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Renekton Build Guide by btcCrille

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League of Legends Build Guide Author btcCrille

5K life Killer

btcCrille Last updated on January 1, 2012
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- Play deff until Level 6 --> after that push them to death
- With lvl 2 jump into enemy minions, use q and jump back afterwards (you have to hit an enemy minion / Champion to jump a second time)
- if enemies are on your tower wait until there is only one minion left then jump into them stun the meele character and hit him with q. If stun runes out use exauste and jump through the champion. Hit him with autohit or q (if it's ready) and jump another time. Then kill him if possible or start playing more deff if nessesary.
- Use your ultimate as late as possible so enemy won't run at the beginning of the fight and underestimate you
- If you have ultimate ready and about 300 hp left stay at turret if there are only two champions comming to your turret (with not more then 2000 hp). If they come for you activate your ultimate and stun the one who first damaged u, then jump away (you have to hit someone so yuu can jump a second time)
If you can kill them afterward do it, if not try to escape ... one will die cause of turret (if exauste is ready use it :p )

If you play vs Fizz sololane ... run away you cannot win if he plays just a bit like you have to play him. Stay deff until end of laning phase.

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Renekton is more than just a big aligator with a wapon, he is one of the most coll champs in game. He is a meele fighter with the power to crush everyone who dare to come into his way. That there are only some players who use him (cause he isn't ofter seen in games) didn't mean that he isn't powerful or something like that, but that there are just a few players who can hanlde it.
So I hope there are some players who read my guide and start using it for playing him so I will see him more often in game, cause I would love to fight him to see who play him better.
Up to now I fougth him just one time and there wasn't even a little chance for him.
Maybe we meet once to check our skill in playing renekton ..... I'm waiting for you! ^^

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Skill Sequence

This skill sequence helps with sololane, cause instead of taking the most powerful skill of renekton you pick his second strongest (in dmg) but you heal yourself ... even if it isn't much.
Therefor, you have to hit as much minions as you can with your q so you will get max health back!
And you have to use your passiv for q. If your passiv have given you more then 50 don't jump into the enemy's minions but run into them cause your q will heal you more then enough.

Your e is realy nice for farming minions but also for running away so you have to think about running away or farm cause there is a huge cooldown for this skill.

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To explain sunfirecap : There are many people who underestimate the power of sunfire .... you will get lots of lasthits cause of it!
+ You will get more than enough assists. But be careful: You will catch the turrets shots if you attack it and there is a enemy champion next to you cause you do dmg to him with sunfire.

Those itembuild will give you a huge amount of hitpoints ... so jump in teamfight first, take some skills of the enemy champs on you and jump out of it with about 500 hp ... one of the enemy should be dead until then ... cause of your friendly champs.
then you have to decide if you still fight (like I do most of the time) or go b.

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Summoner Spells

I choose those two summoner spells to play sololane cause they help with killing enemy chapions at turret if they come for you. Use your skills and exause as I wrote before and use egnite if u aren't sure that u will kill your enemy.
I know that there are many people who say that you have to take teleport at sololane bit if you do so, you won't get the kills on your lane ... or at least not that much and have to rely on the jungler. But with those two spells you will get some more early which helps you to rule your lane and destroy the enemy turret as soon as possible.
If you have to go home, tell it your jungler so he takes your lane for some moments or push to the mid of your lane then go ... when you are ready with shopping use your e to go back to your lane some faster. This way there will be just some dmg to your turret.

At the end of the laning phase, teleport isn't that often needed if u got a good renekton. With this guide it's no problem to tower dive so if enemies are pushing on a lane your champs aren't on, start pushing yourselves ... you will be faster cause you don't have to rely on your minions.

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Pros / Cons

- huge dmg-output even without playing ad or offtank
- ulti gives u lots of supports in teamfights ifen if u don't kill anyone yourself
- flexibil : Tank / offtank / jungler / ad
- easy to farm with him

- have to be near the enemy to make some dmg cause he just got 2 aoe-skills with a real small range

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Since many players consider the true champion, not his story (which is very interesting by the way) here it is again! ^ ^

On a distant world Renekton as a member of a breed of animal was born guard, which was created to serve as a ruler and protector of her people. On the side of his brother Nasus Renekton oversaw the maintenance of the Great Library, which served equally as a treasure house of ancient knowledge and repository of the teachings of the cycle of life and death. While the enlightened Nasus the scholars who came here to study, teach, had Renekton held the post of gatekeeper. He could recognize the true nature of those who sought Nasus teachings, and he showed those with dark ambitions. Over time, however, spoiled the repeated exposure of the evil his mind. The malice in the hearts of the people fueled his anger, and as he increasingly became insane, he discovered that he could quell the anger by cutting them from the evil-obsessed people. Unfortunately, the relief went out as fast as the lives of its objects of study and the "wrath of the butcher," as he was soon called, would inflame again, and even more.

Devoured by his resentment turned against itself Renekton the only one who could defeat him: his own brother. Nasus Renekton urgently asked to come to their senses. When he realized that Renekton was beyond saving, slew the desperate Nasus his wayward twin. Defenseless Renekton waited eagerly for the release of death. But they never came. He remained behind, as the conjurers called the League of legends to be his brother. Caught in the undertow of this powerful spell staggered Renekton for an uncertain time, which seemed to him centuries, between the realities. When he finally rose, he landed deep in the sewers of Zaun. Mad with rage languished Renekton was driven in his newfound home of his anger into madness. Up to the moment when he saw by chance a familiar smell in the air. In the firm belief that familiar smell would bring him the comfort that slowly faded from his memory, Renekton followed his brother into the military academy.

"My brother has become hollow. Full of anger and yet empty." - Nasus

Cool Info in his story: He is the brother of Nasus so if u like Nasus u will love renekton, too.