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League of Legends Build Guide Author A Chubby Baby

A Chubby Baby - Review Me :)

A Chubby Baby Last updated on July 11, 2012
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Hello all. I am A Chubby Baby and this will be my reviewing guide on MOBAFIRE :D. This guide will allow you all to place guides you want me to review for you! If you are interested, please continue reading and find out further information about this reviewing process.

*Note* - Please actually read the guide and fulfill the requirements before asking me to review your guide.

I hope you like my review guide, and even if you don't please tell me what I can improve my guide or if you have any suggestions.

Thanks :D!

Guide Top

Requirements and Formatting


  • Summoner level 30
  • You have at least 100+ posts
  • Your guide includes some type of coding (text is not coding btw)
  • Your guide is in English (sorry, I don't exactly know other languages well enough...)

Review Format

Summoner Level:
Post Count:
Specific Reasons You Want Your Guide to be Reviewed:
Guide Link:

If You Do Not Meet These Prerequisites

  • I will ignore your request
  • I will not even touch upon your guide
  • I will virtually slap you
*Note* - Please do not give me an excuse for not meeting the prerequisites and still post the review request. Simply get the patience to meet the prerequisites, and I will be very happy to review your guide then.

Reasons for Formatting

Summoner Level - This at least tells me you have some type of experience with League of Legends play and you are not a newbie to the game

Post Count - This tells me you are active in the Mobafire community and not here just to drop off a guide, watch his get to a score of 100% and leave the community

Specific Reasons You Want Your Guide to be Reviewed - I will give you the freedom to ignore this section if you simply want me to take a look and you have no specific designated reason you want me to review you guide. Obviously putting something down in this section will allow me to personally look for something throughout the guide

Guide Link - This allows me to quickly access your guide and start reviewing

In Return...

In return, you may do the following:
  • A thank you
  • A +Rep
  • An upvote on this guide
  • Read my other guide(s)
  • An upvote on my other guide(s)

Guide Top

Information I Will Give You

Most of the time, I won't really bother making my points in bullet point format. Instead I will simply give you a paragraph. If you do not find this format aesthetically appealing, then go off to another review guide. If you have something personal against walls of text, you can always message me and we can talk about your situation personally.

Guide Top

Messaging Me

If you have a review you want me to do, put it here unless it is urgent (I better know you somehow, cuz I don't want strangers PMing me all day). If you would like me to re-review your guide, messaging me will be the best way to get that done. Speaking of which, DO NOT PLACE A SECOND ORDER OF THE SAME GUIDE HERE. If you have questions or comments about my review, messaging me will also be the best way to get reply from me as I don't always check guides I have already reviewed again. Please and thank you for your cooperation!

You may also message me if you feel like you have any feedback you would like to give me on my review process or anything related to that!

Guide Top

My Scout Point

As many of you probably already know, Mobafire has a scout point system. To earn my personal scout point, you seriously have to impress me. I usually don't give my scout points to guide unless the guide is just spectacular. If you do get my scout point, feel very, very proud. If you do not care for a Scout Point, read ahead.

Guide Top


In this chapter, you may find the designated answer for the question you may have about my reviews and just overall guide making. If you do not find the answer, please personally message me about the question, and I shall not only answer your question, but also put it in my FAQ section:

Q: What do you mean by use Mobafire's mastery tree planner?
A: By using this link, you will be redirected to a mastery page and thus be able to insert your designated points. You will then need to copy the link in the "Permalink" section and paste it in the url format.

Q: What do you mean by use Mobafire's rune planner?
A: By using this link, you will be redirected to a rune page and thus be able to select the designated runes. You will then need to copy the link in the "Permalink" section and paste it in the url format.

Q: What do you mean by use the column format?
A: IceCreamy has got one hell of a guide here: How to Use Columns

Q: What do you mean by check out jhoijhoi's guide on making a guide?
A: Simply click here.

Q: How is my voting percentage calculated?
A: Simply click here.

Guide Top

Final Comments

So I hope you like my review guide! The following people are those I personally appreciate and thanks for either helping me in my guide or simply giving me the idea:

jhoijhoi - She's awesome

Once again, Thanks!


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