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Varus Build Guide by Timtimteemo

[8.16] AP Varus Guide

[8.16] AP Varus Guide

Updated on August 15, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Timtimteemo Build Guide By Timtimteemo 154,358 Views 4 Comments
154,358 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Timtimteemo Varus Build Guide By Timtimteemo Updated on August 15, 2018
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Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Gathering Storm


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hello everyone
I am a Varus main since season 5

In this guide I will explain you how to play AP Varus, an exotic build, which has become more and more stronger during the last patches. Now, I consider AP Varus as the usual build to go for.
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Pros and Cons

Caster Varus :
-High damages on squishy targets
-Nice poke in lane
-Safe in lane due to his range (he's the safest of the 3)
-Can easily hit the enemy backline and stay safe at the same time

-Target to all assassins and casters
-No mobility
-Pretty useless against big tanks

ADC Varus :
-Constant DPS
-Strong against tanks and fighters
-Amazing in late game

-No mobility
-Less usefull in early than the Caster Varus

The AP Varus :
-High burst damage
-Scales very well from early to late game
-Can kill the biggest tanks easily
-Almost unbeatable in 1v1
-Very usefull in teamfight due to his ultimate

-The less safe of the 3 Varus
-Requires a strong frontline with CC to protect him
-Target to assassins
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Which one to chose ?

The Classic ADC Varus is strong against tanks and melee champions, but if you have to face champions that can kill you with their burst, then you might prefer going for the Caster Varus. Also, he is really good for kiting, which makes him strong for skirmishes on mid-game

I prefer playing AP Varus on the midlane as he is an ap, and the lack of a true adc would be bad in late game. His ability to exterminate tanks in late game is amazing, so you would probably play this one if you have allies than can protect you or kill the back line
Also, when playing AP Varus, as he does %max health, it doesn't deal that much damage in early, but his auto attacks deal really good damage, and in early he has a better aa dps than many adc's. When transiting to late game, his aa dps will be less good than adc but his Blight's stacks will be very strong (by exemple, when full build, 3 stacks will do about 53% max hp)
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First of all, the Flash, always.
Then, for the ADC and the Caster Varus, you should take Heal, or eventually Cleanse

If you play the Caster Varus on the mid lane then you can also play him with Ghost, Exhaust or Barrier
Exhaust is good against assassins, Ghost is if you want to follow & roam, Barrier if you play against long range (like Xerath, Lux or Vel'koz)

For the AP Varus, I usually take Exhaust, or Ghost
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Press the attack has an obvious synergy with Varus'W, making it the best choice.

For the secondary tree, you wanna go sorcery or eventually inspiration.
Transcendence helps to reach the cdr cap and gathering storm provides good stats on late game, where ap varus shines.

If you take Inspiration, then you want to take the stopwatch, because you are building into Zhonya, and Cosmic insight for extra cdr.
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Builds Notes

On AP Varus :
The Nashor's tooth gives the attack speed you need to proc your Blight's stacks, and the on-hit works well with your W, that makes your auto-attacks deal 40% of your AP. When full build, your autos can deal about 550 damage with a good attack speed and that lifesteal from the Hextech Gunblade, it almost makes you feel like an adc

The Zhonya's Hourglass will be needed, as you have no mobility. Also, it's very strong if you use your ult then Zhonya, and let the ult spread while you're safe

The new Guinsoo can be very good on late game if you want to focus more on your auto attacks than your spells. It would work better against non tanks champions

About the Lichbane , it can be good in late game but there are items more important and you don't really need more burst.
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Mechanics & Combos

aa= auto attack
[Q] = instant Q spell
[Q___] = charged Q spell

Basic Combos :
aa, aa, aa + [W]+[Q]
aa, aa, aa + [E]

Advanced Combos :
aa, aa+[E], aa (this one requires a bit of attack speed : your 3rd auto lands before the E does)
aa, aa, aa
aa+[E], aa, aa (this one requires lots of attack speed (more than 2.0) and when your passive is on)

R,[Q___(stay safe out of range)__] (release Q to touch at the exact moment when your ult has proc the 3 stacks; just before the end of the cc)
R+Flash : use your flash during the R animation
[Q___Flash] : use your flash while you are charging your Q (better just before you release it)
League of Legends Build Guide Author Timtimteemo
Timtimteemo Varus Guide
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[8.16] AP Varus Guide

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