, as well as some of the items, E.G. no Zephyr, adding a Wit's End, stuff like that. I give him all credit for the base strategy, and no doubt for sparking my interest in the Godyr. This is merely my variation on a beastly champion strategy. So let's get into it.
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Be Warned

You're gonna get flamed. Loads of trash talk and toxicity lays ahead of you. Why is that? Because you are a selfish farming jungle with maximum disregard for the welfare of your teams' laning. So if you don't like people flaming at you and blaming all their mistakes on the "non-ganking dumbass Udyr", then you might want to go learn Lee Sin.

But, there's a mute button for a reason, and if you and your team survive through laning, and go neutral or maybe just a little negative, then you can win. Jungling is a role that has massive impact on the outcome of a game. Junglers can throw games as easy as they win them, it's a very important role. And Udyr especially has a kit that can single-handedly turn the tide of a game with little help from your team. So, this makes him a valuable asset to any team, and a ridiculous hypercarry.

It will take time, you will be ridiculed and insulted, but it's worth it.
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Base Strategy

What your focus with Udyr is when going Feral Flare/Spirit Stone, is farm and objectives. You want to get Feral early as possible, so farm up. Farm straight until 1150 Gold, then back, get Madred's and Spirit Stone. Then farm some more, and now is when you can throw in ganks as necessary. But your main focus remains on farm. If a lane is not pushed to turret or too low to stay, then you DO NOT GANK OR COVER LANE. Don't make up reasons to gank, don't gank just because you can, because you CAN'T. You're a Feral Flare farm-reliant jungle, and ganks are unnecessary.
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The Basic Combo


When ganking, always run in with BEAR stance, then switch to PHOENIX as soon as you get the stun off. Then you want to keep hitting them with PHOENIX while running along side them, this will provide AOE damage, as well as set you up for a repeat stun in BEAR stance This will get you the most initial damage and give time for the laner to catch up and deal some damage. This is the most basic combo Udyr has, and is good in all scenarios.
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Farming Jungle

When you farm jungle, you want to make routes to utilize your jungle and get the most farm out of it. Always start at Double Golems or White Camp.

Double Golems
Then run all the way to White Camp
Then do Wolves
Then Back to Wraiths
Then Double Golems
Now check for ganks on mid or top

It's quite a simple process, and you can reverse it just as easily by starting at White and making the same rotations, except after you finish your cycle, check for ganks at bot/mid.

I personally like to start a camp in Tiger Stance, then quickly switch over to Phoenix. It gives Phoenix an extra attack speed buff, and is highly effective in the lower levels.
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Solo Dragon (Level 8)

At level 8 you have a unique opportunity to SOLO DRAGON

As long as you have Madred's Razors and Spirit Stone, you can do it at LEVEL 8

Just start in tiger stance, and keep switching between Phoenix and Tiger over and over again to burn it down the quickest.

Always SWEEP the pit with your sweeper's lens, you should have it by now, and be aware of mid and bot's movements. Vision on the enemy jungler is also a good advantage, but not always necessary.
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Teamfighting and Split Pushing

Udyr is only a strong teamfighter if your team is doing well. If this is the case, Udyr can hop in and out of teamfights as he wishes farming jungle camps and getting dragon as well as counter-jungling.


If your team is feeding, losing turrets, and just generally sucking. Bust out your tryhard panties and get ready for some split pushing.


You want turrets. That's your main objective, focus all your attention on those. If you have vision on three or more of the enemy team's players in other lanes, or at a jungle camp, then you need to find the empty lane, and push it. Then as soon as you see an enemy, activate bear stance and peace out of there, move to another lane, and continue. This is also where GHOST comes in handy. If their whole team is collapsing on you, pop ghost and bear stance and you'll be able to run by most teams. Alternate Bear and Turtle stance for some added defense and speed.


Split pushing is all about calculations. If the enemy team is at your mid inner turret, and you are pushing bot for an inhibitor turret, then you should keep going. Even if your inner turret goes down, if you get that bot inhibitor turret then it is a worth while trade. This is a mistake lower skill level players often make, which is backing and fighting with the team to defend a turret, when a higher priority objective can be easily taken. League is all about calculated decisions and trades.


If the enemy team is pushing mid for an inhibitor turret, and you are pushing bot for an inner turret, this is an example where you should back and defend the inhibitor turret with the team. Even if you get that bot inner turret, it's not worth it if you have an open inhibitor, or a lost inhibitor with super-minions clomping down mid. This is also another mistake low-skill players make, turrets all have different values, it's all about picking the right targets over over targets.
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That's about it. Just farm for Feral Flare, get your build going, then go HAM. Obviously there's more to it, but you'll get it with time. Just takes hard work and dedication. When starting off with Udyr, just take it easy, don't go too hard, learn the champion, learn the game, and know your limits. Once you get a hang of him, it's EZ-MODE 24/7.

Hope you enjoyed, feel free to leave any comments or constructive criticism in the comments. I'd love to hear it. This is my first guide here on MobaFire, so errors and stupid mistakes should be expected.

If you want, follow me on Twitter @Quantum_Fusion

Godspeed, Godyr.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Quantum Fusion
Quantum Fusion Udyr Guide
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4.9 Phoenix Godyr Feral Flare/Spirit Stone

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