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Build Guide by Korass

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Korass

A current Metagame Guide to Irelia

Korass Last updated on November 18, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide that ive done. I think i have a solid build and a good play style for this character. I apologize if this build is not as fancy as others on this site as i am new im still learning a lot of the ins and outs of the site.

- Great Lane Stamina
- CC even with one rank in E can setup ganks early.
- Easily last hit to farm minnion


- Last hitting with Q will drain mana quickly
- With this build you wont get many KB, but assists are good too!
- Low dmg start and ult is more of a utility then anything early-mid game.

Item build

So i start out with and this gives phenominal lane stamina. Some may want to go with but the reason why i go without it is because ull be builing up your other items pretty quickly by the end of early game. When i have the money for it ill port back and buy out my outright and x2 to help with spam. I then rush for my triforce as fast as possable. Generally i ger first but ill sometimes get if im getting Overly harrased. From there i go for followed by the rest of the items depends on need. These are generally the order i go every game though depending on need.

Early Game

ike i said before getting out the gate and going down to lane with somebody. I generally tend to lane with some one else who has a stun/slow like to try for an early First blood. But of course who you lane with is super situational. If FB fails then its time to play defensively. Farming creep and keeping in lane. once you have enough tele back and get your and x2 to help with farming. Between the mp5 runes and and the refund from last hits with ull be able to keep up a consistant farm. Look for the easy jungle ganks at dragon and dont be afraid to setup a few ganks with your own jungler or middle for the extra cash.

At the end of early Game i have:


Mid Game

Mid game is when its time to start pushing for the tower in an attept to windle down the lanning phase. keeping your gank coordination up as well as the farming. You should have no problems getting towers down with giving you hp back for auto attacking a tower. Finish your triforce and Really this is where i start to come out of my lane. heading middle to get ganks and teamfights while making sure i keep pressure on my lane. helps a lot here, is good for consideration, i picked because it has more utility then teleport. Really mid game is standard for most champions, support your mid, pressure ur tower, end lane phase keep up your farm.

Items i add in mid game:

Late Game

Here is where i feel really shines, as aspposed to some champions like who are more often then not played as pure dps and therefore shine early mid game and dont scale well late. You will have a solid amount of survivability but this doesnt mean u can be focused and hope to life steal out of it. So naturally your job is to get in and take out the carry. Your Tank should be starting teamfights, after they are comited to the fight,use to closee the gap either a minnion near by or the champion himself if hes in range. Slow him with and if you take to much dmg ult to live. keep up your farm thorughout late game because this is not a cheap build to go with. By the end of late game i finish up my my and This sits well with the current mid to high elo metagame, tanky dps is in. Squishy Glass Cannons are out.

Ending notes

I hope this guide helps some of you out, with it being my first guide i want to improve on it and i would love criticism on both the guide itself in game and the guide on screen in terms of what i can add or remove that may be standard in most builds. Thanks again. if you -1 please let me know why, if you +1 i would love to know what you think.