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General Guide by Fuuji

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fuuji

A Beginner's Guide to Jungling - Video Guide in Progress

Fuuji Last updated on April 7, 2012
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This is not a specific character sheet! This is a generel jungling guide, i only put the item build and skill sequence on Maokai because otherwise i couldn't publish this.

If i get a positive response on this guidestyle, i will look into making champion specific guides. But i need to know what you think of this guide!

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Hello! My name is Fuuji, and i have been playing League of Legends for quite some time now.

I'm danish, and this might mean that my english will suck in some peoples eyes, but the message should be loud and clear in every section. It will also mean that you will have to live with my ****py accent in the video guide.

Anyway, the guide will mainly be a video that i create, but i will of course also do it in text. I recommend that you watch the video, tho. In my opinion you can theorycraft all you want, and that's good preparation, but nothing can replace watching the action live, and of course trying it for yourself.

What inspired me to do this guide, is how many people in the game is just plain refusing to go jungler, because they're bad at it (According to themselves). When you then pick a jungler, and get in the game, they complain about the lack of ganks in their lane and whatnot..

This guide is created to show you how accesible the jungle actually has become after they gave the green buffs to the small camps. Everyone can jungle.

I hope you enjoy it, because i will put a lot of work into this.
- Fuuji

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The Video Guide

I will embed the Video Guide here. The reason i'm making a video, is that you can't really show you guys what i mean without some sort of video or picture to back it up.

The Video is a work in Progress - I will upload it here as soon as it's done

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-- Before Going Into The Game --

The following chapters will describe what you need to know before getting into the game

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Why do you need a jungler?

As you should know, there's 3 lane's the Summoner's Rift map in League of Legends.

They will be refered to from now on as:
Top = The lane that will meet in the topmost lefthand corner on the map
Mid = The middle lane
Bot = The Bottom lane is (Quelle Suprise) the diagonal opposite of the Top lane

Now that we have this sorted, i will quickly explain the current meta (At least the one used on european servers). The Meta game is the way most people play it.

Top = Bruiser (Semi-Tank)
Mid = Ability Power Carry
Bot = Attack Damage Carry and a Support

This is why you need to get in that jungle, son!

You see, with a jungler, you put all the experience resources on the map to use, by letting the guy in Top get all the XP By himself, and you will be getting the XP from the jungle minions.

"Yeah dude, but the other team does that as well, it's not really an advantage!" Isn't it an advantage, not to have a disadvantage?

No, seriously, you need a jungler. Because there's more to this than just the XP. You need a person on your team managing all the delicious buffs out there. Also, a good jungler gank can tip the scales of an even lane. You can nurse the lanes that needs the most help, and this is probably the most important job for you. Also, i jungler has Smite, which is an awesome spell to steal buffs and important objectives with.

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The Camps and Rewards

Alright, i told you that this guide was for people who's thinking about trying a jungler. This may even be a brand new players so i guess i will explain the various buffs and camps

Here's the map:
So let's go through the camps. Let's say you're on the "Green" Side of the map. From the top, you have your Blue Buff Golem (Blue from now on) and then your Wolves Camp a bit more to the south. Then you have the middle lane separating the North from the South Jungle. Close to the Mid lane, you have your Wraith camp, your Red Buff Lizards (Red from now on) and all the way down to the south, you have your Golems.
This is obviously mirrored on the other side of the river (Check out the map, you'll get the idea)

In the river, you have 2 jungle "camps" that's shared between the teams. Teams usually contest each other for these camps every time they spawn (More on this in the rewards section)

Wolves: Money and some health and mana back - 1 Minute respawn time
Wraiths: Money and some health and mana back - 50 Seconds respawn time
Golems: Money and some health and mana back - 1 minute respawn time

Red: Money and the red buff. The red buff gives your auto attacks a mini ignite ability, and a slow. - 5 Minutes respawn time
Blue: Money and the blue buff. The Blue buff gives you greatly increased mana regeneration and cooldown reduction. - 5 Minutes respawn time

*Money* goes up the further into the game you come.

Dragon: 25 gold for the person who finishes him off and 190 gold to every member of your team - 6 Minute respawn
Baron Nashor: 25 gold for the person who finishes him off and 300 gold to every member of your team, along with the buff "Exalted with Baron Nashor" Which increases Attack Damage and Ability power along with Health and Mana Regen - 7 Minute respawn time

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Choosing Your Champion

I will compile a list of champions that i find jungleable. I will not go into details with any champions, but this will give you the general idea of what you should try out when you wanna start jungling



, this is my personal list, i'm not saying that you shouldnt go for someone who's not on this list. This is what i tried, and what i found out at my skill level and ELO Rating. The picture might be different if you go higher or lower than me.

Great Junglers
Lee Sin

Good Junglers
Dr. Mundo
Master Yi
Xin Zhao

Decent Junglers

Doable, not recommended (Seen done)

Don't go there!
Well.. The rest.

So that's what you need to know about the champions.. Or is it? Check out the next section before making the final choice of who you're gonna jump into the game with. Because the one you wanna pick might not fit in your team, and in order to be a successful jungler, you need a balanced team.

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Team Composition

It's important that you dicuss composition with your team. If you play draft pick, discuss with your team what champions they're gonna pick, so you can help them in the best way. If they take a super mana dependant champion in mid, you should pick a jungler that allows you to give the blue buff to that person every time. Remember that this goes both ways, if they take a champion that doesn't use mana, take a champion you should keep blue on as often as possible.

You should always try and analyze your ammount of CC. Does the team need more AoE Crowd Control? Go for Amumu or something like that. The team lacks high damage champions? You could go for Master Yi. If the team is super bursty but squishy, you could go for a beefy champion like Maokai or Malphite (which are decent junglers).

The more you play a jungler, the more you realize the need for the perfectly balanced team, and only by playing a sh*tload of champions, you will find out what works the best.

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-- This Is Where You Get Into The Game --

The following sections will be describing what you need to know when you're in the game

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Starting Items

Section under construction

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Now that you have picked your champions, and you're in the game, you should create a jungle route. Let me underscore this: The Route is up to you. There is no perfect answer. Sure, some routes are better for some champions, but i won't go too far into that. Just find a route that you're comfortable running, and don't be afraid to make it dynamic, whenever the game doesn't go your way or something like that. As a jungler, you should always try to adapt to the current situation, and this requires great map awareness. As with anything, this is easy to learn but really hard to master.

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You should also try and find out when you can gank. Take a champion like Lee Sin. Because he can fly around like a mad man with his first few abilities, he's a good early ganker. Let's use Malphite as another example. Yeah sure, his slow is decent when ganking early, but watch him when he gets to lvl 6. He can fly in with his ulti and knock eveyone up in the air, and THEN he can slow them. Malphite's ganks are much better when you get a bit into the game, and you should consider farming to lvl 6 as quickly as you can.

Ganking entrances
I will show you much more about this in the video. Simply can't be arsed to do this in text mode. Sorry :)

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Feeding Your Carries

Have you ever seen a Maokai go 2-5-18? Did anyone give him credit for that game? I did a Maokai with those stats last night, and someone called me a "feeder". And i said yeah, i did feed. I did feed our Cassiopeia and Graves.

If you go utility/CC Jungler, you want to hand out the kills to your laners. This will still give you enough money to get more defensive items, but where you really get bang for your buck is if your Mid or AD Carry gets fed. Because if, say, your Graves just burns through everyone on the other team, and you can protect him in team fights with your CC and utility, you will just smash the other team in team fights.

This is really important. League of Legends is a game where you need to rely on a very few persons, and where one person can mean the difference between a loss and a win for your team. This is why you wanna do what's best for your team, not always what's best for you.

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Wriggle's Lantern

Section under construction

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Section under construction

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Section under construction

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Closing Words

Section under construction


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