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Janna General Guide by Rayskat

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rayskat

[5.7]Forecast Janna's guide to Forecast Janna

Rayskat Last updated on March 12, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Janna with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ezreal Ezreal's... Ezreal.... he's not really spectacular at anything, shield his skillshots and you'll be fine.
Ashe Ashe is a rare champion to see, but you can negate her passive and W with your shield and a lot of the time you'll have time to get in position to prevent people from following up to her ult. (If you're not the one hit by it of course), plus, her laning's not very strong. Start coin, you can start Spellthief's but since she has a permaslow you might want to think twice about trying to AA her for the extra gold.
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Hello, I'm Rayskat, also known as Forecast Janna on the EUW servers. I started playing in Season 3, I've mained Janna since my second day in League of Legends and I have ~500 ranked games on her. I ended S3 in Bronze 2 but quickly climbed through the ladder, I reached Diamond 5 in 523 games and peaked at Diamond 2 76LP and at 65% win ratio on Janna in Season 4. I've been thinking of starting a new YouTube channel and perhapse streaming, so pardon me if I advertise it a little bit on this guide. I spent many hours making this and I hope you'll find it helpful.

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Summoner spells

You either use Exhaust or Ignite with Flash. Why?
Because Flash is OP you always take it unless you play a champion that greatly benefits from Ghost. You take Exhaust or Ignite depending on the lane and team comps.

When to pick Ignite?
You pick Ignite when you have a very good laning ADC like Draven or if your enemy lane/ADC is extremely weak, like Twitch and you want to win the lane. Though picking Exhaust is still better against high burst ADCs like Graves (Exhausting Q/R reduces his damage by a ridiculous amount) or against Kalista.

When to pick Exhaust?
Exhaust is the better option most of the time when you're playing Janna. Exhaust brings a lot more utility than Ignite, it keeps your carries alive from their assassins, it shuts down the enemy ADC's damage for a few seconds if they get fed, it slows down and reduces the enemy champions' armor and MR if you're chasing them (Tho very rarely you use it for that purpose)
Also note that Exhaust is EXTREMELY effective against Kalista, because she relies on her AAs to kite enemies, as her all in potential isn't high, exhausting the Rend also lowers her damage output By a lot.

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Here's the Janna page I used for a long time:
3x Armor quints
9x Hp seals
9x AD marks
9x Flat MR glyphs

You can use HP quints + Armor seals if you can't get Armor quints + HP seals and you can use MR/level glyphs if you want. Using full AD marks and Armor marks is down to preference and what lane you're up against, but generally you win trades lvl-1 with your shield, so I take the AD marks most of the time, you can also use a few Mana regen runes if you feel like you need to use your shield a lot, but mana's generally not a problem.

Here's the Janna page I use when I really want to win games:
3x Flat AP Quints
9x Armor per level seals
9x AP per level MARKS
9x Ap per level glyphs

What is this rune page? It's a rune page for advanced Janna play. The idea behind sacrifising your defensive stats for all this AP is simple: Janna's AP scaling is one of, if not THE best out of all the supports. Your W slows more and gives you more MS, your shield gains more strength AND boosts your AD's damage even further, and the biggest thing that a lot of people forget about Janna, the AP scaling of her ultimate is a 180% when fully channeled. That means that your ultimate can potentially heal over 1500 HP per ally in the late game.

But here's the catch, your positioning must be amazing. If you get hit by any sort of CC in or out of lane you're dead. I do not recommend using this particular set of runes if your positioning isn't great.

You can also go for a mix of these depending on the situation or if you don't want to use your auto attacks in the early levels, if you want that I'd go:
9x Armor marks
9x health seals
9x MR OR AP glyphs
3x AP quints

This page gives you a decent amount of armor along with HP. If the enemy bot lane or their whole team doesn't have a lot of Magic damage you can even go AP glyphs with AP Quints, this gives your shield a lot more strength and boosts your ADCs damage even further.

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If you go for the AP path you want to go 9/0/21, it's a more aggressive Masteries page than what you normally see Jannas run and it's prefectly fine to go 0/9/21 (or even 0/21/9 if you're up against Draven/Karma), but if you feel like your lane is stronger in the early levels these masteries will help you more.

The 9/0/21 Masteries with AP runes is even more effective, thanks to the 10% CDR you get lvl-1.

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Laning phase

Janna's laning phase can be played in two ways:
1. The way I used to play Janna for the longest time, which is playing extremely passive and making sure your ADC gets the farm they need and that you don't die.
2. Starting Spellthief's edge + E and going aggressive in the early levels.

What are the pros and cons of the 2 styles?
1. You'll have a safe lane, perfect for a weak early game hyper carry, someone who wants to farm in the laning phase. Vayne and Twitch for example.
2. Starting the lane with aggression gives you more lane control, starting with Spellthief's gives you more early damage, so if you want to play Janna aggressively in lvl-1 through 5-6 start with a Spellthief's edge.

How do you play these lanes?
1. It's simple, you keep river and tribush (sometimes the enemy red/blue if you can) and shield the damage coming your way. This is a lot easier way to play Janna than the aggressive style.
2. You start Spellthief's and you go ham lvl-1, start E, focus your AAs on the enemy ADC, you can get them to under half hp with the Spellthief's procs + your shield if they don't respond. At higher elos you need to be more careful with doing this, as they know how to deal with it (they both start AAing you as you come close). You can't trade with the enemy ADC after their first back, so you need to make something happen in the early levels. If your ADC has a CS lead or if you have a kill on them you've done your job.

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Mid Game - Positioning and warding

Mid game is when some turrets have gone down and the Dragon/inner turrets become the objectives both teams want.
Your job is to either follow your ADC if you feel like he needs you, if he does't then go mid and try to prevent them from taking the turret (if it's not down already), try to relieve pressure by being where the majority of the enemy team is, you're the only champion in the game who can shield turrets, use that ability.

Depending on the situation you either want to ward defensively or offensively. If you have the advantage you should try to get your team to move in with you to the enemy jungle to ward deep.

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Late Game

Late game, if you've survived to this point with the AP build there should be no way to lose.
Basically, as Janna you want to teamfight, Janna is among the best if not the best teamfighting support in the game. Especially if you build her AP, with 40% cdr and over 500AP there's absolutely no way you're going to lose a teamfight unless you or one of your teammates gets instantly popped. Keep yourself next to, or even behind your own carries and protect them at all costs.

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This is where Janna shines. Your job as the best peeler/disengage support in the game is to... well... peel and disengage... keep yourself right next to your ADC at all times, when the fight starts E him immediately and do nothing else.

When you see someone getting too close to your ADC use your W and Q to keep them away from them and when they get to your carries use your ultimate to knock them away again, if they're still alive after that your W and Q should be up again to make sure they finally die.

However if you're up against an Assassin like Zed or LeBlanc you should instantly use your ultimate to keep them away as your Q/W won't do much to keep your ADC alive. And remember: ALWAYS FULLY CHANNEL YOUR ULTIMATE IF YOU CAN. I see a lot of Jannas making the mistake of just tapping their ultimate and letting 600-3000 (up to 7000-9001) if you have a lot of AP in the late game) worth of healing go to waste. Your ultimate is one of the best AoE heals in the game, do not forget this.

Ideally your Mid laner should be right next to your ADC, but that's rarely going to happen so you have to make a choice:
Do I protect my APC or my ADC? Usually the right answer is the ADC because your Shield will not do as much as it could when you put in on someone else, but if your APC is incredibly fed and is carrying the game while your ADC is 0/5 it's an option to fully try to protect him over your ADC. Ideally you're there to make sure both of them live, but some times you need to make the choice.

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YouTube and future plans

My Youtube is, I'm constantly uploading stuff there, not really sure which direction I want to take it in yet tho.
I will start livestreaming too if I can get an internet connection for it.


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