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Varus Build Guide by xTheUnlimited

ADC [9.6] Varus ADC - Give me a target

ADC [9.6] Varus ADC - Give me a target

Updated on March 21, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author xTheUnlimited Build Guide By xTheUnlimited 1190 59 2,834,147 Views 31 Comments
1190 59 2,834,147 Views 31 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author xTheUnlimited Varus Build Guide By xTheUnlimited Updated on March 21, 2019
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resxski | May 22, 2019 2:59pm
should you still build guinsoos rageblade with the new nerf?
C1ber_N8va (1) | January 7, 2019 10:38am
no seriously your guide is good,its because of good guides like this that i can stop being a trash in this game.
Wyllyum (2) | January 4, 2019 9:43pm
I really liked your guide, mate. I wish we would see more Varus players on the rift. I realize the state of adcs isn't great right now, but just as well. Keep up the fine work producing quality material.


DrusKa7 | December 16, 2018 9:40am
BR: Eu estou investido mais em velocidade de ataque e acerto critico
EN: I am more invested in attack speed and critical hit
xTheUnlimited (7) | December 17, 2018 12:32am
Im not really a fan of crit Varus since it does not support his kit as well as the on hit build does.
Wicked Cherry (157) | November 12, 2018 10:16am
Hey xTheUnlimited,
I think I've commented on one of your guides before but I swear I'm not stalking you. xD It was an accident and I don't even like Varus that much. But I thought I'd give him another go if a random guide I clicked on about Varus was well made. Well what can I say? It's pretty perfect. All things I can imagine being important are well-explained and the whole guide in general is just so in depth. I've never really felt secure with Varus but I'll see if your guide can change that. xD
xTheUnlimited (7) | November 15, 2018 7:31am
Heyho Wicked Cherry,

well thanks for your kind words, appreciate em!
And let me know if my guide changed your mind about Varus. That'd be interesting ;)
Wicked Cherry (157) | November 15, 2018 10:26am
Haha, well the thing is that I'm mainly playing Support and playing with Varus has caused me to experience a lot of negative stuff - poor Varus. So I felt that the synergy of my most played champions is kinda poor.
However, when I play him he's okay. Like nothing out of the ordinary, but his Ult for example can be extremely useful. So maybe I should start linking your guide to the random people playing Varus I have to play and put up with. xb
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galvapheonix (5) | November 8, 2018 7:22am
This is a wonderful guide. I learend a lot about varus through this. There was a while where I refused to play him because I just so regularly got beat by him that I was disgusted by his presence. Then my friend said one day that i would make a good varus and I laughed at him and told him I'd never play him. Then I got bored of all the Adc's I was playing and was just like "Aww heck it I'm gonna go for it" ANd i started playing varus. In my first couple games I jsut ran through my enemy laners and steamrolled the game. I was just like wow ok. He has become one of my safe picks for when I don't know what my enemy is gonna be. This guide taught me a lot and I still have a lot to learn but this guide put me on my way to becoming a better varus. I was wondering If an item like nashors, or gunblade would be a good build when the enemy is high health and low damage, as both items give ap and stack his W passive giving better health shred. I know BOTRK give % health damage, but sometimes it just isnt enough.
xTheUnlimited (7) | November 15, 2018 2:44am
You can go nashors, but then I'd recommend to go for the AP build that I've mentioned. The Ap build is one way to shredd a lot of tanks. I prefer BOTRK over Gunblade, because Gunblade does not provide any Bonus attack speed and it's active is good for burst champions, but not really for Varus.
So either you can chosse nashors, but then build full AP, or you can get last whisper (for armor pen) or infinity edge (for the true damage) to shredd tanks.
galvapheonix (5) | November 15, 2018 6:29am
Thank you
Ilift13 (5) | October 25, 2018 1:31pm
Great detail with awesome graphics. Well laid out.
semisomniac (13) | October 22, 2018 4:49pm
very nice guide, it looks great and is quite easy to read! thank you
HexTechZZ (2) | September 3, 2018 11:28am
well i wanted to ask you 1 question?? how do you farm with varus like Challenger Eloand what is the right combos for varus???and if you were 1 vs 5?? how to kill them penta???or at least stell baron from them??
xTheUnlimited (7) | September 3, 2018 10:27pm
To get a good amount of farm just takes some practice.
Combos for Varus are explained in the guide in the "Combos" section.
Well, there are probably too many situations so I cant tell you exactly how to "1v5 Pentakill". I'd say you should just try your best to dps and kite at the same time.
Lubet | August 21, 2018 6:50pm
Hey I have a question, why you wouldn't recommend lethality varus? I mean what are the reason this AS varus is better?
xTheUnlimited (7) | August 21, 2018 10:33pm
Well, I gotta say I changed my mind over the last few weeks. I got convinced that lethality Varus actually works at the moment. The big weakness of the lethality build is that he has no constant dps with it. Moreover he damage will just be huge in early game, his late wouldn't be good then anymore.
Right now, where games are shorter, I can recommend Varus, but that's not what this guide is about since I present a whole another build here. I just personally prefer the AS Version to shredd tanks.
Inodavid | August 19, 2018 1:08pm
erstmal Danke für den guten Guide. Ich selbst maine auch Varus bin aber erst silber, für dich sind solche Games wahrscheinlich Clown Fiestas aber hey, die gehen immer hin länger. Du betonnst in dem Guid das Varus seine volle Stärke erst im lategame bekommt doch ich muss sagen das ich da mehr Probleme hab. Vielleicht könntest du dir ja die Zeit nehmen mit mir mal eine Runde zu spielen, damit ich meine Fehler besser analysieren kann und besser werde auch wenn varus aktuell nicht so stark ist. Eine kleine Frage noch un zwar findest du es gut wenn man jetzt auch essence reaver auf varus bauen würde (passt doch zur der Q)? Danke für deine Guide nochmal und ich hoffe das du die zeit findest einen Padawan aufzunehmen ;D
xTheUnlimited (7) | August 20, 2018 1:17am
zunächst mal erreicht einfach jeder ADC seine volle Stärke im late game, ist wahrscheinlich dann von mir aus eher eine eher uneindeutige Aussage gewesen :D Deswegen hatte ich aber auch als Punkt bei "Pros" zu stehen, das er in so gut wie jeder Phase des Games soliden Schaden anrichtet, besonders in seiner starken laning Phase. Das Ding ist halt, dass das Late game sehr viel mit kiten zu tun hat und dort schon eine falsch-platzierte Ult zum Tode führen kann. Du wirst dort halt einfach härter und schneller für Fehler bestraft als in der Laning phase, vielleicht ist das ja ein Grund, warum du Schwierigkeiten hast. Außerdem sind zurzeit auch viele Assassins in der Kluft unterwegs, welche Varus zum Frühstück essen aufgrund seiner Immobilität.
Können gerne mal n paar Ruden zusammen spielen oder Ähnliches, kannst mich gerne einfach bei League adden :)
Essence Reaver finde ich nicht so passend zu Varus. Allerdings hab ich herausgefunden, dass er zurzeit auch effektiv ist, wenn du ihn mit Comet spielst und Lethality stuff baust. Dann halt Q als erstes hochskillen und dann W, da du dort dann voll auf den Q-Poke zurückgreifst.
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